Take a Look at Big Carl's Power Rack!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Yesterday I shared the story of Big Carl's
power rack -- which was probably the best
piece of equipment I ever used in my entire

Many of you asked for photos of the rack.
So I put up a photo of Big Carl's rack on my
Instagram account:


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In other news, we're finishing up the March
issue of the Dinosaur Files newsletter, and
it's a good one. I think you're going to like
it a lot.


1. Several readers have asked whether Big
Carl is still alive. The answer is -- I don't know.
I have not seen him since the early to mid 90s.

Wherever he is, I bet he's still lifting -- and I
bet everyone still calls him Big Carl. And if he's
lifting somewhere with Grimek and Stanko, I
bet they're tossing some serious iron.

2. A number of you have asked if power rack
training made my bones thicker and denser.

The answer is -- it definitely did so, because my
wrist size increased quite a bit after I started to
do the rack work. That was in my late 20s and
early 30s, and bone growth is not supposed to
happen at that age -- but it did.

3. Several readers have asked me for my "best"
book or course on power rack training.

I think there are three options:

Strength, Muscle and Power covers my power
rack workouts on Big Carl's rack in detail -- and
also gives a complete course in power rack
training and different ways to do it. This
lets you try different power rack training
techniques to see what you like best and
what works best for YOU:


Dinosaur Training covers old-school power rack
workouts, and gives some additional ideas
on how to do rack work, including some ideas
I borrowed from William Boone:


If you already have Dinosaur Training and Strength,
Muscle and Power
, try the power rack program in
The Dinosaur Training Strength Archive. It's
available in your choice of hard copy or Kindle:

Hard copy


Kindle edition


Of course, all three of these books have lots of
other material, so they each give you plenty of
training ideas and lots of great workouts. You
can't go wrong with any of them.

I'll sign off now and get back to the March issue
of The Dinosaur Files. Be sure to check out the
photo of Big Carl's rack -- it's a monster!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik