The Dinosaur Training Book, Course and Magazine Sale (List No. 5)

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I have a ton of duplicate books, courses and magazines about strength training, weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, physical culture, Iron Game history, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, diet,  nutrition, and related subjects, and I since I only need one copy of any particular item, I'm going to sell the rest of them.

We're setting up an eBay store to sell them on eBay, but in the meantime, here are some items you might want to grab right now.

All of these items come from the world-famous Dinosaur Training Research Library - and I'll include a letter to confirm this when I fill your order. Thus, you'll have something great to read AND you'll be owning a piece of Iron Game history.


Everything is first come, first served.  So if you're interested in anything, do not delay. Shoot me an email and ask about availability. Include your shipping address so we can calculate shipping and handling for you.

In addition, please let me know whether you use PayPal. If you use PayPal, we can send you a payment request that includes the appropriate s&h charge for the item(s) you purchadse.

If you prefer to pay by check or credit card, please let me know. We will contact you by email to let you know how to pay by either of these options. Please do NOT send credit card info by email.  

My email is:


1. Milo Magazine (6 issues)

Vol. 1, No. 2.

Vol. 1, No. 4

Vol. 2, No. 1

Vol;. , No. 2

Vol. 2, No. 3

Vol. 3, No. 4

All in good condition.

If you're a serious trainee, you know about Milo. These are some of the very first issues - and they're as relevant today as when they were first published more than 20 years ago.

 $50.00 plus s&h for all six issues

2. Building Body Power

An old-school body-weight training course by the famous strongman, movie star and stunt man, Joe Bonomo. Many photos. Missing the front cover - but otherwise in good condition, and very readable.

Features a variety of old-school physique stars demonstrating various exercises, including David Asnis,  "Chick" Deutsch, Barton Horvath, Tony Sansone, Bert Goodrich, Kimon Voyages, Terry Robinson, Simon Kornblum, Sig Klein, and Charlie Shaffer.

$10.00 plus shipping and handling

Status: Sold

3. Iron Claws

By Michael H. Brown

An outstanding grip development course - combined with a bench press course featuring some really interesting training ideas and special power rack equipment.

Did I say "bench press course"?

It's actually a course to develop a 1,000 pound bench press!

Very few people know it, but this course helped put thick handled barbells and dumbbells on the map. 

Originally published in 1974. This is a modern reprint edition published by William F. Hinbern.

8 1/2 x 11, 20 pages, good condition.

$10.0 plus shipping and handling

Status: Sold

4. The Formulator Ultimate Forearm Training System: High Performance Instructional Course Vol. 1

By John Wood and Functional Hand Strength.  8 1/2 x 11, 48 pages. Published in 2006. Very good condition.

This is a detailed guide to one of the most innovative and effective forearm builders ever invented.

Very informative, with tons of great training tips.

Note: John Wood wrote this terrific course at a time when he was carrying the Formulator in his product line. He no longer carries it, and I don't know if the manufacturer is still in business.  However, you may be able to find The Formulator on eBay or elsewhere. That said, this is a very interesting course.

Of course, if you already HAVE the Formulator but you don't have this course, then you need the course asap!

$10.00 plus shipping and handling

Status: Sold

5.  Cinderella Man

Hard-cover. Written by Jeremy Schaap. Published in 2005. I purchased this $24.00 when new. I've read the book once or twice; otherwise, it's been on one of my bookshelves, so it's in excellent condition.

The movie, Cinderella Man, was based on this book.

Read the book, watch the movie, and be inspired to do some serious training. 

 $15.00 plus shipping and handling

6. International All-Round Weightlifting Association  Offical Rulebook

Contains detailed descriptions of how to perform a wide-variety of lifts contested in the International All-Round Weightlifting Association. Includes numerous photos.

$20.00 plus shipping and handling.

7. Strongman: The Doug Hepburn Story

By Tom Thurston. Paperback. 295 pages. Many terrific photos. Good condition.

An amazing, inspiring and informative biography of the Canadian Hercules, Doug Hepburn.

Well written, thoroughly researched, and a true tribute to a great champion.

Includes a thorough review of Doug Hepburn's training methods and workouts.

Highly recommended.

$20.00 plus shipping and handling

Status: Sold

8. Strength and Health magazine

Our choice of three issue from the 1930's or 1940's.

Price: $30.00 plus shipping and handling

9. Secret Bulgarian Training for Seoul '88

A Catalyst Athletics DVD. Good condition.

You'll see some truly amazing lifting on this DVD. You'll also be amazed at how "low tech" and basic the Bulgarian training facility was.

A must have for weightlifters and weightlifting fans.

$10.00 plus shipping and handling


10. Bodybuilding: An Illustrated History

By David Webster. A large, hard-cover book. 156 pages. Many terrific photos of bodybuildersold and new.

This is a library edition purchased from a library book sale. It is missing pages137-138 and 147-148.

Includes the original dust jacket, which is slightly worn and has some tears at the top.

Forget about the blemishes. This is a terrific book, and it gives you one of the most detailed looks at the history of bodybuilding that you'll ever see. It's very rare and hard to find - but here's your chance to grab it!

$30.00 plus shipping and handling

11. Hardgainer magazine

Some of the early issues of Stuart Mcrobert's Hardgainer magazine from the late 1980's and early 1990's are almost impossible to find. Not many copies were printed, and very few owners will part their issues.

Sure, you can finds photocopies here and there - but the ORIGINAL issues are as rare as hen's teeth - or, to paraphrase John McCallum, as rare as honest measurements.

But here's a complete set of the first six issues - from my personal library - not copies, but original issues. Good condition.

Now, I know the price looks high at first blush - but remember, these are originals - they're from my personal library - and they're only $20.00 each. If I put them on eBay and started an auction, they'd probably go for much more.

 $120 plus shipping and handling

12. Hardgainer magazine 

See my earlier comments.

Here's a complete set of all six issues of year two of Hardgainer magazine. Good condition.

$120 plus shipping and handling.