A photo montage from Bob Hoffman's 1959 classic, Better Athletes Through Weight Training - one of the very first books to promote weightlifting and weight training for all athletes.  

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I have a ton of duplicate books, courses and magazines about strength training, weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, physical culture, Iron Game history, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, diet,  nutrition, and related subjects, and I since I only need one copy of any particular item, I'm going to sell the rest of them.

And since we're going to be moving in  the not too distant future, I'm looking for good homes for some of my one-of-a-kind items - and for some of my longtime friends from the bookshelves here in the Dinosaur Research Library.

Everything is first come, first served - meaning that the first person who shoots me an email about a given item. ("First" means "the first email in my inbox.)

So if you're interested in anything, do not delay. Shoot me an email and ask about availability. Include your shipping address so we can calculate shipping and handling for you. And be sure to tell me if you use PayPal. That's the easiest way to handle the payment.

All of these come from the world-famous Dinosaur Training Research Library. Thus, you'll have something great to read AND you'll be owning a true piece of Iron Game history.

My email is:


I expect these books to go very fast - so if you see something you want, take immediate action.



By Alan Radley. 8 1/2 X 11. Paperback. 148 pages. Published in 2001. Lavishly illustrated with many rare photos and drawings, including photos of virtually all the great champions from the Golden Age of Physical Culture (Sandow, Saxon, Hackenschmidt, etc.) up through the era of John Grimek, John Davis and Steeve Reeves, and from there into the modern era.

In excellent condition, and signed by the author. A true collector's edition.

Out of print. Very rare and hard to find. Used copies sell for $50.00 on Amazon, but they don't appear to be autographed by the author - and there are only two copies available. You can have this autographed copy for the same price.

PRICE: $50.00 plus shipping and handling


By Earle E. Liederman. 4th edition, 1929. Not a modern reprint. Hard copy. 222 pages. Many photographs - and they're all classics! Excellent condition. 

This book covers all of the different factors that contribute to the development of physical strength, including inherited and acquired strength, the effect of size and weight on strength development, strength through muscular development, whether small bones are a bar to strength, quality of muscle as the basis of strength, tendon and fascia strength, strength through symmetry, the importance of big lungs and a strong heart, the secret of nervous energy, and building vital force and reserve. Includes many colorful anecdotes about the famous old-timers, and many specific old-school training tips.

This book includes 30 magnificent dull-page photos, including classic photos of Eugen Sandow, George Hackenschmidt, George Lurich, Edward Aston, Joseph Nordquest, Arthur Saxon, Thomas Inch, John Y. Smith, Warren Lincoln Travis, George Jowett, Tony Massimo, Henry "Milo" Steinborn, and Bobby Pandour.  Again, the photos alone are worth the price of the book.

Another very nice collector's item, at a very reasonable price.

PRICE: 75.00 plus shipping and handling.


By Charles MacMahon. Modern reprint edition. Paperback. 220 pages, with many photos and line drawings. Excellent condition. Covers a 194 different feats of strength and strength challenges, including towing automobiles by teeth, card tearing, spike bending, iron coiling, the one arm chin, chain breaking, man-lifting, the flag, the triceps test, barrel lifting, railway car-wheel lifting and many more. if you want a never-ending series of new and different exercises, challenges and feats of strength to master, this is the book for YOU!

PRICE: $30.00 plus shipping and handling


By Gord Venables. Printed by Strength and Health Publishing Co. Copyright 1940, which may also have been the year of printing - I don't know for sure. It's definitely an old book, not a modern reprint.

This is an 8 1/2 x 11 book with a paperback cover and 24 interior pages. It's printed on high quality art paper. It is in fair to good condition with a small stain on the front cover, and some curling or bending at the top and bottom corners. The top left side of the cover has been taped down to hold it in place. However, it is very readable.

This book gives brief biographies, illustrated with classic photos, of a number of old-time strongmen, weightlifters and bodybuilder. 

