Harness the Power of Concentration!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

The powerful athlete chalks his hands, walks
across the platform, and stands silent, his
eyes closed, his brow knitted in concentration.

In his mind, he is reviewing the lift he is
about to perform.

He sees it in his mind’s eye, as plainly and
clearly as if he were watching a movie. A movie
starring a man – and a barbell.

He sees himself step forward, crouch down and
wrap his thick, strong hands around the bar.

He sees himself get set.

He sees himself drive down with his legs, pulling
the bar up and off the platform with controlled

He sees the bar move higher – sees it pass over
his knees – and watches the powerful second pull
that shoots it upward.

He catches the bar at his shoulders, stands tall,
takes a deep breath – and drives the bar off his

He pushes hard, every fiber of his being focused
on completing the lift.

The bar hits the sticking point and begins to slow
down. – and at that point, the lifter puts every-
thing he has into it – and pushes the bar HARD –
and shoves it right up and over his head.

He stands with his arms locked, the bar overhead.

It’s a picture-perfect clean and press – the classic
test of upper body strength – and a terrific
exercise for any lifter.

Watching this man, you cannot help but notice his
thick shoulders, bulging traps and massive triceps.
To many, those powerfully developed muscle groups
are the secret of his amazing strength.

But those that understand strength training and
lifting know better.

They know that the real secret of the lifter’s
strength is the power of his mind. His ability to
concentrate. To focus. To step into the moment.
To become grounded. To block out every aspect of
the external world. To reduce his entire universe
to the bar and to lifting the bar.

Make no mistake about it. In building your body,
your mind is your most powerful asset. It’s the
key to strength, muscle and power.

You don’t have to be a lifting champion to use
your mind when you train. ANYONE can do it – and
EVERYONE needs to!

When you train, do this:

1. Before every set close your eyes and visualize
what you are going to do.

2. Open your eyes, approach the bar and perform
your set exactly as you visualized it.

3. Focus on each rep – and keep your focus on your
lifting throughout the entire set.

On every set, your goal will be to apply greater
and greater concentration. You want to reach the
point where the gym could catch on fire and you’d
never even know it until you finished your set!

As always, thanks for reading – and if you train
today, make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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