Why I Don't Do the WOD!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

There are lots of people doing the WOD,
which I'm told stands for Workout of
the Day.

Personally, I do the WOB.

That stands for Workout of Brooks.

You see, I've been doing this a long
time, and I have a pretty good idea
about what works best for me.

I'm 55, and like anyone else, I've had
to make changes in my training over the
years. The workouts I do now are different
than the workouts I did when I was younger --
but they work great for me.

And just as important, I like doing them.

That's important. If you don't like what
your doing, you won't do it. Or you'll do
it, but you won't put enough OOMPF into
your training to get good results.

(Oompf is a technical term that means
"training hard enough to get results."
I'm not sure who invented the phrase,
but it's a good one.)

My current workouts are similar to the
workouts detailed in Gray Hair and Black
Iron. They're serious and they're strength
oriented and they're challenging and
they're fun -- but they're short, fast
and abbreviated. They won't cause you
to outrun your recovery ability, and
that's vitally important for older

As you get older, your recovery ability
diminishes. It becomes harder to bounce
back from a hard workout.

So you need to be smart. You need to train
hard enough to get results -- but you
need to train smart enough to let those
results happen.

It's a bit of a balancing act -- but it's
something you have to learn how to do if
you're an older trainee and you want to
keep on doing the serious stuff.

Anyhow, if you're an older trainee, don't
do the WOD.

Do the W.O. What Works Best for You.

You'll be glad you did!

As always, thanks for reading and have a
great day. If you train today, make it a
good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "You can't help
getting older. The important thing is to get
smarter." -- Brooks Kubik