Real World Desert Island Training!

Training outside in the fresh air and sunshine is great - but it may be even better on a South Seas island. That's what two young weightlifters discovered many years ago - and you won't believe their story!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

From time to time I ask you the
following question:

If you were going to go to a desert
island and live there for a year or
two . . . .

What THREE pieces of training
equipment would you take with

It's a good question, because it
makes you stop and think about
the exercises that are most pro-
ductive and effective for you -
and about the tools you need to
perform those exercises.

And it makes you realize that most
or all of the other stuff is kind of

And perhaps even a distraction -
and a waste of valuable time and

I always get a ton of replies, and
it makes very interesting reading
when I share them with the Dino

But not long ago, I spotted an old
article I had never seen before.

It told the TRUE STORY of two
young men - both of them weight-
lifting champions and "health nuts"
(as they were called back then) -

who decided to leave the city and
get away to a South Seas island -

live a simple life and eat healthy,
natural foods -

and train outdoors in the fresh air
and sunshine.

So they packed their barbell and
took off.

You won't believe what happened
next - or how their experiment

I have the whole program for you -
their diet - and their training pro-
grams - as well as their results.

It's right here - in the July-August
issue of The Dinosaur Files:

There are a ton of other great
articles, as well - we have loads
of great article in every issue -
but this one is extra-special.

Grab your copy now - read it
cover to cover - and let me
know how you like the little

Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out
how to talk Trudi into a South Seas
vacation - or perhaps even an
extended stay!

Here's the link again:


Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik