A Physical Culturist's Greatest Enemy!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Bradley J. Steiner said it very well:

"Distraction is a physical culturist's
greatest enemy."

I read those words more than 40 years
ago, when Steiner was the most popular
author appearing in Peary Rader's old
Iron Man magazine - and they've stuck
with me ever since.

Steiner always emphasized the need to
concentrate when you are training.

He wanted you to train with pin-point,

He wanted you to block out the rest of
the world - and to go deep inside what
Bill Pearl later called "the Inner Universe."

He wanted you to reach the point where
the gym could catch on fire and you
wouldn't notice until you finished your

For that reason, Steiner viewed anything
that made it difficult to concentrate as a
problem. That's why he believed that
distraction was your greatest enemy.

And unfortunately, most gyms are full of

1. A loud, blaring radio.

2. A loud. blaring television.

3. Loud, blaring music.

4. Cell phones.

5. Other gym members - who talk,
chatter, hog the equipment, interrupt
you in the middle of a set, ask questions,
tell you you're doing something wrong,

It's a long list. I could go on and on with

That's why so many Dinos prefer to train
at home. It's quiet. There are no distractions.
They can concentrate on their training.

But even Dinos who train in commercial
gyms can get a good, productive workout -
IF they can concentrate!

Steiner also wrote about how to develop
your powers of concentration. It isn't some-
thing you either have or don't have. The
ability to concentrate on your training is an
acquired skill. It's something you learn.

I teach a seven-step program to develop
your powers of concentration to the their
maximum. It works pretty darn well.

It's available in a CD titled "Unleash Your
Inner Strength: The Seven Keys to

Now, the art of concentration may sound
like esoteric mumbo-jumbo - but it's a
critical skill for anyone who is trying to
develop his strength, power, skill and
lifting ability. All champions in all sports
have mastered the art of concentration -
as have all highly skilled martial artists.

Just look at video of a lifting champion before
a record-setting lift. The intensity, focus, and
concentration is off the charts.

As Steiner always said, imagine what
would happen if you brought THAT kind
of focus to each and every workout!

The other day, I found a bag of the Seven
Keys to Concventration CD hidden away in
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And always remember - when you train,

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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