Going Strong at Age 71

When George Boedecker placed his order for Legacy of Iron, he included the following note:

George Boedecker -
Going Strong at 71
"In 1951 I bought Strength and Health. On the cover was a picture of John Davis, world’s strongest man, dead lifting 600 pounds.

I was 13 and weighed about 110. 13 years later at a body weight of 210 I did an easy 625 pounds.

I’m still lifting for strength but at 71 and 180 not doing singles. I met Bob Hoffman and he told me I should feel better after a workout than I did before. I still follow his advise.

George Boedecker"

Needless to say, that's pretty inspiring stuff.

Yours in Strength,

Brooks Kubik


Over the years, I've received thousands of letters and emails from Dinos around the world, reporting on the results they achieved with the type of hard, heavy, abbreviated, QUALITY training I teach in Dinosaur Training and my other books, courses and DVD’s.

The letters and emails continue to roll in. Here's one from Dan Helgeson, who has gained 40 pounds of muscle in less than a year of hard-hitting, twice a week Dino Training. Forty pounds of muscle in your first year of training is pretty close to a record:

"Hello and greetings! I want to tell you that I love your books and everything that you do!

I wanted to tell you my story real quick: My name is Dane Helgeson, I am 26 years old and I live in Cincinnati. For about a year I was a hardcore cyclist, doing miles everyday and horribly unhealthy.

I smoked and drank and rode bike. Terrible idea. My skin was awful and I was sick all the time. Then in August of 2009 I quit smoking and drinking. I stopped bike riding and began hitting the plates. Hard. I followed a few different routines and had great success with them.

I found your book and it changed my life. I built my own thick barbell (2'' thick – weight around 70 lbs), a keg, sand bag, and the most basic stuff my little salary could buy. Wow! When I started squatting it was a little less than the bar and I am now up to 220lbs, my deadlift is 200 (had to drop the weight because of the bar thickness), and I can clean and press my keg that is 1/3 full of sand. I couldn't imagine my life without lifting. Only a few more months and I'll have a year under my lifting belt.

My routine:

Sandbag work (choice of three)
Dips (weighted)
Lever Lifts
Barrel press
Sit Ups
Hand Gripper
Farmers Walk

That's about it and it-s done twice a week. I was once 180 lbs and I am now a good healthy 220. I have always been a big guy and I can't wait to see where I can go! Thank you so much. It’s interesting to note that in Zen you pass through the gateless gate and you stand ear to ear with Bodhidharma. This is kind of the same thing. Thanks!"

Dane Helgeson
Dane – Thanks for the training report. You’ve made tremendous progress over the past year! Keep it up – you are headed toward T-Rex status.

Yours in Strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. You may not gain 40 pounds of muscle after you read Dinosaur Training -- but you're sure as heck going to pack on some serious strength and size. After all, look what it did for Dane!