Despite its relatively small size, the book covers plenty of ground. It features:

Eugen Sandow     Otto Arco     Oscar Matthes

Prof. Attila     Pierre Bonnes     Anton Matysek

John Y. Smith      John Lemm   George Kronas

Herman Goerner   Joe Nordquest   Arvid Anderson

August Johnson   George Rolandow   The Saxon Brothers

Adrian Deriaz   Emile Deriaz Warren Lincoln Travis

Andrew Passanant   Fred Rollon    Clevio Masimo

Apollon Otto Arco   Stanislaus Zbyszko    Maxick

Carl Abs   Bobby Pandour     Prof. Paulinetti

Ernst Cadine   Andre Rolet   Pierre Kryloff

Franz Bienkowsi    Charles MacMahon

George Hackenschmidt   Louis Cyr

This is a very interesting, very rare and hard to find book. If you want it, act fast - because it's going to go fast.

PRICE: $40.00 plus shipping and handling.


By Harry B. Paschall. Modern reprint edition. 48 pages. Excellent condition. A very nice old-school training program for anyone who wants to specialize on the arms and shoulders. A fun read, with plenty of good information. Includes photographs of old-time champions, and Harry Paschall's wonderful Bosco drawings to illustrate the various exercises.

PRICE: $10.00 plus shipping and handling


By Bob Hoffman. Copyright 1963. Paperback. A 48-page manual with line-drawings. Excellent condition.

This manual is a complete guide to Olympic weightlifting as it was practiced, taught and coached in the USA in the 1950's and 1960's. In other words, it covers old-school weightlifting - including the military press, which isn't used in competition anymore.

Back in  the day, this was an extremely popular book. It's quite likely that every competitive weightlifter and every weightlifting coach in the USA had a copy of it - so it helped produce quite a few champions and record holders.

Topics include:

The AAU Official Weightlifting Rules

Interpretation of the Rules

How to perform the clean and military press

The hook grip

How to improve your pressing ability

Assistance exercises to improve the military press

How to train for improved military pressing

How many days a week to train the press

How to perform the split style snatch

How to perform the squat snatch

Training for the snatch

Assistance exercises for the snatch

How to perform the split clean

How to perform the squat clean

How to perform the jerk

Assistance exercises for the clean

Assistance exercises for the jerk

Officials, officiating, and competitions

The Hoffman Formula to compare lifters of different bodyweights

PRICE: $30.00 plus shipping and handling


By Bob Hoffman. Copyright 1959. Original hard-cover edition -  NOT a modern reprint.  400 pages. Very good condition.

This outstanding book has MANY classic photos of the old-timers, including photos of John Grimek and John Davis. It also includes rare sequence photos showing how to perform the three International lifts used in competition in the 1950's (the press, snatch and clean and jerk) - with the lifts performed by Tommy Kono, Norb Schemansky and Clyde Emrich! As with many of the other books that I'm selling, the photos alone are worth the price of the book - especially if you want to see what maximum physical development without steroids or other drugs really looks like. 

The book also includes York Training Courses 1, 2 and 3, as well as the world-famous Simplified System of Barbell Training. And the chapter on the International Lifts updates York Training Course No. 4, so that means you have a total of five classic training courses in one book, as well as tons of important training tips to get the most out of each and every workout.

But this is far more than a book about weight lifting. It focuses on training for sports - and details the training programs and methods used by top athletes of the 1940's and 1950's who pioneered the use of weight training to improve athletic performance. Boxing, wrestling, football, swimming, fencing, canoeing, kayaking, rowing, tennis, basketball, baseball, track and field - it's all here - with many rare photos of the sports stars (both male and female) profiled in the book!

A very good book, and a great guide to productive and effective old-school strength training for weightlifters and other athletes. 

This will go fast - if you want it, shoot me an email right away.

PRICE: $100.00 plus shipping and handling


By John F. Gilbey. Hard copy. 150 pages, with original dust jacket. First edition, 1963. Excellent condition. This is a collectible.

The author, John F. Gilbey, traveled the world seeking out masters of obscure martial arts and combat skills, and learning their secret methods. The book covers his investigation of the delayed death touch, the Liverpool nutter, the Canton corkscrew, Thuggee strangulation, the Patagonian Purr-kick, the Chavante arm lock, the dinky little poke, secret and super-savage Savate tactics, the mysterious art of Kiai-jutsu, and much more.

I almost bought this book when I was a 9-year old kid in the Chicago suburbs. My dad took me Christmas shopping in downtown Chicago, and we went to a wonderful store called Abercrombie and Fitch - which back then (before it became a clothing store for teens and tweens) sold top-of-the-line, no-nonsense gear for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, canoeing - African safaris - and expeditions on every Continent. Two years later, when I joined the Boy Scouts, I bought all of my camping gear at this store.

The walls were mounted with trophies from across the globe. Lions, tigers, water buffalo, bison, leopards, jaguars, bears of every description, moose, deer, elk, caribou, gazelle, wildebeest - it just went on and on. To an impressionable 9-year old, this was indeed a magic place. 

On the second floor, there was a section of martial arts books. This was one of them. I looked at the table of contents, and decided I wanted it immediately.  After all, it taught you the delayed death touch, and what could be better than that? Like any 9-year old, I had a long list of enemies who needed a good pounding, and the death touch sounded like it would do the job.

Of course, I wasn't going to kill anybody - just give them a good pounding.

But the store clerk pulled my dad aside and suggested that one of the judo or jiu-jitsu books might be better suited to a 9-year old.

"Besides," he said. "Some of the stuff in this book doesn't seem to be legitimate. There's one chapter  about stopping a man dead in his tracks - knocking him out cold - with just a shout."

My dad nodded and frowned slightly.

It's been more than 50 years, but I can still see him - and still hear him - as if it were yesterday.

"I see," he said.

There was a world of meaning in those two words.

I wanted the book desperately - but my dad was a skeptic, and skepticism carried the day. I went home with a judo book and a jiu-jitsu book - but not Secret Fighting Arts of the World.

Years later, this copy found its way into my library. Reading it now, at age 60, I have to admit that my dad's skepticism was merited - but it's still a heck of a fun book.

Copies of the first edition sell for $150 or more. You can have it for much less than that. Just promise me that you won't try the delayed death touch on anyone!

PRICE: $75.00 plus shipping and handling


This is a combination package of two excellent hand-balancing courses. The first is a modern reprint of The True Art and Science of Hand Balancing by Prof. Paulinetti and Robert L. Jones. The second is Bill Hinbern's incredible hand balancing course, which I happen to think is the best hand-balancing course ever written.

You can build tremendous upper body and core strength with old-school hand-balancing - and these books will teach you exactly how to do it!

Both courses are wire-bound, and are in very good condition. You can have both of them together (two books) for one very reasonable price.

PRICE: $50.00 for both books, plus shipping and handling


That's it for today's list. I'll put up another one tonight or tomorrow, and send an email blast when it's ready. Be sure to sign up for my daily emails at the Dinosaur training website so you get the fastest possible notification whenever I put up a new list.  You also can sign up for email alerts whenever I release a new Blog post.

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Herman Goerner says: "Buy books. Read them. Learn as much as you can about strength training, muscle building and physical culture!"

Rainy Day Workouts

It's raining cats and dogs today - and it will stay that way all day long - so today's workout will be squats down in the basement.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Two quick notes and then we'll talk

1. The Old-School Strength Training
Q and A

Do you have volumes 1 and 2 in
my Old School Strength Training
Q and A series?

If not, you can grab them right

Vol. 1 in my Old-School Strength Q and A series has been a big hit - and so has vol. 2!


And remember, there's a special bonus
with vol. 2 - a copy of the October 2017
issue of The Dinosaur Files newsletter.

