Steak, Salad and Iron -- and Birthday Candles!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

It's my birthday today. I'm an
official age 56 -- as opposed to
age 56 in weightlifting years,
which is what I've been ever
since January 1.

And how, you might ask, will I
be celebrating the day?

Well, the schedule looks something
like this:

1. Send email to the Dinos.

2. Hit a hard workout in the garage,
a/k/a The Dino Dungeon.

3. Steak and salad for dinner.

3a. Large steak. Grilled rare.

That doesn't sound too terribly
different from any other workout
day -- but I'm looking forward to

Especially the workout.

Today's going to be a solid technique
today. I'll be working on the squat
style snatch -- starting with a broom-
stick, progressing to an empty bar --
and then gradually adding weight to the
bar and working up to perhaps 70 percent
of my one rep max.

I'll spend about an hour on the lifting
drills, followed by half an hour of
specialized stretching to help loosen
the joints and un-knot the tight spots.

That's how I'll earn the steak dinner.

The drilling and stretching is part of
an intensive program to develop perfect
form in the squat style snatch.

I'll combine it with specialized work on
the squat style clean and jerk (using the
split style jerk).

I've been working the lifts very hard
this year, and I've improved them
greatly -- but now it's time to take
them to the next level.

At my age, the squat style lifts are a
challenge. I should have learned them
when I was a teenager. Or at least when
was in my twenties. But, as they say,
better late than never.

And after all, 56 isn't that old. Isn't
70 the new 40?

Besides, if it were easy, why bother?

Anyhow, that's the report from Dino
headquarters. As always, thanks for
reading and have a great day. If you
train today, make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. Today's a great day to order a book
or course from Dino Headquarters -- and/or
a Dinosaur Training t-shirt, or hoodie --
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P.S. 2. Thought for the Day: "Stretching your
body keeps you young, but stretching your
limits keeps you younger." -- Brooks Kubik