Rare Strength and Health Magazines for Sale! (List No. 1)

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I thought I'd start the day with some big news for the Dino Nation.

I'm selling several 12-issue sets of Strength and Health magazine from the 1930s and 1940s. These are duplicate sets from the Dinosaur Training Research Library.


These rare issues of Strength and Health are gold-mines of strength training and muscle-building instruction, and they have tons of terrific photos of the old-time champions. They feature tons of photos and inside information about John Grimek, Steve Stanko, Bob Hoffman, John Terry, Gracie Bard, John Davis, Tony Terlazzo, Johnny Terpak,  and many of the other York Barbell Club champions of the 1930s and 1940s, and they give you detailed reports of the big contests and the record-setting lifts for each year. They include some of my all-time favorite articles, and they will give you many hours of fun reading. In fact, you'll probably want to read them over and over.

If you've read my Legacy of Iron books and wondered, "How did he know so much about the old-time champions?" the answer is - "I read about them in Strength and Health!"

Ditto for my John Grimek training course, for Black Iron: The John Davis Story, and for the Dinosaur Training Military Press and Shoulder Power Course - as well as many articles in The Dinosaur Files newsletter. The information comes right from the pages of Strength and Health. Each issue is a Time Machine taking you back to the Golden Age of Muscle and Might.

All of these wonderful magazines come from the world-famous Dinosaur Training Research Library, and I'll include a special certificate to confirm this when I fill your order. Thus, you'll have some great old-time magazines to read AND you'll be owning a piece of Iron Game history.

In short,  these are true collector's items - and a wonderful treat for fans of old-school training. They'll be great addition to your strength training library.


Everything is first come, first served - meaning, the first person who shoots me an email asking to purchase a given set of Strength and Health back issues. (First" means the first email in my inbox at the email address given below.)

I have very limited number of full 12-issue sets for each year listed below, and we expect them to go fast, so if you're interested in one of the sets, do not delay. Shoot me an email and ask about availability.

Include your shipping address so we can calculate shipping and handling for you.

Also, please let me know if you use PayPal. PayPal is our preferred method of payment for special item orders.

If you prefer to pay by credit card or check, let me know and I'll get back to you to work out the details. Please do NOT send credit card info by email.

My email is:



We're selling 12-issue sets.  Each set covers one year.

We have either one or two complete sets of Strength and Health for each of the years listed below, priced as shown, along with (for some years) one set that is missing a single month.  If you order a set that is missing a single month, we'll include one issue of our choice from a different year so you get a total of 12 issues:

1937 -- $120 plus shipping and handling

Note: Only one full set for 1937 is left.

1938 -- $120 plus shipping and handling

Note: Only one full set for 1938 is left.

1939 -- $120 plus shipping and handling

1940 -- $100 plus shipping and handling

1941 -- $100 plus shipping and handling

Note: Only one full set for 1941 is left.

1942 -- $100 plus shipping and handling

1943 -- $100 plus shipping and handling

1944 -- $100 plus shipping and handling

Again, we expect these to go VERY fast - so if you want to order a 12-issue set, take immediate action.

Again, my email is:


Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik