Don't Eat the Dirt!

Old-school lifters like Bernie Baron built tremendous strength and magnificent physiques with old-school, drug-free, supplement-free training - and you can do the same!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Couple of quick updates, and then we'll
talk training.

1. Tons of Great New Stuff at the
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 2. My New Course

I've got a brand new training course out, and
it's a good one.

It covers old-school arm training - not the
pump stuff, but the kind of training that
builds plenty of strength and power.

It's based on Doug Hepburn's workouts -
and Hepburn, you may remember, was
the only man in history to set World
records in:

1, The bench press

2. The military press

3. The barbell curl

Which kind of proves that he had pretty
strong arms - and that's why I based
this course on his unique and effective
training techniques.

It comes in a downloadable and printable
PDF - and you get a special bonus with it -
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3. The May Dino Files

. . .  is running late  - because I've been
buried in a very big, unexpected project.

But it should be ready soon - and I'll send
an email when it's ready to go.

This issue has a terrific Challenge Workout
that you're going to want to try - as well as
some great "from the trenches" articles by
older Dinos - and a deep dive into one of
the most popular training programs of the
1940's and 50's - with some interesting
and effective ways to incorporate it into
your current program.

In other words, fun stuff, good stuff and
Dino stuff.

4. Don't Eat the Dirt!

Two days ago, I was walking past a day-
care not far from where we live.

It has an outdoor play area for the kids.

It's covered in sand.

Essentially, a great big sand-box to play
in, which is pretty cool. Much better than
having them play on asphalt, concrete or
recycled rubber.

There were some little kids playing out-
side - toddlers or toddlers-plus - perhaps
2, 3 or 4 years old.

Then I heard one of the workers shout a
stern command:

"Don't eat the dirt!"

Yes, one of the kids was trying to see what
sand tasted like for a mid-morning snack.

The kid looked at the worker with wide

A true look of surprise.

I knew what he was thinking:

"What do you mean I can't eat the dirt?"

"Don't eat the dirt!" the worker repeated.

So the kid stopped trying to munch on a
sand sandwich, and went off to play with
some toys stacked up against the wall.

It made me think of strength training -
and about how many trainees ignore
sensible training advice and try to do
workouts that make as much sense as
eating sand.

Squat every day.

Deadlift every hour.

Do ten zillion reps of every exercise
you can think of.

Hit daily maxes in the big lifts.

Train Bulgarian style - or Russian style -
of Chinese style - or anything else that
sounds cool and has you hitting it for
endless hours every day.

Load up on super supplements. The
more the merrier - and to heck with
cost - or whether they do anythign
for you - or whether they may actually
harm you.

Pre-workout energizers - during the
workout mobilizers - post-workout
recovery drinks - pre-post workout
meal enhancers - post-workout mid-
meal recovery supps - post-workout
post-meal metabolizers - and on and

Guzzle chocolate milk because - you
know, recovery.

Blender bombers with raw liver, tuna
fish or desiccated fish feed - because
you know - the worse it tastes, the
better it must be for you.

Slam 400 grams of protein a day -
because - protein.

When the insanity training, the super
supps, and the food guzzle don't work
for you, double down on all of them.

Because - you know - more is always

When that doesn't work, it's probably
going to be roidskies.

Because - you know - all the "champs"
use them.

Deep down, you know you shouldn't do

Just like that little kid probably knew
he shouldn't eat dirt.

Seriously - there's a much better way
of doing things.

Hard work on basic compound exercises.

Abbreviated and ultra-abbreviated

Training two or three days a week for 45
to 60 minutes per workout.

Training progressively.

Training smart - listening to your body -
and not over-doing things.

Adjusting your training programs to your

Getting your nutrition from food - eating
sensible meals - and sensible portions.
Training for lifelong strength and health.

Those are the important things - the things
you should be doing - and the things I hope
you ARE doing.

If not, take a couple of minutes and do a
short reality check - and ask yourself if you
need to make any changes.

As always, thanks for reading and have a
great day. If you train today, make it a
good one.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. If you need some workout ideas, grab
Chalk and Sweat - it has 50 of them:

P.S. 2. My other books and courses are right
here at Dino Headquarters:

Hard-copy and PDF


P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: 

"Knowing what to do is one thing - and
doing it is another.

-- Brooks Kubik


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