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Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I have a ton of duplicate books, courses and magazines about strength training, weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, physical culture, Iron Game history, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, diet,  nutrition, and related subjects, and I since I only need one copy of any particular item, I'm going to sell the rest of them.

And since we're going to be moving in the not too distant future, I'm looking for good homes for some of my one-of-a-kind items - and for some of my longtime friends from the bookshelves here in the Dinosaur Research Library.

Everything is first come, first served - meaning that the first person who shoots me an email about a given item. ("First" means "the first email in my inbox.)

So if you're interested in anything, do not delay. Shoot me an email and ask about availability. Include your shipping address so we can calculate shipping and handling for you. And be sure to tell me if you use PayPal. That's the easiest way to handle the payment.

All of these come from the world-famous Dinosaur Training Research Library. Thus, you'll have something great to read AND you'll be owning a true piece of Iron Game history.

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This is our sixth list of books, courses and magazines for sale this week, and the books and courses on the other lists have been going very fast - so if you see something you want, take immediate action and shoot me an email to see if it's still available.



IRON MAN - November 1973

Peary Rader's Iron Man from November, 1973. Good condition. The front cover features West Coast bodybuilder Ron Hutchinson. Back cover features Anibol Lopez.

Articles include:

That Mr. America Problem - Peary Rader

Are You Advanced? - Steve Michalik

Mighty Michalik vs. The "Macho" - Denie

Basics of Building Up - Bradley J. Steiner

Can a Non-Steroid User Compete? - Bob Galluci

Hints on Training and Nutrition - Vince Gironda

About Nutrition and Bodybuilding - Bob Green

Training the Mid-Section - George Coates  

Attaining Extreme Muscularity - Grant Williams

Kemp Comes Back - George Redpath

Weight Gaining Hints - Vince Gironda

Eating for Health and Power - Mike Brown

Importance of Back Training - Ash Kallos

Concentration - Key to Success - Bruce Page

Power and Bodybuilding - Anthony Ditillo

Muscular Strength of Women - David Willoughby

Training for the Clean and Jerk - Bill Reynolds

Training for World Record Squat - Bob O'Leary

Plus contest and competition reports and much
more  . . . 

PRICE: $20.00 plus shipping and handling

IRON MAN - March, 1974

Peary Rader's Iron Man from March, 1974. Good condition. The front cover features Imlack Shearer, runner-up in the Mr. Britain Contest. the back cover features Mr. World, Roy Duvall, and friend, Sharon Lawrence.

Articles include:

Pat Neve - Franklin Page

Heavy Weights - Bradley J. Steiner

Food Facts for the Weightman - Norman Zale

Creating the Muscular Look - Bob Green

Economy Supplements - Bob Green

Natural vs. Cultivate Strength - David Willoughby

The Saga of the Sandow Statuette - David Webster

Upper Body Specialization - Anthony Ditillo

Alternate fat-Burning Plan - Vince Gironda

Failure vs. 60-80 - Vince Gironda

One of the World's Richest Men Writes
About Weight Training - David Webster

Getting Bigger Is Easy - George Coates

The Miracle of Fasting - Mike Brown

Desiccated Liver - Vince Gironda

Women of Strength - David Willoughby

The Weight Trained Woman - Karl Thomas

Mechanics of the Deadlift - Don Cundy

Plus contest and competition reports and much
more  . . . 

PRICE: $20.00 plus shipping and handling

IRON MAN - July 1974

The July, 1974 issue of Peary Rader's Iron Man. Very good condition. The front cover features Paul Hill, and the back cover features Doug Beaver. Both men were top competitors for the Mr. America title. And for what it's worth, Paul Hill was on the cover of the very first issue of Muscular Development magazine that I ever bought.

Articles include:

Rapping with paul Hill - Boyer Coe

Try It Early in the Morning - Clarence Bass

Food facts for the Weight Man - Norman Zale

Billy Graham - Superstar - Bruce Wilhelm

Vince Speaks on training - Vince Gironda

Random Notes on Nutrition - Doug Green

Olympic Lifting and Body Strength - David Willoughby

Infallible Formula for Weight Gain - Bradley J. Steiner

Duo-Poly exercise - Arthur Jones

Building the "Baseball" Type Biceps - Achilles Kallos

Chelation Therapy - Bruce Page

Learning the One-Arm Snatch - Tony Terlazzo

Tom Farchione - Power Champ - Jerry Welcher

Mastering the Snatch - A. K. Samusevich, translated
by M. Sheen

The Pull Is Not An Extension - Carl Miller

Are Wraps Necessary? - Tom Baechle

A Forgotten Routine for Improving
the Bench Press - Ken Leistner

(Note: This is a GREAT article. If you're
a Dr. ken fan - and who isn't? - you will
love this article. Especially the part about
the "hot bones" effect.)

