35 Pounds of Muscle and Lifelong Strength and Health!

John Davis jerking what looks to be 400-plus pounds of old-school iron at Muscle Beach way back in the early 1950's. More proof that old-school training works!
Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Yesterday I mentioned that the new
issue of The Dinosaur Files tells the
true story of two young weightlifters
who decided to go to a South Seas
island and focus on their training,
diet and health - and see what

What happened was this.

With just a barbell set, one of them
gained 35 pounds of muscle - going
from 135 pounds to 170 pounds.

That's a 26 percent gain in muscle

Which is huge.

And he was ALREADY a weightlifting
champion in Australia - so it's not
like he was a beginner.

This was back in the 1930's - and
it was during the Depression - and
so the two guys were living on a
shoe-string, and eating a diet that
was MUCH DIFFERENT from the
modern 6 meal a day, 400 grams
of protein stuff that everyone is
pushing for "mass building" and
"weight gaining" and "hypertrophy"

And, of course, they didn't use any
supplements - or any drugs.

Nor did they do any kind of over-
the-top insanity training. Their
workouts were totally old-school -
and pretty low volume.

PLUS - they learned to surf while
they were on their tropical island -
and they both became avid, lifelong

And one of them was surfing all
the way into his late 80's or early
90's - which tells us that his training
program and diet helped build life-
long strength and health as well as
that 35 pounds of muscle.

Anyhow, I have the whole story in
this issue of The Dinosaur Files:

the workouts

the exercises

the sets and reps

the diet




what they ate

what they didn't eat

their daily schedule

the whole darn thing

It's all there in the July-August issue
of The Dinosaur Files - which you
can grab right here:


Give it a read - study it carefully -
and let me know what you think.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik