The "How Did That Happen?" Question

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Two quick notes and then we'll talk about the
"How Did that Happen?" question.

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And now, let's cover the "How Did that Happen?"

I was having a rough day yesterday. One of those
days where nothing seemed to go right. I had lots
of Dino work to do, and it felt like I was walking
in mud the entire time.

Or rather, like walking in mud while carrying a
large hippopatamus, two elephants, a camel, a
T-Rex and an overweight brontosaurus on my

Finally it was workout time.

I was scheduled to do split style snatches. I've
been working them very hard for the past few
months. I had been doing squat style snatches,
but a shoulder ding stiffened the shoulder and
upper back and made the squat snatch pretty
close to impossible -- so I switched over to
split style snatches, which are much easier on
an older lifter's shoulders.

I went out to the garage, warmed up, stretched,
got loose, and got going.

And amazingly, even though it had been a slog
through the mud sort of day, my lifts were fast,
crisp and precise, with really good speed, depth
and footwork.

I gradually moved up to my regular working weight,
where I do 5 singles.

The first one was so easy I added 5 kilos (11 pounds)
for the next four singles.

But that was also easy -- so I added another 5 kilos.
Made that easily, and added another 5 kilos.

Made that one, too, although it felt close to my limit.
And I made it in good, fast, smooth form. The last lift
looked like the first lift of the day.

And so, on a day that had been a struggle, I had a
great workout, with strength and power to spare.

And I ended up hitting one of my best lifts of the
past two or three years.

How did that happen?

To tell the truth, I really don't know.

My diet is pretty much always the same -- I only
take some basic supps, and they're always the
same -- my workouts are all pretty similar --
my schedule is very similar from day to day --
and so is my rest and sleep.

In other words, there was nothing different --
nothing unusual -- to account for the good lifting

That's how it goes sometimes.

You have a good day, and where it came from is
anybody's guess.

Sometimes it just happens. When it does, take
advantage of it.

Bad days are often the same. You expect to lift
a ton, and you don't come close to it.

And you have no idea how it happened.

It's all part of the iron Game. You have good days
and bad days. Enjoy the good days, perservere through
the bad days, don't go crazy trying to figure out what
happened in any given workout, and stay focused on
the ultimate goal.

And that's the report from Dino Headquarters. As
always, thanks for reading and have a great day.
If you train today, make it a good one.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "The secret is to keep on
keeping on." -- Brooks Kubik