Happy New Year to the Dinos!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

It's the last day of the year,
and I want to wish every member
of the Dino Nation a very Happy
and Healthy New Year!

I also want to say THANK YOU for
your support and friendship over
the past year -- for your emails
and feedback -- for your success
stories -- and for all those hard
and heavy Dino style workouts that
you've been hitting.

Here at Dino Headquarters, the plan
is to make 2012 the very best year
ever -- and if that's YOUR plan as
well, then I wish you all the best,
and I want you to know that I'm
going to be there with you very
step of the way -- and so will
your fellow Dinos.

So get ready to make 2012 a year
to remember!


Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. If building strength, power and
muscle is part of the 2012 game-plan,
do it Dino style:


P.S. 2. Start 2012 by focusing on your
pressing power and shoulder strength:


P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Just finished
another year of great workouts -- time to do it
all over again!" -- Brooks Kubik

Trudi's Training Program

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Trudi is heading over to the gym pretty
soon, and several of you have asked about
her training program -- so let's cover
that this morning.

Trudi likes variety -- and she likes using
different types of equipment and training
at different places -- and she likes to do
high reps with heavy weights -- and she
likes to do lots of outdoor cardio

Plus, she's a physical therapy assistant,
so she integrates lots of special rehab,
joint protection, and movement/mobility
exercises into her program.

So her workouts are eclectic, unusual
and varied -- and she really enjoys them.

Shes' going to start today by jogging in
the park while wearing her Kangaroo Jumps.
These are special "shoes" that act as
rebounders, so that every step is like
walking or running on a trampoline.

It's a great cardio workout, and a super
exercise for the legs and hips.

She also like using the Kangaroo Jumps
because they add 6 inches to her height!

Note: If it were warmer, Trudi would
probably add a bike ride to the schedule.
We live close to a great park with a 2.5
mile bike/walking/running circle, with two
really steep, long hills, so three or four
circuits is a heck of a workout.

Next, Trudi will head over to the gym,
where she'll do:

45 degree leg presses

Leg extensions

Leg curls

Dumbbell incline presses

Dumbbell decline presses

Pull-downs to the chest

Hyperextensions (while holding dumbbells
in her hands, and performing a shoulder raise
as she completes the hyperextension)

A variety of cable exercises for the legs
and hips - or combination upper and lower
body cable movements (E.g., combine a one arm
standing cable pull-down with the left hand
and a backward leg extension with the right leg)

Later in the day, Trudi will do some Olympic
lifting in the garage. We have a special women's
OL bar for her (which works better for someone
with small hands). She does high rep clean and
jerk and high rep snatches, using a split style
for both.

After that, Trudi will go downstairs to her
basement gym and do a variety of dumbbell
movements, calisthenics, pilates, yoga,
pull-ups, cable exercises, gut work and
anything else she feels like doing -- along
with more hyperextensions, which are one of
her favorite exercises. Maybe THE favorite

Now, that's a heavy schedule, but today is
Trudi's day off, so she wants to make the
most of it. On days when she works, she may
do ONE workout -- either at home or in the
park or at the gym. Also, when she can, she
walks or rides her bike to work.

So that's how Trudi trains -- and yes, it's
effective. Fun, too -- and an easy program
to follow if you like variety in your

As always, thanks for reading and have a great
day. If you train today, make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. If you're looking for some variety in your
training, try these great resources:

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2. Going Strong at 54!


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6. The Dinosaur Training Military Press and Shoulder
Power Course


7. Gray Hair and Black Iron


P.S. 2. Thought for the Day: "Why you train determines
how you train." -- Brooks Kubik

A Dinosaur Hero

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I often send you messages about Dinosaur
heroes -- and how somehow, against all
odds, they manage to be in exactly the
right place at exactly the right time
to help someone -- or even to save
someone's life.

And looking back on it, all you can do
is stop and ask, "How in the WORLD did
that happen?"

And that's exactly what happened to one
of your fellow dinosaurs -- my wife, Trudi.

It happened two days ago, on Christmas Eve.

I was upstairs in the study, pounding the
keyboard, when Trudi asked if I'd like to
go to a movie.

"What's playing?"

She threw out a couple of possibilities.
There were three or four good one. The best
one was "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo."
It was playing at a theater close to us.
Walking distance, in fact. Showtimes were
4:00 and 7:15.

"Let's have an early dinner and go to the
7:15 show," Trudi suggested.

"Sounds good."

I turned back to my typing.

15 minutes later, I bumped into a severe case
of writer's block. I fought it for half an
hour, then threw in the towel.

I called downstairs.

"How about going to the 4:00 show?"

"Sure -- that would be great!"

So, unexpectedly, we marched off to see the
4:00 show.

After the movie, I hit the men's room and Trudi
hit the women's room -- and then we headed home.

We were almost home when Trudi discovered that
her cell phone was missing. She began fumbling
for it in her purse. No luck.

"Wait until we get home, then look again when
you have more light."


So we got to the house, opened the door,
stepped inside -- and Trudi flipped on the
light and checked her purse -- with no luck.

The cell phone was gone.

"I left it at the theater," she said. "I must
have left it on the seat next to us. Or maybe
it fell on the floor."

So we turned around and headed back to find
it before the next feature began.

We stepped inside, and Trudi told the manager
what had happened and asked if we could go back
and look for her cell-phone. He waved us

We went back to our seats, and looked -- but
there was no phone. Not on the seats, and not
on the floor.

"Let's go check at the front desk," she said.


As we walked out, I retraced out steps in my

"Check the women's room," I said.

"YES! That may be it!"

So Trudi stepped into the women's room, and I
waited outside.

Five minutes later, an elderly woman, very
frail, moving slowly and stiffly, stepped
through the door. Trudi held the door for
her, and helped her through.

"Are you okay?" asked Trudi.

"I'm alright -- I'm just old," said the woman.

The woman's son -- roughly my age -- stepped
forward and took his mother's arm.

Trudi walked over to me.

"It wasn't there -- but let's check the front

We walked over to the front desk (which we
had passed on the way in without bothering
to stop and ask about the phone).

Trudi barely had time to say, "Did someone
turn in a cell-phone?" before they handed
it over to her.

We headed back outside and turned toward
the house.

"You won't believe what happened in there,"
said Trudi.


And she told me.

She had stepped into the women's room. There
was only one other person inside -- using the
same stall that Trudi had used.

So Trudi waited.

The stall door opened.

The elderly woman stepped out and shuffled
forward slowly -- and suddenly, without any
warning, fell forward, crashing toward the
concrete, tile-covered floor.

It was one of those crushing, devastating
falls where an older person goes down so fast
they can't even break their fall.

The kind of fall that can kill a person.

But Trudi caught her.

Trudi was in exactly the right place -- at
exactly the right time -- and it was all
because of a missing cell phone.

And there's something else to consider.

When the woman fell forward, Trudi had to
react IMMEDIATELY. And she did. And that's
the result of regular training.

Trudi was strong enough and fast enough and
alert enough to do EXACTLY what needed to be
done -- and that's because she's been hitting
the iron iron for her entire adult life.

In my book, all of that makes Trudi a hero.
And it gives you one more example of why hard,
heavy, regular training is so important. As I've
said before, this stuff can save your life --
or help you save someone else's life.

Just ask Trudi.

As always, thanks for reading and have a great
day. If you train today, make it a good one.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. My books and courses are available at the
usual place:


P.S. 2. My new Military Press course is right here:


P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "All Dinosaurs are
heroes. Some just don't know it yet." -- Brooks

The Night Before Christmas (Dinosaur Version)

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Here’s another Dinosaur Christmas tradition – I think
you’ll like it:

T’was the Night Before Christmas

T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the gym,
the lifters were lifting with vigor and vim.
They squatted so heavy the bars were all bending,
as they ground out the reps in the sets never ending.

They snatched and they pressed and they cleaned and they jerked,
until all of their muscles were thoroughly worked.
Then they ran to their sandbags and heaved them up high,
then heaved them again – right up into the sky!

When out in the back there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the rack to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a flash,
tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
gave a luster of mid-day to objects below.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear
but a bag-flattened sleigh and unconscious reindeer.

With a little old driver, so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick.
He was hopping and shouting and yelling and screaming.
He wasn’t just hot – he was totally steaming!

“You sandbagged my sled!” he cried in dismay.
“And that means you ruined the big Christmas day!
My toys are all broken, there’s no time to fix ‘em –
And look what you did to poor Prancer and Vixen!”

The lifters were flummoxed. “We’re sorry!” they cried.
And they picked up the reindeer and brought them inside.
“Quick!” someone shouted, “I know what to do!
We’ll whip up a batch of a high-powered brew!”

We started with milk and eggnog and eggs,
and added Hi Protein and poured it in kegs.
We tossed in some chocolate and ice cream for flavor,
Then added some honey, for reindeer to savor.

We mixed it together until it was ready,
Then lifted the reindeer and held them all steady.
We gave each performer three cups of the stuff,
Then added another to make it enough.

“It’s working!” cried Santa. “They’re coming around!
“That Hi Protein potion is the best to be found!”
He turned to his sled – we had fixed that as well –
if the toys could be fixed, then all would be well.

“There’s no time to do it,” said Nicholas, sadly.
“This is one trip that is turning out badly.”
The lifters were quiet and took all the blame,
And hung their heads lower in sorrow and shame.

Then Santa bent over and picked up a letter
That lay in the snow, getting wetter and wetter.
The letter said, “Santa, for Christmas I’d like
a whole lot of muscles. Your friend, Little Mike.”

“That’s perfect!” I cried. “Here’s a course for the kid!
We’ll send one to each of them!” And that’s what we did.
Each kid got a course and a full set of weights --
barbells, and dumbbells and squat stands and plates!

Now Santa was smiling – the good boys and girls
Would soon have their barbells for presses and curls!
The kids would be healthy and happy and strong –
For with barbells and dumbbells you never go wrong.

Santa sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,
And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.
But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight,
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik


The Masked Man's Christmas (Part 6)

(This is part 6 of the Dinosaur Christmas story
for 2011. If you missed parts 1 - 5, scroll on
down and read them first!)

The Masked Man's Christmas (Part 6)

The match became a war that raged back and forth
across the ring, with the fans roaring the entire

And then -- it happened.

At the 40 minute mark, the two men separated,
bounced backward into the ropes and hurtled
themselves across the ring.

They hit each other with smashing force in the
center of the ring.

Dazed, both men swayed, waving their arms to keep
their balance.

The masked man seemed to have gotten the worse of
it. He shook his head, trying desperately to clear
the cobwebs.

Seizing his opportunity, the champ dropped back
against the ring ropes, using them like a
slingshot -- and launched himself like a missile,
right hand raised to deliver a crushing blow.

The fans screamed in anticipation.

The champ swung with all his might --

--but missed!

The masked man ducked, and the powerful punch went
whistling over his head.

In the same motion, he drove forward, sliding behind
the champ -- and slapped on a sleeper hold.

The champ struggled wildly -- but the masked man held
him in a vice-like grip in the center of the ring.

"How much is he paying you to break my leg?" whispered
the masked man.

"Ack --gargh -- ughkk . . ." sputtered the champ.

"Whatever it was, it wasn't enough," whispered the masked

The champ waved his arms weakly.

"I should break your neck right now," said the masked
man. "But it's Christmas Eve, so I won't. Consider
yourself lucky.

The champ's eyes went wide with fear -- and then they
closed. His knees sagged, his body went limp, and the
masked man loosened his grip and let him fall to the
mat. He rolled him over, placed one huge hand on his
chest, and motioned to the referee.

The ref didn't know what to do. There was no way to
stopit. All he could do was sell it and hope the promoter
could work it out later on.

He dropped down and began the count.




And just like that, there was a new champion.

The referee walked to the side of the ring and motioned
to the time-keeper, who handed him the championship
belt. He turned and handed it to the masked man.

Pete and his fellow officers stepped close to the ring,
forming a human shield, and escorted the new champion
back to his dressing room.

This time there was no riot. The crowd was too stunned by
what they had seen. They sat in their seats, eyes bulging,
as the ring doctor worked frantically to revive the fallen

But the promoter knew what to do. He ran back to the
dressing room, grabbed Pete by the arm, and pointed
toward the door.

"Arrest that man!" he said. "He's trying to steal my
championship belt!"

"Steal it? He won it fair and square! That's not stealing!"

"No, you don't understand. We had a deal! I have a contract!
He was supposed to lose!"

"Let me see the contract!"

The promoter handed the paper to him.

"Who signed it?" asked Pete.

"HE did!"

"Are you sure that's his real name? I'm no lawyer, but I
know a contract's not binding if it's not signed with your
real name."

"Of course it's his name. Who else would it be?"

"That's the name of some kid that used to live here," said
Pete. "His parents died in a fire. He grew up in the county
home. Left years ago. No one's seen him since."

"Maybe it's him!"

"Or maybe not!"

"But what am I gonna do?" asked the promoter. "He has my belt!
Those are real diamonds, damn it!"

"Maybe if you ask nice, he'll give it back to you," said Pete.

The promoter threw the contract on the floor, cursed, and
stepped to the door.

"If you won't do anything, I'll handle this myself!" he said.

Pete waited until the promoter was just beginning to turn the
doorknob -- and then he spoke.

His voice was soft, his tone mild -- but his words cracked like
a whip.

"You might want to reconsider," he said. "He knows you paid the
champ to break his leg."

The promoter stopped dead in his tracks. The blood drained from
his face, and his hand slipped from the doorknob.

"What did you say?"

Pete repeated it.

"I don't -- I don't know what -- what you're talking about,"
sputtered the promoter.

"I could always ask the champ," said Pete. "The old champ, I

"Ask him whatever you like," said the promoter. "He won't talk."

"He might," said Pete. "Especially when I ask him why he has an
envelope with an even thousand bucks in $20 bills in his suit
pocket. That sort of sounds like getting paid for some kind of
special job -- unless you're gonna tell me you paid him his
share of the gate already -- before you had time to total it
and add in the concessions sales -- and it just happened that
his percentage worked out to an even thousand clams."

"That was -- that was a Christmas bonus!"

Pete nodded slowly.

"Maybe," he replied. "We'll see."

The promoter sagged against the concrete wall.

"Look, you gotta help me get my belt back," he said. "Go talk
to him. Work out some deal. Tell him he can keep one of the
diamonds. Hell, let him keep two of the diamonds. I don't care!
I can replace them with glass. It doesn't matter. But I need
that belt back -- and I need him out of the territory --
right now. And we can all forget about this -- this

"Stay here," said Pete. "I'll see what I can do."


The kids in the county home always had oatmeal porridge
and dry toast for breakfast. Some of them couldn't remember
ever having anything else. Not even on Christmas. There
wasn't enough money for anything else.

But this morning was different.

They woke to the smell of bacon and eggs, ham slices, pancakes
with real maple syrup, and fresh buttermilk biscuits with real
butter and strawberry jam.

