One Secret Revealed...

A look at the cover photo for my new book... keep sending in guesses for the title.

Here are the clues:

a. Four words I often use in my writing – but not necessarily a phrase.

b. It’s NOT “Hail to the Dinosaurs!”

c. Four words, one comma. The comma comes after the second word. (I think I said two commas yesterday – sorry, that was a mistake. Just one comma. And now you even know where it is.)

d. One of the four words in the title is also in a famous phrase by legendary gym owner and old-time strongman, Sig Klein. Harry Paschall took issue with this phrase in one of his training books.

Shoot your guesses into me at:

info AT

The winner (first correct answer) gets a free copy of the book.

Yours in Strength,

Brooks Kubik

Keep It Simple!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I hit a hard, heavy workout in the garage last night.

It was nothing like anything you read about in the muscle comics – and it wasn’t very high tech – and no one would label it “space age,” “super duper” or “the final breakthrough” in strength training. No “trainer of champions” would claim it for his own.

But it was effective. And the other stuff isn’t.

And that’s pretty much the way it is – and the way it has always been.

The more high tech and sophisticated a training program – the more bells and whistles it has – the more fancy stuff that’s in it – the more exotic the exercises – the more it’s crammed with 17-syllable training principles – and the longer it takes to do it – the worse it is.

The simple fact of the matter is this: if you work HARD on a simple training program, you’ll get terrific results.

If you follow one of the high tech super programs, you’ll end up dragging your tail in the dust.

Simple programs allow you to train HARD.

They allow you to FOCUS your energy.

They allow you to CONCENTRATE.

The key to strength training success is to pick a couple of truly productive exercises – and train them HARD and HEAVY. Give them everything you have. Work them into the ground. Add weight to the bar whenever you can.

Leave the space age mumbo-jumbo programs to the guys who are more interested in glitz and glamour than in REAL RESULTS.

Keep it simple. In strength training, as in so much else in life, simple is best.

Thanks for reading – and if you train today – well, heck, I just told you what to do!

Yours in Strength,

Brooks Kubik