Sensible Experimentation - A Key to Strength Training Success!

Bernie Baron built a remarkable physique and incredible strength and power way back in the 1940's - and you can bet he experimented with a variety of training programs, sets, reps and workouts before finding what worked best for him!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Two quick notes, and then we'll talk training.

1. The Bone Strength Project

I mentioned John Wood's unique bone strength
training program the other day, but neglected to
include a link.

Go here to learn exactly how John trained to
develop - as measured by before and after
DEXA scans - some serious bone mass:

You can learn even more about The Bone
Strength Project by joining The Iron
League - which also includes a ton of
other great stuff, including a ton of old
videos of yours truly in action:

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3. Sensible Experimentation vs. Insanity

Yesterday I talked about the importance
of finding what works best for YOU.

The best exercises - for YOU.

The best workout frequency - for YOU.

The best sets and reps - for YOU.

The best progression systems - for YOU.

That means you have to do your homework -
study - read - and set up a training program -
and then test it.

You see how it works, and you monitor your
results very carefully, and you make changes
and adjustments as you move forward.

That's called "experimentation" - and it's a
very good thing to do.

But it has to be SENSIBLE experimentation.

When I talk about experimenting with different
programs and different workouts, I'm talking
about trying different kinds of sane, sensible,
abbreviated programs.

The word "experiment" is not permission to
try the latest super program.

Rather, it means (for example) to try 5 x 5
and see how it works for you - and later, to
see if 5 x 5 followed by 1 x 3 and 1 x 1 works

It doesn't mean to jump into the latest and
greatest super system you see on the Internet,
and start doing something totally different than
what you were doing before.

Sensible experimentation means you stick with
most of what you've been doing - but you make
some relatively minor adjustments - and see
what happens.

I hope that helps clear up any confusion!

In closing, as always - thanks for reading and
have a great day. If you train today, make it a
good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 2. Thought for the Day:

"Training is important, but training smart
is even more important."

- Brooks Kubik


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