How to Get Back Into Great Shape -- FAST!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Sometimes someone asks you a question
and they probably know the answer. I
think this is one of those cases -- 
but it's a very common question, and
a very important one, so let's cover
it in today's email tip.

"Dear Brooks,

Thank you for your inspirational words
of encouragement.  What kind of workout
would you recommend to a 54 year old ex-
Dino coming back from an extended multi-
year (7 year) lay off?

A beginners program of six to ten exercises
for one set each, or an abbreviated program
consisting of two to three exercises worked
into the ground?

Thank you.

Your partner in training,

So that's the question. Here's my response.


Thanks for your email, your training question
and your kind words.

First of all -- you are not an EX-Dino. Dino
is for life. Once a Dino, always a Dino. So
you're still (and always will be) a card-
carrying member of the Dinosaur Nation.

As for getting back in shape after a long
lay-off, here are my thoughts.

You need to treat yourself as a beginner and
ease back into things. Your problem is that
you're not in condition for an abbreviated
program where you work two or three exercises
"into the ground" or do any other kind of 
hard and heavy training.

So take things easy and start with a beginner's
program. Six to ten exercises for one set each,
and use light weights and buzz through it fast
and easy. Train three times a week. Use a simple
progression system where you add reps, and then
add weight, cut back on the reps and start over

Any of the beginner's workouts in CHALK AND
SWEAT would work fine for you. Ditto for any
of the total body workouts in GRAY HAIR AND
BLACK IRON, but do only one set of each 

Do this for one month. And while you're doing 
it get your diet under control if you've been
neglecting that end of things along with your

Grab my new book, KNIFE, FORK, MUSCLE. It will
tell you everything you need to know about diet
and nutrition.

In your second month, go to two sets of each
exercise. Continue the same progression --
add reps, and then add weight.  

In your third month, use three sets of each
exercise. And again, continue the progression.

After three months, you'll be back into 
pretty good shape. And at that point, you 
can switch to a divided workout program,
abbreviated workouts, and harder and heavier

Now, remember -- three months may seem like a
long time. But think about it. You had seven
years of no training, which means seven years 
of de-conditioning. Taking three short months 
to get back into shape is a pretty sweet deal.

By the way, the three month time-table is 
exactly what was used in the old Strength and 
Health magazine Annual Self-Improvement Contest.
And there were tons of readers of all ages
who made great gains during their three-month 

Which reminds me -- John Grimek wrote up a
great three-month Get Back in Shape Program
for Strength and Health readers to use when 
they entered the Self-Improvement Contest.

I cover the whole program in my John Grimek
training course. It's a great workout for
anyone trying to get into shape FAST --
or for anyone trying to get back into shape
after a long lay-off.

In closing, let me say this: 

Mike -- I'm darn glad to hear that you're 
getting back into training. It's the very
best thing you can do for yourself. Thanks
for making the decision, and the commitment, 
and keep me posted on your training and your

To anyone else who's not been training, or 
who is thinking about getting started --
follow Mike's example, make the decision,
make the commitment, and get started TODAY.

Not tomorrow.


To everyone, as always, thanks for reading
and have a great day. If you train today, 
make it a good one.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. I mentioned four great resources in
today's email. You can find them right here:




P.S. 2.  My other books and courses are right here:

P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "It's never too late
to get started." -- Brooks Kubik