An Update from Dinosaur Training Headquarters!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Well, in retrospect, it was kind of funny.

On Wed I sent an email telling you that
Trudi had decided to go back to the 1740's.

The next day -- yesterday -- I woke up to
find that my email service had made some
big format changes. So I couldn't send an
email until I got hold of customer service
and had them walk me thru the new system.

Thus, there was no email yesterday. It was
just as if Trudi and I really were back in the
1740's. Or whenever it was back before
email and the interwebs.

Anyhow, I think things are back up and
running, so hopefully, this will get to you.

We are super busy double jammed up and
crushed for time. I am working on the new
diet and nutrition book every available
minute. The goal is to get it finished and
to the printer in September.

But there's a ton of work between now and
then -- because this is a BIG project, and we
are covering a lot of ground.

Funny story there -- I have been working
LONG hours seven days a week on the book,
and feeling very virtuous about my work

Then I read an old monograph about
traditional diets among the Eskimo and
the First Nations people of Northern
Canada -- written by the Arctic explorer,
Viljhalmur Stefansson.

He was 79 at the time.

Working on his 25th book.

And he was working seven days a week -- for
14 hours a day.

Which made me feel like a bit of a slacker for
only working 10 or 11 hours a day.

Stefansson, by the way, followed a special diet
that gave him tremendous energy and let him
work those l-o-n-g hours without getting tired.
I'll tell you about it in the book.

For now, though, it's back to the book time. So
I'll sign off for now -- and wish you a great day
and a terrific weekend.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. Here's something that's fun and effective for
anyone interested in building some serious arm
strength -- and some impressive guns:

P.S. 2. My other books and courses are right
here at Dino Headquarters:

P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Keep your eyes and
your brain open. You never know when you might
spot a knowledge bomb." -- Brooks Kubik