This Made My Day - Read It and See Why!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I found this waiting for me in the in-box
yesterday morning.

It made my day.

Read it, and you'll see why:

"I just got done re-reading your Legacy of
Iron, Vol. 1. I got to thinking about when I
first started lifting weights.

I just wanted to let you know all the stuff you
wrote in Dinosaur Training and in your other
books has served me well over the years.

I've been training for 11 years now. You gave
a skinny 130 pound 16-year old teenager
something to latch onto during his parents'
divorce. I was able to develop a lot of strength
for my size. I used that strength to do a lot of
service on my LDS mission, hoisting boxes,
beds, garden tools, sledgehammers, mauls,
and axes, and lifting and moving heavy
railroad ties several times.

I got into health and fitness in large part
because of your efforts. I can't count the
number of times I've run across someone
moving in and I was able to help them
because I had the strength to do it.

I haven't been in any life or death situations,
thankfully, but I really would like you to
know you have had an impact on my life.

I finished college last July and I'm working
on my personal trainer certification from
ACSM. I have high hopes to take the test
at the end of this month.

I'm sure you have had your fair share of
haters for what you preach or for other
things. But you got the ball rolling for
me - and I've been training ever since.

So if you ever wonder if your writing made
a difference, you know you did in my case -
and I'm sure I'm not the only person to send
an email like this.

I'm not much of a touchy-feely type person,
but you really did something good for me.

You got me into the Iron Game, and I'm
grateful from the bottom of my heart.

Anyhow, hang in there. I'm glad to have
your products and glad you chose to do
what you have done.

God bless you, sir.


Well, as I said, that message really made
my day.

And here's the best part about it.
 Our young Dino is going to become a
personal trainer - and he's going to help
hundreds or perhaps thousands of people
achieve their dream of lifelong strength
and health.

So the lessons I wrote about in Dinosaur
Training didn't just help one young
man - he's going to use them to help
many, many others.

That's part of the magic of the Iron Game.

You never help just one person.

You help one person help many more.

And each person you help will help others -
and on and on it goes.

I'm smiling right now - and I hope you are,
too. I hope everyone is smiling. Because
we're making a difference - a huge

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. Here's the little blue book that started it

P.S. 2. My other books and courses are right
here at Dino Headquarters:

P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "You change the
world one lifter at a time." - Brooks Kubik