Plus contest and competition reports and much
more  . . . 

PRICE: $20.00 plus shipping and handling

IRON MAN - August, 1974

The August, 1974 issue of Peary Rader's Iron Man. Very good condition. The front cover fetaures Mr. World, Albert Beccles. The back cover features Bill Chapotan, Mr. Michigan.

Articles include:

Training as You Get Older - Peary Rader
(must reading for older Dinos)

Food facts for the Weightman - Norman Zale

Proper training - Ken Leistner (all Dr. Ken
fans will love this article - it's one of his
very best)

Powerlifting records and Ratings - David

How Many Sets, Reps? - Bob Green

The Dynamic Four-Star Plan to the Build
You Want - Bradley J. Steiner

The Development of a Deep, Powerful
Chest - Ash Kallos

Hints from Vince - Vince Gironda

Fabulous Al Beccles - Wayne Gallasch

Frequency and Extent of Exercise
- Arthur Jones

Strong Man Stunts - Curt Haywood

Try this Curl - Bruce Page

A Fast Gain Method - Mike Brown

A Weight Gaining and Muscle Building
Drink - Peary Rader

Eliminate the Snatch? - Yes! - Philip J. Rasch

Plus contest and competition reports and much
more  . . . 

PRICE: $20.00 plus shipping and handling

 IRON MAN - October, 1974

The October, 1974 issue of Peary Rader's Iron Man. Very good condition. Features Mr. America, Ron Thompson, on the front cover, and Scott Wilson on the back cover. 

Articles include:

Interpreting Bodybuilding Literature - R.V. Fodor, Ph.D

The Mr. America Struggle - Franklin Page

Adding Muscle Fast - Bob Green

Arm Yourself - Grant Williams 

He Gained 9 Lbs. in 6 Days - A letter to Mike Brown

Fats - A Storehouse of Energy - Norman Zale

Superheroes of Fiction - David Willoughby

Training the Waist - Robert Newell

Dips, Chins, Deltoid Work - Vince Gironda

Intense Mental Concentration - A Must for
Best Gains - George Coates

The Function of Exercise - Arthur Jones

You Need These Supplements - Bruce Page

Why heavy Training Is A Must - Bradley J. Steiner

Random Notes on Nutrition - Bob Green

Horseshoe Shaped Triceps - Achilles Kallos

The One-Hand Deadlift - Peary Rader

Tinerino Trains - Howard Alpert

Geoff Morris, Britain's Strongest Senior
Citizen - Peter Lindop

The Training Philosophy of Fred Grace - Fred Grace

Lifting at the European Championships - George Kirkley

Power Lifters Tie With Britain - Dick Burke

Measure Those Lifts - Carl Miller

Plus contest and competition reports and much
more  . . . 

PRICE: $20.00 plus shipping and handling

MILO - Vol. 1, No. 1 (April, 1993)

The premier issue of Milo. Excellent condition. 

Articles include:

Welcome to Milo! - Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D

A Conversation with Henry "Milo" Steinborn
 - Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D

Paul Anderson: Force of Nature - Bruce

 One Way to Do It - Dr. Ken Leistner

The Winds of Change Blow Through
Weightlifting - Lyn Jones

They Never Come Back? Some Do:  
The Ronnie Weller Story - Klaus Arndt

So You Wanna Be a Strongman? - Dennis

Lift More, Using Matveyev's Principle
- Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D

Ultimate growth Through Genetic
Technology - James Fujima

PRICE: $20.00 plus shipping and handling

MILO - Vol. 3, No. 1 (April 1995)

The April, 1995 isue of MILO. Excellent condition.

Articles include:

Magnus Ver Magnusson: World's Strongest
Man - Again - Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D

Training for Gaining - John McCallum

The Lives and Times of the Kentish Samsons:
Richard and William Joy - David Horne

A Training Program for Beginner or
Intermediate Arm Wrestlers - Merle Meeter

Power Rack Stuff - Dr. Ken Leistner

Steve Merjanian - Up Front and Personal
- David Shaw

How to Regain Top Form - Part II: Regaining
Respect - Louie Simmons

Andre Chemerkin - His Moment Hasn't Come
Yet - Vladamir Saltykov

Clive Dean: A Champion Comes Back!
- Merle Meeter

Giant Crushers and German Iron Shoes
- Fred Hutchinson

Norbert Schemansky: Sweet Performances,
Bitter Memories - Bruce Wilhelm

Steve Pulcinella: Philadelphia Strongman 
- Dr. Ken E. Leistner

Natural Strength Training, Part I - Anthony 

Price: $20.00 plus shipping and handling 


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