"Is It Okay to Do Curls?"

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I've had several readers ask about
arm training.

Usually, it's the same question.

"Is it okay to do curls?"

And the answer is -- of course it is. In
fact, it's a good idea. Curls are a good
upper body exercise, and they help you
maintain shoulder strength and stability.

So by all means, do curls. But don't do
them like a muscle pumper. Do them like
a Dinosaur.

Doug Hepburn was one of the strongest,
most massive men who ever lived. He was
also pretty darn good at heavy curls.

Hepburn could do a strict curl with 260

And no, that's not a typo. That's two -
six -- zero.

Two hundred and sixty pounds.

Hepburn trained curls the same way he
trained everything else: hard and heavy.
Multiple sets of low reps. Heavy singles.

He was very precise about it. He liked to
use two heavy wooden boxes to position the
bar so he could walk up to it, grab it, and
start curling. That allowed him to flex his
lats so he could dig his elbows in and get
the best possible leverage. Try it and see.

Hepburn was a prodigy of might and muscle,
but he was hardly the only old school lifter
who could curl more weight than a gorilla.

There were quite a few old-time lifters who
could do a strict curl with weights approaching
(or in some cases, exceeding) their own

John Davis could curl big weights. So could
Steve Stanko. And so could John Grimek.

So don't be afraid to do curls. Just train
them Dino style -- and be sure to include
plenty of leg and back training!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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