2. Back Issues of Strength and

We still have some six issue sets of
Strength and Health magazine
from the 1940's.

The November 1940 issue of Strength and Health - with rugged Louis Abele on the cover.

They're $60.00 plus s&h for each

Old issues of Strength and Health
are a gold-mine of training advice -
and they give you a very clear
picture of what a man can do
for himself with nothing but a
barbell, dumbbells and squat
stands - as well as showing you
what old-fashioned, drug-free
muscular development looks

If you're interested, shoot me
an email.

The outdoor lifting area at Dino Headquarters. It's not fancy, but it gets the job done.

3. Rainy Day Workouts

If I had my druthers, I'd be outside
doing snatches or clean and jerks
this afternoon - training in the out-
side lifting area at Dino Headquarters -
a/k/a some heavy rubber mats on the
drive-way behind our duplex.

I train there because I much prefer
to train at home - alone - where I can
focus and concentrate on what I'm

I do overhead lifting outside because
the garage floor slopes and has a big
drain in the middle - and the ceiling
in the basement is too low for over-
head lifting.

Rubber mats on a driveway are not
ideal, but they're not too bad.

You can do quite a bit with a minimal
amount of equipment - and you can
have a lot of fun doing it.

Anyhow, as I said, my preference
would be to train outside today and
do overhead lifting.

But it's raining cats and dogs right
now - and it's supposed to keep on
raining all day long - so I'm going
to stay inside and do squats in the

The indoor training area at Dino Headquarters. It's amazing what you can do with a minimum amount of basic equipment and a relatively small place to train.

I have my squat stands set up and
ready to go - right next to the old
beater bar I use for squats - and
next to the wooden plate-holding
frame my stepson Dan built for me
as a Christmas present a couple of
years ago.

So I'm all set.

Barbell, basement, lifter.

Is it perfect?

No - but it's pretty darn good.

And I'm looking forward to it.

Wherever you are, I hope you're
thinking along similar lines - and
getting ready to make the most
of each and every training day -
including the rainy days!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. For more details about why
I train at home - and for more
about making your workouts
fun and effective in adverse
circumstances, take a look at
chapters 14 and 25 in Strength,
Muscle and Power:

I'm not sure how many great workouts and training programs are featured in this book, but I know there are lots of them!

 P.S. My other books and courses
are right here at Dino Headquarters:

Hard-copy and PDF




P.S. 2. Thought for the Day:

"Rain or shine, hot or cold, keep
on training."

- Brooks Kubik


We have more than 25 Dinosaur Training books and courses in the Kindle bookstore - here are several of them - head on over and take a look at the others:

A World and Olympic Champion's Training Program

Black Iron: The John Davis Story is nearly 500 pages long - with many rare photos, including some previously unpublished photos - and it includes the World and Olympic Champion's actual training program from 1940 - which has never been published anywhere else.

Hail to The Dinosaurs!

We have three copies of my massive
(almost 500 page) biography of
World and Olympic Weightlifting
Champiomn, John Davis.

Black Iron: The John Davis
, covers the life and lifting
of one of the greatest champions
in the history of the Iron Game.

It also includes John Davis'
EXACT training program from
way back in 1940.

Davis wrote it down on a small
note-card and gave it to Hymie
Cohen, his friend and training
partner, while the two men were
having a post-workout dinner at
a little hole-in-the-wall diner in
South Phillie.

Hymie kept the card ever after.

When I interviewed him for the
book, he showed me the card.

So now - for the first time ever -
we have John Davis' actual
training program.

I don't know about you, but I
think that's pretty darn cool.

Anyhow, we have three copies of
the book left - and I'm not
going to reprint it, so this is it.

The end of the trail.

If you want a copy, shoot me an
email asap. I'm at:


The price is $34.95 plus shipping
and handling.

First come, first served - so take
immediate action.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

The Worst Exercise

Old school, split style snatches at Dino Headquarters. These are one of the BEST exercises - but there are plenty of exercises that may qualify as the worst exercise of all time. We cover two of them in today's Blog post.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Two quick notes, and then we'll talk

1. The Strength Training Q
and A 

Go here to grab vol. 2 in my new
series of question and answer
courses for Dinos:


As a special bonus, you get a free
copy of the Oct 2017 issue of The
Dinosaur Files when you order
vol. 2 in the Q and A series.

By the way, if you missed volume
1 in the series, you can grab it at
the same product page - just scroll
down a little further to get to the
link to order vol. 1.

2. Black Iron: The John Davis

I have seven copies of this book
left - and I'm not going to reprint
it, so these are the last seven
copies that I have.

If you want one, grab it now.
They'll go fast.

$34.95 plus s&h.

Email me to place your order.

I'm at: info@brookskubik.com

First come, first served.

3. The Worst Exercise

Yesterday I sent you an email about
a very bad - as in, DON'T EVER DO
THIS - exercise that one of our Dinos
saw someone doing at a commercial

I asked if you had ever seen anything
as bad - and if you had any other
nominations for "The Worst Exercise

A number of you wrote in, and I want
to share your responses over the next
couple of days.

Let's begin with some feedback from
Paul Murray:

The flat-back leg press you described
is one of the worst, if not THE worst
ever, exercises - especially if you do
it on the worst ever piece of equip-
ment, the smith machine.

I don't know anyone who ever did
serious (if there is such a thing) leg
pressing who didn't suffer low back
damage, myself included.

That, and Roman chair sit-ups - they
should be outlawed.

If you have a bad back from doing
these back in the day, try the Trap
Bar deadlift.

Even with a "bad" back I can use a
Trap Bar.

Elevate the heels if necessary, for
Trap Bar work.

Dumbbell deadlifts also work well.

As I have told you before, I wish I
had done mostly front squats in my


Thanks for sharing that, Paul.

I have to agree with you on the flat
back leg press - it's a bad one.

Squats are so much better and safer.

And, as you note, front squats are a
truly excellent exercise - one that I,
too, wish I had used much more when
I was younger.

And, of course, Trap Bar deadlifts are
hard to beat, especially for older Dinos.

Let's hear from more of you - what's
the worst exercise you ever saw?

Shoot me an email and let me know.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. Paul Murray is a big fan of rest-
pause training and single rep work -
including the programs I cover in
Strength, Muscle and Power:


P.S. My other books and courses
are right here at Dino Headquarters:

Hard-copy and PDF




P.S. 2. Thought for the Day:

"If you're going to train, do it

- Brooks Kubik


We have more than 25 Dinosaur Training books and courses in the Kindle bookstore - here are several of them - head on over and take a look at the others:

Some Great Stuff from the Dinosaur Training Research Library!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

As I've mentioned before, Trudi and I
are planning to move to the Pacific
Northwest - probably next Spring -
and we're going to need to travel

Our plan is to explore, move around,
see lots of different places, and have
lots of fun.

That means I need to sell many of
the books and courses here in my
Strength and Health Library at
Dino Headquarters.

And rather than put them up on
eBay, I'm selling as many of them
as I can to card-carrying members
of the Dino Nation.

That's because I want the books
and courses to end up in good
homes - where they'll be read
and used - and because I want
the Dinos to get the first crack
at them.

So here are some of the books and
courses for sale today. Everything is
first come, first served, so if you see
something you like, shoot me an
email asap and ask me to hold it
for you:

1. Chalk and Sweat

I signed this copy to "Matt" by
mistake. You can have it even if
your name's not Matt.

$19.95 plus s&h

2. Weightlifting, by John Lear

Published in 1980. A good book on
weightlifting technique and training.

$19.95 plus s&h

3. 101 Workouts, by Michael Berg

Published by Muscle & Fitness. Not
sure where or how I got this. It's not
Dino, but you could use the workouts
as bodypart specialization programs.