They threw on their clothes and raced downstairs -- and stopped
in amazement.

"What are those?" cried one of the youngest boys.

"They're presents!" said one of the girls.


Some of them had never had a Christmas present before.

They tore into the packages wildly, some laughing, some
crying, and some afraid to believe it was real.

You can buy a lot of presents (and a lot of food) with a
couple of small diamonds -- and you can even open a
bank account and make a nice deposit in an interest
bearing account that helps put food on the table for
a long, long time.

Pete stepped into the room, carrying a small yellow
puppy with a red ribbon.

"Who wants a puppy?" he asked.

"WE DO!" they shouted in unison -- and just like that,
the little yellow puppy had a new home and the biggest
and best family a dog could want.

One of the boys held out his hands, and Pete handed
the puppy to him. The boy smiled as he held the
puppy -- and then began to cry softly as the puppy
licked his face.

The other kids crowded around, each wanting to hold
the little bundle of fur.

The boy handed the puppy to one of the girls, wiped his
eyes, andlooked up at Pete.

"Thank you, officer," he said. "Thanks for everything!"

Pete paused for a second, not trusting his voice. There
was a lump in his throat the size of a piano.

"Don't thank me," he said. "Thank Frankie."

"Who's Frankie?" asked the boy.

Pete considered his answer for several seconds.

"He's just a little kid who went through some hard times
and came out okay," he said.

The boy considered the answer carefully.

"Did you know him?" he asked. "I mean -- did you
know him when he was a boy?"

Pete nodded.

"He was my best friend," he said.

"Did he live here?"

Pete nodded again.

"He lived here," he said. "So did I."

The little boy nodded in understanding.

"I thought so," he said.

"Ten years for me," said Pete. "A little longer for him."

The other children raced by, laughing merrily as they
chased the little yellow puppy across the room.

The boy looked up at Pete.

"Are you staying for breakfast?" he asked.

"Of course I am, said Pete. "It's Christmas!"

The boy held out his hand. Pete took it in his, and they
walked to the heavily-laden breakfast table.


(Note: That ends the 2011 Dinosaur Christmas story. I hope
you enjoyed it -- and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and
a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!)


The Masked Man's Christmas (Part 5)

(Note: This post is part 5 in the 2011 Dinosaur
Christmas story. If you missed parts 1 - 4, scroll
on down and read them first! Merry Christmas,

The Masked Man's Christmas (Part 5)

"So how about it?" asked the promoter. "One more
match before you leave town -- a special championship
match on Christmas Eve?"

The masked man paused and thought it over.

"Who wins?" he asked.

The promoter chuckled.

"Why -- the champ, of course! It's a Loser Leave Town
Match. You're leaving town. The champ's staying."

"How do we play it?"

"You guys do whatever you want for 30 or 40 minutes.
Get lots of heat going. I want the fans going crazy.
And then you give him one of those great big body
slams you do -- but don't knock him out, okay?"

"What then?"

"You slap on the old figure four leg-lock while he's
lying there stunned -- but he reverses it -- and that's
how he wins!"

"That sounds easy enough."

"The fans will love it! Just sell it really good. Make
them think he's broke your leg."

"They'll like that, won't they?"

"Absolutely! You're the most hated man in the territory!"

The masked man nodded. He was used to being hated
wherever he went.

"Give me the contract," he said.

The promoter slid the standard sheet of paper across the desk.

The masked man read it carefully -- and then signed it.

He handed the paper back to the promoter.

"There you go," he said.

The promoter took the contract, glanced at the signature, and
smiled in satisfaction.

"Is that your real name?" he asked.

The masked man shrugged.

"Maybe," he said.

"I knew a guy with that name once. He lived down the street.
Something happened when he was a kid -- what was it?"

"Must have been something pretty bad if you remember it after
all these years."

"Yeah, it was -- it was. Heck, I remember, It was a fire. That's
right, a fire. Killed his parents. He and his brother ended up
in the county home. He stayed there until he finished school, I

"Most kids in the county home don't finish school."

"Yeah, but this guy was different. Big guy. Real strong. Used
to work out all the time. Played football. Wrestled, too. He
was pretty good, too. All Conference."

"What happened to him?"

"He joined the army, I think. Or maybe the Marines."

"Ever see him again?"

"Nope. Guy's never come back."

"Some guys never do."

"Yeah, I guess that's right."

The promoter sat back in his chair and looked at his watch. He
had another meeting scheduled in five minutes.

"So -- we're all set, right?"

The masked man nodded.

"Yeah, sure," he said.

He stood up and walked to the door -- then stopped, and turned
back to the promoter.

"They say that championship belt is made of real gold -- with
real diamonds. Is that true?"

"It's true. It's the best damn belt anywhere. I had it made

"You think maybe I could look at it -- or even just hold it?
After the match, I mean."

The promoter looked back with a twisted smile.

"Sure, pal -- you can do whatever you want to do -- after the
match is over."


"If you feel up to it, I mean."

The masked man nodded, opened the door, and left the promoter
sitting behind him.


As Pete walked to his squad car, he passed a Salvation Army
volunteer, standing in back of his kettle, ringing his bell
and calling "Merry Christmas" to everyone who passed by --
and a "Thank you!" to everyone who tossed a coin into the

"Hey, Pete -- you got a second?"

"Sure, Bill -- what's up?"

"I gotta tell you about something -- something I heard."

"What is it?"

"You know that masked wrestler -- the guy that's been knocking
everyone out? The one that started the riot last week?"

"What about him?"

"Well, two things. First off, I know who he is. And I know
him. So do you. We were all in the Home together."

Pete's jaw dropped in amazement.

"Of course!" he said. "It's Frankie! That's how he knew my name!"

"Well, there's something else."


"You know the big match tonight at the auditorium? Where Frankie's
wrestling the Champ?"

"Sure, I'm heading over there right now. They're expecting the
biggest crowd ever."

"Yeah, while I heard some guys talking about it -- the promoter
is paying the Champ to break his leg!"

"Break which leg?"

"No, he's paying him to break Frankie's leg!"

Pete swore under his breath.

"The hell he is!" he said.

"No, really -- that's the plan. They have it all figured out. Some
special ending where Frankie is working him over -- and then he
fights back and gets Frankie in some kind of leg hold -- and they
told Frankie to make like the Champ breaks his leg -- but they're
gonna do it for real. Break his leg, I mean!"

Peter shook his head.

"No, they're not!" he promised.

He slammed his hands together. It sounded like an explosion.

"Come on!" he said, grabbing the kettle and turning toward the
squad car. "We gotta go find Frankie!"


(Note: I had planned on finishing the story in 5 installments, but
we're running over -- so be looking for part 6 later today or

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "If I were running things,
every kid over the age of 11 or 12 would get a barbell for
Christmas." -- Brooks Kubik


The Masked Man's Christmas (Part 4)

(Note this is part 4 of the 2011 Dinosaur Training
Christmas Story. If you missed parts 1, 2 and 3,
scroll down and find them in the archives and read
them first.)

The wrestling promoter slammed his hand down on the

"I don't care how much damage those crazy fans did
last week!" he shouted. "This match will pay for all
of it!"

"Do you think?" asked the man who owned the

"I KNOW it! The fans hate him. They'll fill the seats
to see him get beat!"

"I don't know. Last time was a mess. It took forever to
clean up."

The third man at the table laughed.

"We'll charge double the usual for the tickets," he said.
"We'll be the ones who clean up!"

"Can you do that?" asked the auditorium manager.

"Who's gonna stop us? The Commission? I don't think
so! Not with what we've got on them!"

"It doesn't seem right doing that on Christmas Eve!"

"That's the whole point! There's never before in the
whole history of wrestling been a Championship match on
Christmas Eve. Not here, not in New York, not anywhere!"

"Yeah, but do you think they'll come? I mean, it's
Christmas Eve -- and people have stuff to do -- and they
want to be home with their families!"

The promoter shook his head.

"Nuts to that!" he said. "They want to see the mystery man
beat within an inch of his life. They want to see him busted
up. Maybe see his leg get broke. That's what we gotta give

"On Christmas Eve?" asked the auditorium manager.

"Why the hell not?"

"But it's Christmas Eve!"

"Right, and it's gonna be Christmas a day early for us when
we pack the place like sardines in a can!"

"At double the usual price!" added the third man.

"Right!" said the promoter.

"And you promise you'll cover any damage if there's another
riot?" asked the auditorium owner.

"Of course I will," said the promoter.

"Put it in writing!" demanded the owner.

He pulled out his standard contract and shoved it across the table.
The promoter signed the document without reading it, and flipped it
back to the owner.

"There's your signature," he said.

The owner nodded. He took the contract, put it into a big yellow
envelope, and put the envelope into his safe.

He closed the door of the safe, spun the dial on the combination,
and turned back to the other men.

"Are you really gonna break his leg?"

The two men smirked and exchanged quick sideways glances.

"Not us! We won't do it!"

"But you'll tell the Champ to do it."

The promoter shook his head.

"You misunderstand me. I don't tell the Champ to do anything. It's
just that sometimes -- in a big match -- things happen."

The other man nodded.

"Things happen," he said.


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P.S. 3. Thought for the day: "You can sit back and dream
or you can take action -- it's your choice." -- Brooks Kubik

The Masked Man's Christmas (Part 3)

(Note: This is part 3 of the 2011 Dinosaur
Christmas story. If you missed parts 1 and 2,
they're posted on the Dinosaur Training Blog,
so scroll on down and read part 1 and part 2
before reading part 3!)

The Masked Man's Christmas (Part 3)

The little yellow puppy searched up and down
the alley without finding anything to eat.

He stopped in front of a big trash can. From
inside the steel can, he could smell someone's
table scraps -- meat, potatoes, and a steak

He stood up on his back legs and tried to
scramble up the side of the trash can.

He made it half way, then slid back down to
the dirt.

He tried again.

Same result.

A third time.

Again, no luck.

He sat down, staring upward, his nose twitching
at the tantalizing food smells. He was hungrier
than ever.

He was so hungry that he never heard the crunch
of the heavy footsteps behind him.

A dark shadow fell across the alley, and a huge
man stood above him.

"What are you doing here all alone out in the cold?"
the man asked.

The puppy turned and looked up.

"Are you lost?"

The puppy stood on all four legs, and wagged his tail.

The man leaned forward, reached down, and picked the
the puppy up, cradling him in two powerful arms.

"What's your name, boy? Do you have any tags?"

He gently felt around the puppy's neck.

"No tags -- no collar -- your ribs are poking right
out your sides -- you're either lost or abandoned!"

The puppy answered by burrowing deeper into the man's

"You're cold, too! How long have you been out here?"

There was no answer. But that didn't matter. The big man
already knew the answer.

"Well, come with me, boy. I know where to find you a
nice steak dinner."

He held the puppy gently but firmly, walked to the
front of alley, turned to the right and headed down Main

At the corner, they passed a Salvation Army volunteer
standing in front of his black kettle and ringing his bell.

"Merry Christmas!" he called. "Merry Christmas!"

The big man reached into his pocket, pulled out a handful
of coins, and dropped them into the kettle.

"Thank you, sir -- and Merry Christmas to you!"

The big man disappeared down the street. He was almost
out of sight when the Salvation Army volunteer looked into
the kettle.

"What the --?"

He reached into the kettle and pulled out five gold coins.

"Thank you!" he cried. "Thank you, mister!"

But the man and the puppy were out of earshot.

The volunteer looked at the gold coins in his hand. He
had heard stories about that sort of thing, but never
dreamed he'd live to see it happen. Not to him! Not here.

"What a great guy," he thought. "I wonder who he is."


P.S. We're still taking orders and packing and shipping
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Page. The Military Press course is available in
all three formats.

P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "If it was easy, it
wouldn't be worth doing." -- Brooks Kubik

The Masked Man's Christmas (Part 2)

(Note: This is part 2 of the Dinosaur Christmas story
for 2011. If you missed part 1, I posted it yesterday,
so you can scroll down to read it. You need to begin
with part 1 and read the daily installments in the
proper sequence.)

The Masked Man's Christmas (Part 2)

He was all ears and feet and matted puppy fur. He was
seven weeks old. He'd been living on the streets for
six freezing days and nights -- ever since the day his
mother's owner had packed the puppies into a box,
driven far out into the country, and delivered them
one by one to seven farmers.

Farmers could always use another dog. But they wanted
a big dog. None of them wanted the runt of the litter.

And so his brothers and sisters disappeared one by
one, until only he and his yellow-furred sister
remained -- and then the very last farmer chose
her, picked her up out of the box and handed her
to his wife.

"Do you want the other one?"

"The small one? No, I got no use for a runt."

"He'd be half price. Two fifty."

"Not worth it. He'd cost more to keep than the work
I'd get out of him."

"You can have him for free. I don't want him."

"Neither do I. Runts are trouble."

And so he stayed in the box, and when they got back to
town, his owner stopped the car by a dark alley, picked
him up by the scruff of his neck, opened the car door,
and dumped him unceremoniously into the cold winter's

"Go on -- get out of here!"

He sat down, shivering, not knowing what was happening or
what to do.

"Scram, you little mutt! Beat it!"

Then the wheels turned, and the car began to move away --
and just like that he was all alone.

He slept in the alley that night, curled up in a tiny ball
of fur inside an old wooden crate lying next to one of the
garbage cans.

He woke in the morning, cold and hungry and miserable.

Two big men were wrestling the trash cans to the front of
the alley, picking them up, and dumping their contents into
the back of a garbage truck.

"Damn, it's cold!"

"What do you expect this time of year?"

"I hate this time of year!"

"Whaddaya mean? It's almost Christmas!"

The first man hacked and spat.

"I hate Christmas, too!" he said.

"Yeah, but we get the day off."

"That's true."

The men walked back into the alley.

"Watch out -- it's a rat!"


"That old crate over there!"

"That's not a rat -- it's a damn dog!"

"Looks like a rat!"

The two men looked down into the wooden crate.

"Must be lost or something."

"I guess."

"You want him?"

"What would I do with a dog?"

"I don't know."

"I don't want no damn dog."

"Neither do I."

The men grabbed two more trash cans and hauled them to their

"Maybe some kid would want the dog. He could be a Christmas

"I don't know any kids."

"Some kid in the neighborhood."

"They're all juvenile delinquents. They're always throwing
stuff and breaking windows. The only thing I want to give
any of them is a size 12 boot."

"Yeah, they're like that where I live, too."

The men took the trash cans back down the alley, and stopped
by the wooden crate. They looked down at the puppy.

"I guess we just leave him here, right?"

"I guess."

"Someone will want him."

"People always want dogs."

"So I guess he'll find a home pretty soon."

"You can count on it."

The men turned and walked back to their truck.

But they were wrong. No one paid any attention to the
tiny puppy that slept in the alley and lived on whatever
food scraps he could find.

The days passed, and the nights grew colder, and the puppy
shivered as he thought of his mother, his sisters and his
brothers -- all lost to him forever.


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The Masked Man's Christmas, Part 1

[Note: It's a Dinosaur Training tradition to give
you a special Christmas story in daily installments.
Here's part one of this year's Christmas story. I hope
you enjoy it!]

The Masked Man's Christmas (Part 1)

The crowd roared with anger as the hulking masked man
stomped mercilessly on his opponent.

The referee pushed him away, waving his finger in a
stern warning.

"Clean it up, buddy!" he said. "Clean it up and start

The masked man gazed back impassively. All you could
see were his eyes. They were dark, deep and hard, like
twin chunks of obsidian.

The referee glanced behind him. The other wrestler was
still down, lying flat on the canvas. He hadn't so much
as moved after the masked man had delivered a crushing
body slam.

The referee didn't know if he was playing possum or if
he'd really had the wind knocked out of him. It happened
sometimes. The men knew how to fall, but sometimes they
hit harder than expected.

The referee knew his job. He decided to give the fallen
man more time to recover.

He waved his finger at the masked man.

"Stay here!" he ordered.

He stepped back to the fallen man and began a long, slow
count, waving his arms to punctuate each tick of the


No response from the fallen wrestler.


Still no response.


Nothing. Maybe he was really hurt. Maybe it would be
better to slow the count down.

He swept his hands wide and low, leaning over the fallen


Not even a twitch!

Meanwhile, the fans were going wild, shouting and screaming,
begging and pleading, imploring their favorite to get up.

An elderly woman walked to the side of the ring, held onto
the lowest ring rope, and screamed in the fallen man's ear.


The crowd took up the chant.

"Kill him! Murder the bum!"

The referee bit his lip to keep from laughing out loud. With
Christmas a mere five days away, the crowd was hardly in a
Holiday mood.


The fallen man moved his left foot.


The fallen man groaned.


The fallen man rolled to his side.


The fallen man pushed himself to his knees.


The masked wrestler bulled forward, grabbed his opponent
by the ears, yanked him to his feet, picked him up, held
him high -- and then slammed him to the mat.

He hit the canvas with a bone-crushing thud, bounced, and
lay still.

The referee knew he could count to a 100 this time. It
wouldn't make any difference.

He had to sell it. The match couldn't end with a knockout.
That would make it three in a row for the masked giant.

He turned to the time-keeper at the side of the ring.

"Ring the bell!" he said. "Ring the bell!"

He turned to the masked man.


The dark eyes flickered -- and suddenly, without conscious
thought, the referee was out of the ring, down the aisle
and running for his life.

The masked man turned to his fallen opponent and pointed.

He held up his other hand, three fingers spread wide apart.

The meaning was unmistakable.

Three matches. Three knockouts!

And that's when the crowd went totally, utterly berserk. The fans
stormed the ring, swinging and kicking and clawing. They threw
eggs, fruit, cups, bottles, cigars, cigarettes, rocks and bricks.

It took four tries and half a dozen broken heads before the squad
of six burly policemen could get the architect of the insanity
out of the ring, through the crowd and back into the dressing
room. They shoved the door open, pushed him inside and stood
outside while he showered and dressed.

The sergeant eyed the crowd uneasily. It was more of a mob than
anything else. He'd never seen anything like it.

He turned to one of his men.

"Step inside and tell him to hurry up," he said. "I don't like the
looks of this."

The officer stepped into the dressing room.

Thirty seconds later he stepped back out.

"He's gone!" he said.


"Gone! The back window's open. He must have crawled out and
climbed down."

"Let me see!"

The sergeant stepped into the room and looked it over -- and
saw something that made him stop dead in his tracks, his
eyes wide with surprise.

Six bottles of liquid refreshment stood on a small table next
to a cracked mirror. Each bottle stood on a five dollar bill.

A note lay next to the bottles.

"Thanks, Pete -- and Merry Christmas to you and the men!"

The sergeant pushed his cap back and ran his thick hand through
his dark hair.

"How in the heck did he know my name?" he asked.


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The "How Much Rest?" Question

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

A quick update and then we'll talk


If you missed the BIG NEWS yesterday,
here it is:

I've finished a new Dinosaur Training
course, and I'm offering the little
monster through our standard pre-
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You can reserve a copy -- along with
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On the training front, I'm getting lots of
questions about how long to rest between sets.

The answer is -- as long as you need to rest in
order to do justice to the next set. And that's
going to vary from person to person and exercise
to exercise -- and it may change for you over
time -- and it may vary depending on the weather.
It also will vary depending on your training goals.
And it changes from warm-up sets to working sets.

For warm-up sets, you really don't need to rest
very much longer than the time it takes to change
the plates. If you time it, your rest periods will
be in the 1 to 2 minute range.

Once you get to your working sets, you'll tend to
slow down a bit. That's because you need a bit
more of a rest -- as well as time to do the
all-important mental things that lead to top
level performance:

1. Rest and relax for 30 to 60 seconds.

2. Clear your mind.

3. Concentrate on the upcoming set.

4. Do your visualization drills.

5. Deepen your focus and your concentration.

6. Approach the bar, and take your focus and
your concentration as deep as possible.

The whole thing takes 2 to 3 minutes -- and if
you're serious about your training, you need to
take the time to do it. Concentration and
visualization increase the results of your
workouts enormously. They are the KEY
to championship performance.

So the bottom line is this -- your rest periods
need to be long enough to allow you to recover
enough to do justice to the next set -- and they
need to be long enough to allow you to FOCUS, to
CONCENTRATE and to do your VISUALIZATION drills.

As always, thanks for reading, and have a great
day. if you train today, make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Load the bar, lift the
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New Dinosaur Training Course!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

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Big Breaking News from Dino Headquarters!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I wanted to give you a quick heads up.

There's something new coming from Dino

A new training course.

And you're really going to like it.

Several times over the past year, I asked
readers for feedback to see what you'd most
like to see in the way of Dinosaur Training

There was one topic that was hands down
the single most popular course among the
members of the Dino Nation.

So I made the time for it -- sat down --
rolled up my sleeves -- and got going.

You're going to be seeing a sales page for
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and quite possible, within just a couple of

So I just wanted to give you a big heads
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It will give you a link to the sales page --
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Yours in strength,

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Double Warp Speed at Dino Headquarters!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

You'd laugh to see how busy we are right now.

They say that Dinos were big and slow. Well, maybe
that was true for some of them -- but it's not true
here at Dino Headquarters! Trudi and I are the
fastest moving Dinos you've ever seen.

Yesterday went like this, with Trudi and I working
at double warp speed to get everything done:

Wake up, check email and orders.

Print new orders.

Start filling new orders.

Autograph books and courses for everyone who
requested an autograph. (Note: I'm always
happy to autograph a book or course for
you -- but you need to ask. Make a request
in the Special Instructions section of the
on-line order form. And, no, there's no
charge for an autograph.)

Phone calls back and forth with various folks
re my screenplay. (Yes, as if I didn't have
enough to do, I've written a screenplay -- one
that Dinos will LOVE to see when it gets made
into a movie.)

Note that I said WHEN it gets made into a movie.
Not IF. WHEN. You gotta think positive.

Write and send email to the Dinos.

More phone calls re screenplay.

Run over to local post office and mail orders.

Buy shipping supplies.

Review emails from Dinos and respond to as
many as I can respond to. (Note: I can never
keep up with them, so if you send an email and
I don't respond immediately, that's why.)

Work on new course.

Work on special TOP SECRET project (details to
be released soon).

Research for new book to be released in 2012.

Harvest fresh greens and herbs from the garden.
(I use low tunnels and a greenhouse to grow veggies
all through the winter -- it's the best possible
way to get high quality, super nutritious fresh
veggies all year round.)

