Straight Talk on Getting Back Into Training

Would you believe that World and Olympic champion John Davis once had to get back into training after a long lay-off? It's true - because he couldn't train much at all during World War II - but when he got home and started to hit the iron, things started to happen fast!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

One quick note, and then we'll talk training.

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2. Getting Back Into Training the

I got an email from a longtime Dino who
has always been gung ho about his

But then things happened.

Some injuries.

A very tough, super stressful job.

Caring for an elderly parent in very poor

Family responsibilities.


You know the drill.

It happens to all of us. And it makes it
really tough to keep on training. Even if
we do keep hitting the iron, it's hard to
make much progress - and often, it's
hard or impossible to avoid the dings
and dents that seem to like to hit us
when things are at their toughest.

And so our super-enthusiastic, life-
long Dino got out of the training
habit . . . . and time passed, and
one day he realized it had been a
very long time since he got in a

In fact, he couldn't remember the
last time he trained.

Of course, that wasn't acceptable.

He's a Dino - not a quitter. And he
knew he had to get started again.

But he wasn't sure what to do - or
how to do it.

So he asked me what to do.

I gave him a couple of pointers, and
I think they helped him - and now I
want to share them with the rest of

So here are some tips on getting
started again after a long lay-off.

1. Do Something You Really

If you're getting back into training,
choose exercises, equipment and
workouts that you really enjoy.

Make it easy on yourself.

If you do the things you like, you'll
have a much easier time getting in-
to the groove and staying with it.

2. Start Light and Easy!

This is critical - especially if (like our
longtime Dino) the reason you stopped
training. was because of work, job,
or family issues that caused (and are
possibly still causing) a ton of stress.

The very last thing you need when Life
has been kicking you around is to jump
into some over the top, super tough,
balls to the wall training program.

Start light and easy. It makes it  

easier to get back into the training
mode - and it helps


in avoiding the crippling muscular sore-
ness and injuries that can result from
jumping into an overly ambitious
training program.

Here's a good rule of thumb:

Write up a very short, simple workout -
and then cut the volume in half - and
drop the projected weights in half -
and start THERE - at 50% of "easy" -
and work up from there.

Of course, you don't need to take it
easy forever - but a month or two of
easy training to get you back on the
road to lifelong hard and heavy
training is a very smart thing to do.

3. Make Your Training Progressive.

One reason to start light and easy is
that it allows you to make regular and
steady increases in your reps, sets and

In other words, it allows you to see plenty
of measurable progress - and seeing plenty
of regular progress is one of the very best
ways to keep your motivation as high as

As I said, I think those tips helped him -
and I know that they'll help YOU if you
need to get back into it!

As always, thanks for reading and have a
great day. If you train today, make it a
good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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A Question About Heavy Partials - and My Answer!

I've been getting tons of questions about my new training course on heavy partials - so here's the latest one - and my answer to it!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I hope this email finds you strong,
healthy and powering forward into
the New Year!

And speaking of powering forward -
one of our longtime Dinos - age 72 -
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I should note, by the way, that he's
an experienced trainee. He started
training at age 12, and he's been
hitting the iron pretty much ever

So, back to his question . . . should
he give heavy partials a try?

The short answer is YES - but as with
anything else, you need to use some
good old-fashioned common sense.

When you begin doing heavy partials:

1. Start light.

2. Learn the movements and the best
rack positions before you begin to pile
on the weight.

3. Train progressively - with small but
steady increases in weight on the bar.

4. Always warm-up thoroughly before
doing heavy partials.

5. If a particular movement hurts when
you do it - find a different exercise for
the same body part. You can always
find an alternative exercise that works
just as well or even better.

If you do heavy partials the right way,
as outlined above, they should work
fine for you at any age. In fact, many
older Dinos find that they work better
than anything else - and that it's much
easier to recover from your workouts.

And, of course, heavy partials do a
heck of a lot for bone strength and
bone mass - which is very important
for our age 50-plus Dinos.

Anyhow, I think our age-72 Dino
should try my heavy partials program -
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smart about it - and use his brain, not
his ego, to dictate his poundages and
his workouts.

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Happy reading , and happy training -
and as always, keep me posted on
your results!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

A Great New Training Program for 2019!

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Hail to the Dinosaurs!

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Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

Bundle Up and Do Squats!

Cold weather training calls for lots of layers. Stay warm out there!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

It's been cold as heck here in Louisville -
and the same is true across much of the
world right now.

And that means it's time to bundle up and
do squats.

Or deadlifts.

Or presses.

Or push-ups and pull-ups.

Or the farmer's walk.

Or go for a nice long walk.

Or whatever.

The important thing is to do something
physical - stay active - keep moving -
and get your blood flowing.

Trudi and I went for a nice walk yesterday.

We wore triple layers on top - and double
socks - and scarves, hats and warm gloves.

It was cold, but the sun was out and it
felt great.

So I decided to set up shop outside and
do some old-fashioned split style snatches
to earn my dinner.

That's the only way I can do overhead
lifting because the basement ceiling is
too low for presses, snatches and clean
and jerks. Not sure who designed the
place, but he obviously wan't a lifter.

Trudi understands. She didn't even try to
talk me out of it.

"Sounds like fun!" she said.

So I re-bundled in double layers of sweats,
and went out and set things up for a nice
little workout.

I miscalculated a bit because the clouds
came out and covered the sun almost
the minute I got started - and then the
wind kicked up - and pretty soon it was
downright chilly.

I would do a lift, and then retreat back
into the garage, blow on my hands, and
then go out and do the next lift.

And as you might imagine, I sure as heck
didn't rest very long between lifts.

I didn't go heavy - that would not have
been wise in cold weather - but I trained -
and I had fun - and that's the important

Anyhow, wherever you are, bundle up
and get in a good workout. It doesn't
matter what you do - just do it.

It will make all the difference in the world.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 2. Thought for the Day:

"First, last and foremost - train!"

- Brooks Kubik

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The Dinosaur Christmas Story - Part 6

The great Frank Gotch. Many believe he was the best wrestler of all time. I wonder how he would have done against the mysterious Masked Man in our Christmas story?

This is part 6 of the Dinosaur Christmas story
for 2018. If you missed parts 1 - 5, scroll on
down and read them first!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

And now, without further ado, here's Part 6 of the story. Sit
down, buckle up, strap in, and get ready for a wild ride.

The Masked Man's Christmas (Part 6)

The match became a war that raged back and forth
across the ring, with the fans roaring the entire

And then -- it happened.

At the 40 minute mark, the two men separated,
bounced backward into the ropes and hurled
themselves across the ring.

They hit with smashing force in the center of the

Dazed, both men swayed, waving their arms to keep
their balance.

The masked man seemed to have gotten the worse of
it. He shook his head, trying desperately to clear
the cobwebs.

Seizing his opportunity, the champ dropped back
against the ring ropes, using them like a
slingshot -- and launched himself like a missile,
right hand raised to deliver a crushing blow.

The fans screamed in anticipation.

The champ swung with all his might --

--but missed!

The masked man ducked, and the powerful punch went
whistling over his head.

In the same motion, he drove forward, sliding behind
the champ -- and slapped on a sleeper hold.

The champ struggled wildly -- but the masked man held
him in a vice-like grip in the center of the ring.

"How much is he paying you to break my leg?" whispered
the masked man.

"Ack --gargh -- ughkk . . ." sputtered the champ.

"Whatever it was, it wasn't enough," whispered the masked

The champ waved his arms weakly.

"I should break your neck right now," said the masked
man. "But it's Christmas Eve, so I won't. Consider
yourself lucky.

The champ's eyes went wide with fear -- and then they
closed. His knees sagged, his body went limp, and the
masked man loosened his grip and let him fall to the
mat. He rolled him over, placed one huge hand on his
chest, and motioned to the referee.

The ref didn't know what to do. There was no way to
stop the match. it. All he could do was sell the finish
and hope the promoter could work it out later on.

He dropped down and began the count.




And just like that, there was a new champion.

The referee walked to the side of the ring and motioned
to the time-keeper, who handed him the championship
belt. He turned and handed it to the masked man.

Pete and his fellow officers stepped close to the ring,
forming a human shield, and escorted the new champion
back to his dressing room.

This time there was no riot. The crowd was too stunned by
what they had seen. They sat in their seats, eyes bulging,
as the ring doctor worked frantically to revive the fallen

But the promoter knew what to do. He ran back to the
dressing room, grabbed Pete by the arm, and pointed
toward the door.

"Arrest that man!" he said. "He's trying to steal my
championship belt!"

"Steal it? He won it fair and square! That's not stealing!"

"No, you don't understand. We had a deal! I have a contract!
He was supposed to lose!"

"Let me see the contract!"

The promoter handed the paper to him.

"Who signed it?" asked Pete.

"HE did!"

"Are you sure that's his real name? I'm no lawyer, but I
know a contract's not binding if it's not signed with your
real name."

"Of course it's his name. Who else would it be?"

"That's the name of some kid that used to live here," said
Pete. "His parents died in a fire. He grew up in the county
home. Left years ago. No one's seen him since."

"Maybe it's him!"

"Or maybe not!"