$19.95 plus s&h

4. The True Art and Science of Hand
Balancing , by Prof. Paulineti and
Robert L. Jones

This is a modern reprint edition. 124
pages, spiral bound. A classic text on
the fascinating science of hand-balancing.

$34.95 plus s&h

5. Hand-Balancing for Muscular
Development, by Bill Hinbern

This is hands-down (no pun intended)
the best hand-balancing course ever.

Spiral bound, 70 pages.

Well, okay, the pun WAS intended -
but it's still the best book on hand-
balancing ever written.

$29.95 plus s&h

6. Never Let Go, by Dan John

412 pages, tons of chapters, plenty of
training advice and interesting ideas and

$19.95 plus s&h

7. Brother Iron, Sister Steel, by Dave

A great book for bodybuilders and body-
building fans. Signed by Dave Draper.

$19.95 plus s&H

8. The Production of Muscular Bulk,
by Michael J. Salvati

This is a hard-copy edition - publishhed
by Peary Rader's IronMan Industries in
1965. Tons of old-school advice on how
to build serious muscle mass.

$34.95 plus s&h

9. The High Protein Way to Better
Nutrition, by Bob Hoffman

Hard-copy. Sixth edition, published in
1953. A real collector's item.

$39.95 plus s&h

UPDATE - Sorry, the Bob Hoffman book
has been taken.

10. 12 Secrets to Virility, 
by Al Sears MD

The subtitle says it all: "A Man's Guide
to Peak Health, Great Sex and Powerful
Living." Paperback. 198 pages.

$24.95 plus s&h

11. Relax Into Stretch, by Pavel

A very popular guide to stretching
and flexibility work.

$19.94 plus s&h

12. The Miller Fitness Plan, by Carl

A very unique and interesting approach
to strength training and fitness for men
and women. Written by Carl Miller,
former United States Olympic and World
Weightlifting Coach. Signed by the

$19.95 plus s&h

As I said, everything is first come, first
served - so if you see something you
like, let me know immediately.

You can reach me at:


Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

Is This The Worst Exercise Ever?

The tried and true basic exercises are safe and effective. Some of the silly stuff you see in modern gyms - not so much!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

One of our longtime Dinos spotted a
guy at the gym doing what may have
been the worst exercise ever.

Here's how he described it:

I once saw a guy lying on his back in
a smith machine, doing leg presses
with 500 pounds on the bar.

The bar was balanced precariously on
the balls of his feet as he pressed it up
and down.

He was not using safety pins and there
was nothing to stop the bar from falling
on top of him - and crushing him- if it
slipped off his feet (or if it slipped off
of one foot).

When he finished his set, I told him he
was nuts, set the safety pins above his
chest level, and told him to try not to
kill himself.

Ira Reid

Thanks for sharing that, Ira!

That may very well be the worst exercise
of all time. Think about it:

1. It doesn't build one half of one percent
as much strength and muscle as squats or
front squats.

2. Vertical leg presses without an inclined
block under your hips will wreck your
lower back.

3. If the bar slips, it falls right on top of

4. If the bar falls on top of you, there's no
way to get out from under it.

5. You'd need at least two spotters (one
on each side), to try to do it safely, and
even then, if the bar slipped, they might
not catch it in time. 500 pounds drops
hard and fast. I've seen it happen.

6. Even with safety pins, it's not very
smart or very safe. What happens if
the falling bar breaks the safety pins?

In short, it's an exercise that does
nothing good - and has a high risk
of a potentially catastrophic injury.

What do you think?

Is that the worst exercise ever - or
have you seen somehting even

Shoot me an email and let me

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. The way to get great results
from your training is to work hard
and heavy on the best and most
productive exercises.

These also happen to be the safest

For more information, grab a copy
of Dinosaur Training Secrets,
Vol. I

For Hard-copy or Kindle format


For PDF format

Go the PDF section of our products


P.S. 2. Thought for the Day

"Train hard, but train smart. Stay
away from dangerous and non-
productive exercises."

- Brooks Kubik


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