More phone calls re screenplay.

Respond to emails re Dinosaur Training Seminars in

Phone call from printer re the December Dinosaur
Files newsletter -- "It's ready!"

Go to printer and pick up the December Dino Files
drive back home, and start stuffing envelopes as
fast as possible.

Stuff envelopes for several hours.

Run over to the main post office and drop off more
orders and as many of The Dino Files as Trudi and I
could fill before the post office closes.

Grab more mailing supplies at post office.

Drive back home and wolf down a quick dinner -- and
then continue to stuff envelopes.

Stuff envelopes until eyes begin to close, check email
from Dinos, go to bed.

Wake up and start the entire process all over again --
but speed things up so there's time to hit the iron

So, as you can see, it's been busy!

You can help us stay on top of things by:

1. Placing Holiday orders as soon as possible so we
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2. Asking for autographs if you want one.

3. If you put a book or course on your Christmas list,
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That wraps things up for now. I need to get back to
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As always, thanks for reading, and have a great day.
If you train today, make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 2. Thought for the Day: "The secret to getting things
done is to stay busy." -- Brooks Kubik

We're Getting Down to the Wire!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

This week is our big push to get Holiday
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There's no charge for an autograph,
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In other Dino news:

1. I'm finishing up a great new training
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Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 2. Thought for the Day: "It's a power rack --
not a place to hang your gym towel!" -- Brooks Kubik

"Who Is It?" I Asked

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

The son brought the granddaughters over
to visit yesterday. They're 3 1/2 --
twins -- and awfully cute.

They arrived just as I was putting on
my lifting shoes and getting ready to
head out to the garage for a workout.

I stopped in mid-shoe, wondering what to
do. Hit the iron or bounce the grand-kids
up and down on my knee?

"Go ahead and train," said Trudi. "I'll
give them something to eat, and you can
see them when you get finished."

The girls came into the house, and headed
straight for their favorite toys (which we
keep on a small bookcase in the living

I said hello to them, and headed out to kill
some iron.

I'm concentrating on Olympic weightlifting
now, and I always film my workouts so I can
watch it later on and check my form. So I
filmed the workout.

It was a good, hard session, with lots of heavy
clean and jerks. I'm doing squat style cleans
and split style jerks. Fun stuff -- and not bad
for a 54 year old grandfather.

It was cold in the garage, so I worked pretty
fast, with minimal rest between lifts. And it
was double sweats and a black knit fisherman's
hat (think "Rocky") the whole time -- and brief
stops in front of a small electric heater to
warm my fingers every once in awhile.

I finished up, stripped the bar down, and put
the weights back in place against the garage wall,
gathered my gear and grabbed the video camera.
Turned out the lights, locked the door, and
headed back to the house.

So, an hour later, the girls are coloring with
crayons (using the back of the first draft of
this month's Dinosaur Files newsletter, which
makes good scrap paper for young artists) --
and Trudi asks me if I had a good workout.

"Yeah, it was excellent," I said.

And then I remembered that I had filmed the thing.

So I grabbed the camera, sat down next to the
girls, and pulled up the workout. It started with
yours truly doing warm-ups with an empty bar.

"Who's that?" I asked.

I expected the answer to be "Gampaw Books" or
something similar.

But it didn't happen.

The girls shook their heads, their brows furrowed in


"Sure you do! Who is it?"

The peered at the screen intently.

"No one!"

I forwarded to some of the heavy sets. Maybe that would

It didn't.

Somehow, they couldn't quite see that their grandfather
was the same person grabbing the funny bar with the big
plates and snapping it up to his shoulders -- diving into
a deep squat -- bouncing up -- and then jerking the weight

I'm trying to figure out if that makes me feel really old
or really young for my age.

But I do know this -- I'm going to keep going with the
brainwashing -- and sooner or later those little girls
will be coming over to lift weights with me. Just wait
and see!

As always, thanks for reading and have a great day. If
you train today, make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. You can see EXACTLY what my current training looks
like in GOING STRONG AT 54 -- and you can see workouts
from the original Dinosaur Dungeon in my five original
Dinosaur DVD's:



P.S. 2. My other books and courses are right here --
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world-famous Dinosaur Files newsletter:


P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "When someone says it
can't be done, they really mean it's too much work
for them." -- Brooks Kubik

The Answer to 271 Training Questions!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

(Note: Regular readers will remember this
message from a year or two ago -- which makes
an oldie -- but it's definitely a goodie!)

I received 271 emails last week from people
who had diet or training questions.

They fell into the following broad categories:

1. "HELP! I can’t gain any size. What should I

2. "Please HELP! I can’t get stronger. Give me
a program."

3. "My diet is lousy. What should I do?"

4. "I can’t get motivated to train, Pleas help

5. "My coach tells me I should do such and so –
what do you think?"

6. "Help! I don’t know what to do."

7. "I’m training to get bigger and stronger as fast
as possible. I have a mixed martial arts match
next week against an 800 pound gorilla. Yes, it’s
a real gorilla. I am doing this to help the zoo
raise money, so it’s a charity fight. Don’t worry,
I love animals, and I won’t hurt the gorilla.

7A. I am doing a powerlifting contest the next day and
I want to set a world record. I also want to have
a 28- inch waist, with 1 percent body-fat, although
I would settle for 2 percent if I had to. However,
I need 24-inch upper arms with double-peaked base-
ball biceps.

Plus, I am running a marathon next week and want to
try to break into the top ten this year in world
marathon races, although I have not done much
running lately.

7B. I also have sugar cravings, and was wondering if
the chocolate milk diet would be good for me.

7C. Can you give me a good program?

7D. Also – what supplements do you recommend, and how
often should I take them, and what is the best
exercise for the upper inner head of the triceps,
and how often should I train my legs if I want to
win the Mr. Everything title this year, and what
is the best color of sun-glasses to wear for building
maximum muscle density, and is it better to eat when
you are hungry or when you are not, and is water good
for you, what is the best way to train when the sun
is in Capricorn and the moon is in Virgo, and what
do you think about breathing? I heard it was good for
you -- breathing, I mean."

Actually, no. 7 was unique – it was the only one in
the “I’m fighting a gorilla” category – but it had
so many questions that it deserved a category of
its own.

Anyhow, my answer to each of the questions was
exactly the same:

“Abbreviated training -- basic, compound exercises --
train hard -- be consistent -- don't miss workouts --
and add weight to the bar on a regular basis. Stop
looking for a magic program. There's no such thing.
Instead, focus on making each workout better than
the last one."

That’s pretty much my answer to everything now.

The solution to virtually every training question
under the sun is to start training the RIGHT WAY.
Not the way they teach you in the muscle comics –
not the way they talk about in the internet forums –
and not the way that everyone else trains – but the

Once you sort out your training --- once you start
doing it RIGHT – everything else is easy.

I’ll give you a very simple example:

Guy wants to know what kind of protein supplement
to use.

Guy doesn’t train his legs or back.

Guy needs to start doing squats and deadlifts and
bent-over rowing and shrugs and power cleans.

When guy starts to do squats and deadlifts and bent-
over rowing and shrugs and power cleans, guy will get
bigger and stronger very fast – and it doesn’t matter
what kind of protein supplement he uses, or even
whether he uses one.

Anyhow, I had 271 emails with training questions last
week. And the answer to each one was the same.

The answer is always the same.

It’s all about how you train.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day – and if you
train today – make it a good one.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 2. Thought for the day: "I've never been able to
understand people who don't train." -- Brooks Kubik

Three Sets Left!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

No, I'm not talking about sets of
squats, presses or deadlifts. I'm
talking about a different kind of

We have THREE complete sets of my
Dinosaur Training DVD's left --
along with two each of DVD's 1, 2
and 3.

I ordered more sets, but my DVD
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Oh, well -- nothing to do but go bend the
bar in my next workout . . .

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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Iron and Bodyweight at Age 61!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Here's another workout from an older Dino --
and this one combines barbell and dumbbell work
with Dinosaur Bodyweight Training -- which makes
for a very effective combination.

This program comes to us from Ira Reid, a 61-year
old Dino from NYC. Ira trains three times a week
on the following program:


1. Military press 3 to 5 sets of 3 to 5 reps

2. Pull-ups 3 to 5 sets to failure


1. Handstand or dive-bomber pushups 3 sets to failure

2. Chin-ups 3 sets to failure

3. Bodyweight squats 1 to 3 sets to failure


1. Dumbbell presses or incline presses 3 to 5 sets of
3 to 5 reps

2. Paetial deadlifts (from just below the knees) 3 sets
of 3 to 5 reps

3. Pull-ups 3 to 5 sets to failure

Sometimes Ira trains just twice a week. In that case, he
skips the Monday workout and adds the bodyweight squats to
his Saturday workout.

Ira adds:

"I try to vary the pull-ups from workout to workout as
outlined in Dinosaur Bodyweight Training. I an awaiting
delivery of a set of gymnastics rings which I intend to
incorporate with my pull-ups and pushups.

I also try to walk 3 or 4 miles every day that I don't
train, and 1 or 2 miles on the days that i do train. As
a former runner, the walking doesn't tax me much but keeps
the blood flowing and the heart pumping."

That's a pretty good all-around program for building a good
combination of strength, health and conditioning. Not many
61 year olds can do pull-ups, chin-ups and handstand

As with the other programs that I've shared with you this
week, note the use of short, simple workouts, compound
exercises, and infrequent training sessions. Very Dino --
and very effective!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. You can grab YOUR copy of Dinosaur Bodyweight Training
right here at Dinosaur Headquarters:


P.S. 2. My other books and courses -- the Dinosaur Files
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Another Great Workout for Dinos!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Several days ago I shared a workout used by
a 60-year old Dino -- and it was a good one!

In response, a number of older trainees have
sent in their workouts, and I'm going to share
some of them with you over the next few days.

Here's one from Gordon Blake, a 54 year old Dino
who is a retired Sgt. in the NYPD. Gordon hits
this workout twice a week on Tuesday and Friday,
and in the next week, follows a different program
with lower reps. In other words, he alternates
high rep weeks with low rep weeks:

1. Warm-up on stationary bicycle -- 10 mins

2. Squat 1 x 20

3. Light breathing pullover w/ 25 lb. DB 1 x 20

4. Bench press 2 x 10

5. Trap Bar deadlift 2 x 10

6. Weighted dips 2 x 10

7. T-bar rowing 2 x 10

8. Gut work

9. Captains of Crush grippers

That's a good, rugged program, and it's interesting to
alternate weeks of high rep workouts with weeks of low
rep workouts. That's a good way to vary your workouts,
and cover all the bases as far as strength, muscle
mass and conditioning.

Other things to note:

1. Twice a week works great for older lifters.

2. Basic, compound exercises give the most bang for the

3. Do a good general warm-up before hitting the heavy

4. Leg and back training keeps you young!

5. Don't forget about the gut work!

6. Do things you enjoy doing. If you enjoy your training,
you're much more likely to stay with it.

7. Keep it simple.

As I noted, I'll share more workouts from older Dinos. If
you qualify as such, send an email outlining your current

As always, thanks for reading and have a great day. If you
train today, make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. For more training tips for older lifters -- and over 50
workouts especially designed for older trainees -- grab a
copy of Gray Hair and Black Iron:


P.S. 2. My other books and courses are right here -- including
Dinosaur Arm Training, Dinosaur Bodyweight Training and Black
Iron: The John Davis Story:


P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Nothing ages a man faster than the
day he stops training." -- Brooks Kubik

Heavy Iron

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I've always been fascinated by big weights.
Big plates. The LOOK of heavy iron.

When I started training, I had one of those
110 pound barbells with concrete plates covered
with gold plastic. That was great, but I always
liked the look of iron plates better.

My dad had a 110 pound barbell with iron plates,
and I started to mix the plastic plates and the
iron plates.

My goal back then was to work up to the BIGGEST
plates in the house -- a pair of black iron 25
pound plates my dad had bought a few years

I thought they were the biggest darn things in
the world -- and I was wild to lift them.

I remember how hard I worked to get to the point
where I could bench press 65 pounds -- meaning I
could use 15 pounds of bar and collars, loaded
with one of those great big, menacing, enormous
black iron plates.

When I started training at the high school weight
room, I saw my first York Olympic barbell -- and
my first 45 pound plates -- and immediately, I
wanted to be able to lift 135 pounds (the 45
pound bar plus a 45 pound plate on each side).

From there, I set goals of lifting 225 pounds
(which was the bar and TWO 45's on each side) --
and then 315 pounds (the bar and THREE 45's on each
side) -- 405 pounds (the bar and FOUR 45's on each
side) -- and more.

That probably explains why I write about different
ways to get stronger -- and different ways to add
weight to the bar.

In STRENGTH, MUSCLE and POWER, I cover some of the
very best ways to build strength:

Power Rack Training

Rest Pause Training

Special programs to strengthen
the tendons and ligaments

Leg and back specialization


Power bodybuilding

Olympic lifting

Training with heavy, awkward objects

Special grip training exercises

And more . . .

It has 29 chapters and 354 pages of hard-hitting,
no nonsense, real world strength training -- and
if you're looking for something that will help you
POWER is a pretty good place to start:


And remember, if you'd like an autographed copy, all
you need to do is ask. There's no charge for

As always, thanks for reading, and have a great day.
If you train today, make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. My other books, courses and DVD's are right here --
along with the world famous Dinosaur Files newsletter:


P.S. 2. Thought for the day: "When you look at the iron,
the iron looks back at you." -- Brooks Kubik

The Story of a Superman

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

If you've been following my writing for
any period of time, you know that I'm a
huge fan of John Davis.

I admire him so much that I wrote a book
At 496 pages, with 16 pages of photos, it's
the biggest and thickest book I've ever

For those who do not know anything at all about
John Davis, consider the following:

1. He was the youngest World champion in history
when he won his first World weightlifting
championship in 1938.

2. He won his first World championship at age 17 --
after less than two years of training.

2A. Yes, you read that correctly. John Davis won
his first World championship after less than TWO
years of training. TWO years!

3. He was undefeated in international competition
from 1938 through 1952.

4. He won World championships in TWO different weight
classes and (get this) THREE different decades.

5. At one time, he held all of the American, World
and Olympic records in the Heavyweight class -- and
he only weighed around 225 pounds!

6. He may have been the only World and Olympic
Heavyweight champion who could perform one arm

6A. His former training partner told me he saw
John Davis do a one arm chin while holding a
50 pound dumbbell in his other hand.

7. He dominated the Heavyweight division for many
years, while weighing only 215 to 235 pounds.

8. He did much of his training alone -- often in
the basement of a neighborhood church -- with
nothing other than a barbell, homemade squat
stands, a homemade lifting wooden bench and
a homemade lifting platform.

9. As the top Heavyweight in the world, he powered
the USA to SIX team titles at the World championships
and the Olympic Games.

9A. On several occasions, the team title came
down to a battle between John Davis and one or more
massive Russian lifters who outweighed him by 50 or
more pounds.

9B. The Russians never had a chance.

10. He followed a unique training system of his own
design -- and in the book, I give it to EXACTLY as John
Davis performed it. I got this from his 94-year old
training partner, and it's never been published before.
But it's a heck of a program!

There's more -- much more -- and it's all there in

Yours in strength,
Brooks Kubik

P.S. You can grab your copy of BLACK IRON: THE JOHN
DAVIS STORY right here at Dino Headquarters:


How a 60-Year Old Strongman Trains!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

60-year old Tony Williams is a hard-training
Dino from Texas. He sent me an email giving
a big THUMBS UP to my recent post about
training tips for older lifters.

Tony suggested that it would be fun to see
how some of the older Dinos are training --
and to get things started, he shared his own

"Here is mine:

Workout No. 1

Leg press


Incline chest press

Workout No. 2


Negative chins

Negative dips

The workouts are alternated EVERY SEVEN TO
10 DAYS.

All exercises are taken to failure except

Within the last few months, I have gone to
heavier weights and lower reps and have seen
better results.

I am 60 years old. Although I need more rest
between workouts than i did when I was younger,
I still have incremental improvements, and I
think the extra rest is one of the keys to

Frankly, I cannot remember the last time I was
injured lifting weights. The best thing I ever
did was convert to all-compound exercises in my
workouts. Especially when I was younger, I did
far too much, with far too many isolation

To me, if you want to get stronger, lift heavy
with few reps."

Okay, now go back and re-read Tony's program.

Note that he does TWO different workouts -- with
THREE exercises per workout -- using heavy weights
and low reps -- and he trains once every SEVEN TO
10 DAYS.

And at age 60, he's making progress from workout
to workout.

I keep saying that rest and recovery is one of the
keys to successful strength training for any lifter,
at any age -- but it's even more important for older
lifters. And Tony is one of many older Dinos who is
living proof of exactly that.

Always remember -- training is important, but so is
recovery. For great results at any age, you need to
maximize both!

As always, thanks for reading and have a great day.
If you train today, make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. For more about effective strength training for
older lifters, grab a copy of Gray Hair and Black


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P.S. 4. Thought for the day: "Train for strength and
health will follow." -- Brooks Kubik

The Dinosaur Time Machine!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!


I originally wrote this blog post in 2011,
but  I wanted to update it because we're releasing
the Legacy of Iron series on Kindle.

The first book, Legacy of Iron, is already up
and available for immediate download on
Kindle.  Go here to grab the little monster:


And now, here's the original post:

Several years ago I began doing something new
and different – something that no one had ever
done before. I began writing a series of books
about weightlifting and bodybuilding in the
1930’s and 1940’s.

The books focus on the York Barbell Company and
the York champions of the 1930’s and 1940’s.
They combine fictional characters with real people,
such as Jihn Grimek, Steve Stanko, John Davis,
Harry Paschall, Bob Hoffman, Sig Klein, Warren
Lincoln Travis, John Terpak, Gord Venables and
Gracie Bard. The characters attend actual lifting
meets, bodybuilding competitions and exhibitions,
so the books give you all of the history, color
and drama of the era. So far, I’ve written and
published five books in the series.

The first five books in the Legacy of Iron series
are titled:

1. Legacy of Iron

2. Legacy of Iron 2 – Clouds of War

3. Legacy of Iron 3 -- The 1,000 Pound Total

4. Legacy of Iron 4 – York Goes to War!

5. Legacy of Iron 5 -- Barbells in the Pacific

“Legacy of Iron” is set in 1938 – 1940, and tells
the story of Jim Miller, a young man who desperately
needs to build some strength and muscle. A lifter
named Jack Ryan takes him under his wing, trains
him, and takes him to York where he meets all of
the great champs of the era – Bob Hoffman, John
Grimek, Steve Stanko, Gord Venables, Tony Terlazzo,
John Davis, Harry Paschall, Gracie Bard and others.
It’s a fast-paced, exciting story, and covers a
number of actual lifting contests and exhibitions.

“Legacy of Iron 2 – Clouds of War” takes the action
into the spring of 1940. It covers the six-week
period from the 1940 Junior Nationals to the 1940
Senior Nationals and the Mr. America contest (won
by John Grimek, who also lifted in the Senior
Nationals and placed third in the Heavyweight

“Legacy of Iron 3 – The 1,000 Pound Total” continues
the story. It covers the 1940 – 1941 period, and
details the battle between Steve Stanko and John
Davis to be the first man in history to total 1,000
or more pounds in official competition. It’s one of
the great stories in the history of the Iron Game,
and I feel honored and humbled to be able to present
it in dramatic narrative form.

“Legacy of Iron 4 – York Goes to War!” opens on a
secluded beach in Hawaii on the morning of
December 7, 1941 (the day of the Japanese attack on
Pearl Harbor). From there it blazes into action
from York to Washington to Pearl Harbor to San
Diego – covers the 1942 Senior Nationals and
Mr. America contest -- and culminates in a life
and death struggle on a remote island in the
South Pacific. It’s fast-paced, exciting, non-stop
action – and like all of the books in the series,
it gives you a vivid sense of being there, right
in the thick of the action.

“Legacy of Iron 5 – Barbells in the Pacific” continues
to cover the War years, and the life and death struggle
to preserve the Free World against the ruthless military
dictatorships allied against it. It also covers the 1943
Senior Nationals and Mr. America contest -- and it brings
you what may have been harry Paschall's greatest moment
(and Gord Venables' worst moment).

In the Legacy of Iron series, I try to convey a sense
of what the York Barbell Company, Strength and Health,
and the York champions meant to young men and boys
(and many girls and women) around the world in the
1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s. They cover a time period
when “the greatest generation” had some of the
greatest bodybuilders and lifters we’ve ever seen.
It’s a generation of men and women who deserve to
be remembered forever.

I know that many readers are only interested in books
and courses about “how to train” – and that’s fine –
but even if you “don’t read novels,” you might want to
give these very unique and very special books a chance.
They’ll teach you plenty about Iron Game history – and
about how the Golden Age champions trained, what they
ate, how they thought and what they believed. They’re
the closest thing to a time machine that can take you
right back to 1939 and let you sit down and talk
training with John Grimek and Steve Stanko – and
that’s pretty hard to beat!

But more than that, these are novels that will motivate
and inspire you – just the same as your favorite sports
movies motivate and inspire you. Do you remember how you
felt after watching Rocky, Chariots of Fire, The Natural,
Rudy, or Cinderella Man? If you’re like me, you probably
felt like hitting the iron and setting half a dozen
personal records. That’s how you’ll feel after you
read each book in the Legacy of Iron series.

As I’ve said before, I can’t make movies for you – but
I can write books that are going to give you the very
same sort of motivation and inspiration. And remember –
once you learn how to train and get into the training
habit, the most important thing to do is to stay
motivated and inspired. It’s what keeps you going
for the long haul.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day – and if
you train today, make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. To learn more about the Legacy of Iron series –
or to order one or more of the books in the series –
go to these special pages:






NOTE: Some of you already have one or two books
in the series -- others don't have any. If you order
all 5, you get a discount and save some clams on
shipping. See the bottom of the special page for
Legacy of Iron 5 for more info.

For info on ordering 3 or 4 books at a time (with
a discount), shoot me an email. I want everyone to
have all 5 in the series -- they're that good!

P.S. 2. Yes, there are more Legacy of Iron books
to come. We have a lot more Iron Game history to

P.S. 3. And don't forget -- Legacy of Iron is now
available on Kindle: