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I have a ton of duplicate books, courses and magazines about strength training, weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, physical culture, Iron Game history, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, diet,  nutrition, and related subjects, and I since I only need one copy of any particular item, I'm going to sell the rest of them.

And since we're going to be moving in the not too distant future, I'm looking for good homes for some of my one-of-a-kind items - and for some of my longtime friends from the bookshelves here in the Dinosaur Research Library.

Everything is first come, first served - meaning that the first person who shoots me an email about a given item. ("First" means "the first email in my inbox.)

So if you're interested in anything, do not delay. Shoot me an email and ask about availability. Include your shipping address so we can calculate shipping and handling for you. And be sure to tell me if you use PayPal. That's the easiest way to handle the payment.

All of these come from the world-famous Dinosaur Training Research Library. Thus, you'll have something great to read AND you'll be owning a true piece of Iron Game history.

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This is our fifth list of books for sale this week, and the books on the other lists have been going very fast - so if you see something you want, take immediate action.



By Gord Venables. Printed by Strength and Health Publishing Co. Copyright 1940, which may also have been the year of printing - I don't know for sure. It's definitely an old book, not a modern reprint.

This is an 8 1/2 x 11 book with a paperback cover and 24 interior pages. It's printed on high quality art paper. It is in fair to good condition with a small stain on the front cover, and some curling or bending at the top and bottom corners. The top left side of the cover has been taped down to hold it in place. However, it is very readable.

This book gives brief biographies, illustrated with classic photos, of a number of old-time strongmen, weightlifters and bodybuilder. 

Despite its relatively small size, the book covers plenty of ground. It features:

Eugen Sandow     Otto Arco     Oscar Matthes

Prof. Attila     Pierre Bonnes     Anton Matysek

John Y. Smith      John Lemm   George Kronas

Herman Goerner   Joe Nordquest   Arvid Anderson

August Johnson   George Rolandow   The Saxon Brothers

Adrian Deriaz   Emile Deriaz Warren Lincoln Travis

Andrew Passanant   Fred Rollon    Clevio Masimo

Apollon Otto Arco   Stanislaus Zbyszko    Maxick

Carl Abs   Bobby Pandour     Prof. Paulinetti

Ernst Cadine   Andre Rolet   Pierre Kryloff

Franz Bienkowsi    Charles MacMahon

George Hackenschmidt   Louis Cyr

This is a very interesting, very rare and hard to find book. If you want it, act fast - because it's going to go fast.

PRICE: $40.00 plus shipping and handling.

THE "TECHNIQUE EMPHASIS" SYSTEM (Covering The Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift)

By Dennis B. Weis, the world-famous "Yukon Hercules." The author is a highly acclaimed Iron Game author who has performed some amazing feats of strength and endurance, including:

Full squats - 300 lbs. x 75 consecutive reps, 405 lbs. x 27 reps and 450 lbs. x 15 reps

Strict two-hand barbell curl - 185 lbs. x 3 reps

Cheat two-hand barbell curl -  250 lbs. x 10 reps

Quarter squats (in the power rack) - 1,000 lbs. x 20 reps

He also - get this - trained in his garage - up in Alaska - including in the winter. (He must have had  grizzly bears as training partners.) And I think there were times when the garage was unheated or minimally heated. So this is old-school, garage gorilla training at its finest - from a man who walked the walk!

The "Technique Emphasis" System is a 34 page, spiral bound training manual that covers the squat, bench press and deadlift. It includes a number of photos. Copyright 1988. Excellent condition.

The manual gives detailed instruction on how to perform each of these three lifts, followed by several hardcore training programs, including:

The Bionic Leg Power System

The Bench Press explosion Program

The World Famous Finnish Deadlift Program

An Updated Version of the Finnish Deadlift Program

Note: The updated version of the Finnish Deadlift Program includes some very useful advice on how to incorporate homemade wooden wooden blocks for graduated measured movement training - this alone is worth the price of the manual.

I don't know if this is available anywhere else, but it's available right here - for a very reasonable price.

PRICE: $30.00 plus shipping and handling

UPDATE: Sorry, The "Technique Emphasis" System has been taken. 


By Dennis B. Weiss. A 20-page manual featuring a unique one-day blitz program for the calves. Spiral bound. Copyright 1997. Excellent condition.

The course promises to add 1/2" of muscle to your calves in one day. I've never tried it, and I can't vouch for it - but it's a variation of Peary Rader's one-day blitz program for the upper arms. A very unique and very interesting course. But be careful if you try the program - you might end up with some really severe muscular soreness. However, there's nothing wrong with using the exercises in  the program in a more conventional three day schedule as part of your regular workouts!

PRICE: $20.00 plus shipping and handling

UPDATE: Sorry, Super calves has been taken.


By Dennis B. Weis. A spiral-bound, 23-page manual for powerlifters and anyone who wants to build  maximum strength and muscle mass as fast as possible. Copyright 1998. Excellent condition. Includes a number of photos.

This concise but complete strength training manual covers:

The Proper Mental Attitude

Breakdown Performance of the Three Powerlifts

Training Maxims

Cycle training

Isolation Movements and Power Rack Training

Pre-Contest preparation

Making All Nine Attempts

Warmups and Attempts

Performance of the Powerlifts

Miscellaneous Powerlifting Notes

Power Rack Training

Pre-Contest Preparation

Mental Aspects

Plus: A complete beginner's program covering strength training for powerlifting

As you can see, this little manual covers pretty much everything there is to know about effective strength training for powerlifting - and about how to use powerlifting workouts to build the ultimate in strength, muscle and power. Good stuff!

 PRICE: $30.00 plus shipping and handling

UPDATE: Sorry, Training Information for the Powerlifter has been taken.


By Dennis B. Weis. Yet another concise but complete training manual from the Yukon Hercules. This one weighs in at 42 pages. Copyright 1998. Spiral bound. Excellent condition. Includes some photos of top bodybuilders of the modern era. (The photo of Chuck Sipes training in his backyard is my favorite.)

30 Chapters covering all aspects of old-school bodybuilding - the kind of training that builds a perfect combination of muscle mass, size, shape, symmetry, strength and power. Think John Grimek, Reg Park, and Chuck Sipes - men who who looked strong, and who were just as strong as they looked.

Contents include:

Proper mental attitude


How to organize your training program

Sets and reps

Training poundages  

The best exercises

Recovery ability

Workout frequency

How to warm-up properly

Building tendon and ligament strength

Proper breathing

How to avoid going stale

Training for teenagers

Training for older men

Diet and nutrition

Training programs

In short, it's another training manual that packs a ton of information into a relatively small number of pages. Highly recommended!

Price: $30.00 plus shipping and handling

UPDATE: Sorry, The Best Form of Bodybuilding has been taken.


By Dennis B. Weis.  A 14-page, spiral-bound booklet illustrated with line-drawings. Copyright 1998. Excellent condition.

This booklet covers a very demanding system of training devleoped by Dennis B. Weis, the Yukon Hercules. It's especially good for upper body training - and it builds a terrific combination of strength and muscle mass. Includes detailed instruction on how to use the jetison Technique for maximum results in your training. Also includes a bonus article titled "The mathematics of Determining a Single Rep Maximum."

By the way, this is another excellent system for home gym trainees  - you'll see why when you take  a look at it!

Price: $15.00 plus shipping and handling

UPDATE: Sorry, The Jettison technique has been taken.


By Bob Hoffman. Copyright 1941. NOT a modern reprint - this one dates back to (I believe) 1941,  the year of the copyright on the inside cover. 256 pages. Good condition, with some fraying and wear on the top and bottom of the spine.

This 256-page book has MANY classic photos of the old-timers, as well as rare photos of John Grimekm Tony Terlazzo, other York champions and other bodybuilders and weightlifters of the 1920's, 1930's and 1940's. As with many of the other books that I'm selling, the photos alone are worth the price of the book - especially if you want to see what maximum physical development without steroids or other drugs actually looks like.  (Remember, they didn't use steroids back in 1941 and earlier - so the amazing muscular development you see in these photos is the result of hard work on old-school exercises and old-school training methods.) 

It is titled "The Big Chest Book," but it cover the development of the rib-case, the chest muscles, the shoulders, and the latisimus and other upper back muscles, using a variety of bodyweight exercises, cable exercises, dumbbell exercises and barbell exercises.

A very good book, and a great guide to productive and effective old-school bodybuilding and strength training. 

This will go fast - if you want it, shoot me an email right away.

PRICE: $30.00 plus shipping and handling

UPDATE: Sorry, The Big Chest Book has been taken.


By Bob Hoffman. Copyright 1963. Paperback. A 48-page manual with line-drawings. Excellent condition.

This manual is a complete guide to Olympic weightlifting as it was practiced, taught and coached in the USA in the 1950's and 1960's. It's quite likely that every competitive weightlifter and every weightlifting coach in the USA had a copy.

Topics include:

The AAU Official Weightlifting Rules

Interpretation of the Rules

How to perform the clean and military press

The hook grip

How to improve your pressing ability

Assistance exercises to improve the military press

How to train for improved military pressing

How many days a week to train the press

How to perform the split style snatch

How to perform the squat snatch

Training for the snatch

Assistance exercises for the snatch

How to perform the split clean

How to perform the squat clean

How to perform the jerk

Assistance exercises for the clean

Assistance exercises for the jerk

Officials, officiating, and competitions

The Hoffman Formula to compare lifters of different bodyweights

PRICE: $30.00 plus shipping and handling


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