"But what am I gonna do?" asked the promoter. "He has my belt!
Those are real diamonds, damn it!"

"Maybe if you ask nice, he'll give it back to you," said Pete.

The promoter threw the contract on the floor, cursed, and
stepped to the door.

"If you won't do anything, I'll handle this myself!" he said.

Pete waited until the promoter was just beginning to turn the
doorknob -- and then he spoke.

His voice was soft, his tone mild -- but his words cracked like
a whip.

"You might want to reconsider," he said. "He knows you paid the
champ to break his leg."

The promoter stopped dead in his tracks. The blood drained from
his face, and his hand slipped from the doorknob.

"What did you say?"

Pete repeated it.

"I don't -- I don't know what -- what you're talking about,"
sputtered the promoter.

"I could always ask the champ," said Pete. "The old champ, I

"Ask him whatever you like," said the promoter. "He won't talk."

"He might," said Pete. "Especially when I ask him why he has an
envelope with an even thousand bucks in $20 bills in his suit
pocket. That sort of sounds like getting paid for some kind of
special job -- unless you're gonna tell me you paid him his
share of the gate already -- before you had time to total it
and add in the concessions sales -- and it just happened that
his percentage worked out to an even thousand clams."

"That was -- that was a Christmas bonus!"

Pete nodded slowly.

"Maybe," he replied. "We'll see."

The promoter sagged against the concrete wall.

"Look, you gotta help me get my belt back," he said. "Go talk
to him. Work out some deal. Tell him he can keep one of the
diamonds. Hell, let him keep two of the diamonds. I don't care!
I can replace them with glass. It doesn't matter. But I need
that belt back -- and I need him out of the territory --
right now. And we can all forget about this -- this

"Stay here," said Pete. "I'll see what I can do."


The kids in the county home always had oatmeal porridge
and dry toast for breakfast. Some of them couldn't remember
ever having anything else. Not even on Christmas. There
wasn't enough money for anything else.

But this morning was different.

They woke to the smell of bacon and eggs, ham slices, pancakes
with real maple syrup, and fresh buttermilk biscuits with real
butter and strawberry jam.

They threw on their clothes and raced downstairs -- and stopped
in amazement.

"What are those?" cried one of the youngest boys.

"They're presents!" said one of the girls.


Some of them had never had a Christmas present before.

They tore into the packages wildly, some laughing, some
crying, and some afraid to believe it was real.

You can buy a lot of presents (and a lot of food) with a
couple of small diamonds -- and you can even open a
bank account and make a nice deposit in an interest
bearing account that helps put food on the table for
a long, long time.

Pete stepped into the room, carrying a small yellow
puppy with a red ribbon.

"Who wants a puppy?" he asked.

"WE DO!" they shouted in unison -- and just like that,
the little yellow puppy had a new home and the biggest
and best family a dog could want.

One of the boys held out his hands, and Pete handed
the puppy to him. The boy smiled as he held the
puppy -- and then began to cry softly as the puppy
licked his face.

The other kids crowded around, each wanting to hold
the little bundle of fur.

The boy handed the puppy to one of the girls, wiped his
eyes, and looked up at Pete.

"Thank you, officer," he said. "Thanks for everything!"

Pete paused for a second, not trusting his voice. There
was a lump in his throat the size of a piano.

"Don't thank me," he said. "Thank Frankie."

"Who's Frankie?" asked the boy.

Pete considered his answer for several seconds.

"He's just a little kid who went through some hard times
and came out okay," he said.

The boy considered the answer carefully.

"Did you know him?" he asked. "I mean -- did you
know him when he was a boy?"

Pete nodded.

"He was my best friend," he said.

"Did he live here?"

Pete nodded again.

"He lived here," he said. "So did I."

The little boy nodded in understanding.

"I thought so," he said.

"Ten years for me," said Pete. "A little longer for him."

The other children raced by, laughing merrily as they
chased the little yellow puppy around the room.

The boy looked up at Pete.

"Are you staying for breakfast?" he asked.

"Of course I am, said Pete. "It's Christmas!"

The boy held out his hand. Pete took it in his, and they
walked to the heavily-laden breakfast table.


Note: That ends the 2018 Dinosaur Christmas story.

I hope you enjoyed it -- and I wish you, your friends,
and loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy,
Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Yours in Strength,

Brooks Kubik

The Dinosaur Christmas Story - Part 5

Bob Hoffman performs a hip-lift with the World's Largest Dumbbell - while it's owner, Warren Lincoln Travis, watches intently. I don't know about you, but I think that 2,000 pound dumbbell would make a heck of a nice Christmas present - except it would be a heck of a lot of work for Santa, the elves and the reindeer!

Note: This post is Part 5 in the 2018 Dinosaur
Christmas story - and things are starting to heat

If you missed Parts 1 - 4, be sure to read them first;
after all, it's a story, and you need to start at the

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

And now, without further ado, let's go back
to the action . . . .

The Masked Man's Christmas (Part 5)

"So how about it?" asked the promoter. "One more
match before you leave town -- a special championship
match on Christmas Eve?"

The masked man paused and thought it over.

"Who wins?" he asked.

The promoter chuckled.

"Why -- the champ, of course! It's a Loser Leave Town
Match. You're leaving town. The champ's staying."

"How do we play it?"

"You guys do whatever you want for 30 or 40 minutes.
Get lots of heat going. I want the fans going crazy.
And then you give him one of those great big body
slams you do -- but don't knock him out, okay?"

"What then?"

"You slap on the old figure four leg-lock while he's
lying there stunned -- but he reverses it -- and that's
how he wins!"

"That sounds easy enough."

"The fans will love it! Just sell it really good. Make
them think he's broke your leg."

"They'll like that, won't they?"

"Absolutely! You're the most hated man in the territory!"

The masked man nodded. He was used to being hated
wherever he went.

"Give me the contract," he said.

The promoter slid the standard sheet of paper across the desk.

The masked man read it carefully -- and then signed it.

He handed the paper back to the promoter.

"There you go," he said.

The promoter took the contract, glanced at the signature, and
smiled in satisfaction.

"Is that your real name?" he asked.

The masked man shrugged.

"Maybe," he said.

"I knew a guy with that name once. He lived down the street.
Something happened when he was a kid -- what was it?"

"Must have been something pretty bad if you remember it after
all these years."

"Yeah, it must have been. Heck, I remember. It was a fire. That's
right, a fire. Killed his parents. He and his brother ended up
in the county home. He stayed there until he finished school, I

"Most kids in the county home don't finish school."

"Yeah, but this guy was different. Big guy. Real strong. Used
to work out all the time. Played football. Wrestled, too. He
was pretty good at it. All Conference."

"What happened to him?"

"He joined the army, I think. Or maybe the Marines."

"Ever see him again?"

"Nope. Guy's never come back."

"Some guys never do."

"Yeah, I guess that's right."

The promoter sat back in his chair and looked at his watch. He
had another meeting scheduled in five minutes.

"So -- we're all set, right?"

The masked man nodded.

"Yeah, sure," he said.

He stood up and walked to the door -- then stopped, and turned
back to the promoter.

"They say that championship belt is made of real gold -- with
real diamonds. Is that true?"

"It's true. It's the best damn belt anywhere. I had it made

"You think maybe I could look at it -- or even just hold it?
After the match, I mean."

The promoter looked back with a twisted smile.

"Sure, pal -- you can do whatever you want to do -- after the
match is over."


"If you feel up to it, I mean."

The masked man nodded, opened the door, and left the promoter
sitting behind him.


As Pete walked to his squad car, he passed a Salvation Army
volunteer, standing in back of his kettle, ringing his bell
and calling "Merry Christmas" to everyone who passed by --
and a "Thank you!" to everyone who tossed a coin into the

"Hey, Pete -- you got a second?"

"Sure, Bill -- what's up?"

"I gotta tell you about something -- something I heard."

"What is it?"

"You know that masked wrestler -- the guy that's been knocking
everyone out? The one that started the riot last week?"

"What about him?"

"Well, two things. First off, I know who he is. And I know
him. So do you. We were all in the Home together."

Pete's jaw dropped in amazement.

"Of course!" he said. "It's Frankie! That's how he knew my name!"

"Well, there's something else."


"You know the big match tonight at the auditorium? Where Frankie's
wrestling the Champ?"

"Sure, I'm heading over there right now. They're expecting the
biggest crowd ever."

"Yeah, while I heard some guys talking about it -- the promoter
is paying the Champ to break his leg!"

"Break which leg?"

"No, he's paying him to break Frankie's leg!"

Pete swore under his breath.

"The hell he is!" he said.

"No, really -- that's the plan. They have it all figured out. Some
special ending where Frankie is working him over -- and then he
fights back and gets Frankie in some kind of leg hold -- and they
told Frankie to make like the Champ breaks his leg -- but they're
gonna do it for real. Break his leg, I mean!"

Peter shook his head.

"No, they're not!" he promised.

He slammed his hands together. It sounded like an explosion.

"Come on!" he said, grabbing the kettle and turning toward the
squad car. "We gotta go find Frankie!"


P.S. I had planned on finishing the story in 5 installments, but
we're running over -- so be looking for part 6 later in the day!

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