The "What Would Happen?" Question

John Davis was the youngest man in history to win the World Championship in Weightlifting - and went on to win a total of six World Championships and two Olympic Gold medals.

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2. The "What Would Happen?"

On the training front, here's an interesting
question I received a while back from one
of our longtime Dinos. It's a question I get
fairly often.

This time it came from Chris Califano. He

"Here is an interesting question: What would
the result/benefits be if a younger trainee
followed the exact same advice that older
trainees should employ regarding "making
every rep count" and "every exercise and
every set count"?

The mere fact that a younger dedicated lifter
can put more hours into his or her training
should not be a "license to waste energy."

Just that we COULD do it when we were
younger does not mean that we SHOULD

In fact, I am sure that if I had applied the
same methods for Progression with
Recuperation when I was in my teens,
twenties and thirties, I would have
gotten further faster. And with less
if any injuries, nagging or small!

And I would have had more balanced
development, plus better health and
more free time, to boot!


Chris -- Thanks for your email. The question
you pose is a good one. Most trainees follow
the over-the-top high volume workouts when
they are young -- and they end up wasting
what should have been the very best years
of their training careers.

It's a crying shame -- especially when it leads
them to quit training -- or to turn to steroids
and other drugs.

If everyone started training the right way from
Day 1 of their career, we'd see many more
trainees achieve great success -- and we'd
see many more trainees stick to their program
for their entire lives.

In terms of concrete results, let's look at
some real-life examples of young men who
started out training the right way from Day

John Davis started training at age 15 -- and
won the World weightlifting championship --
beating not one but two former Olympic gold
medal winners -- at age 17.

John Grimek went from 120 lbs. to 178 lbs.
in his his first three years of training -- and
went from a clean and jerk of 95 lbs. to a
clean and jerk with 247 1/2 lbs.

Steve Stanko gained 80 pounds of muscle in
his first 2 years of training -- and won his first
United States Senior National title later in the
same year.

Frank Spellman worked up to a 240 lb.
military press at a bodyweight of 156 lbs
after just 1 1/2 years of training. He went
on to win an Olympic gold medal in 1948.

Tommy Kono entered his first weightlifting
contest in 1948. He improved his 3-lift total
(press, snatch and clean and jerk) by 195
lbs. over the next 2 years. He won his first
Olympic gold medal in 1952.

Obviously, not everyone is going to become
a World or Olympic Champion, or a Mr.

But if more young guys trained the way
that Davis, Grimek, Stanko, Spellman
and Kono trained, they'd make much
greater progress than they're making
on the modern-day super programs
and typical bomb, blast and blitz

That's why I continue to bang the drum.
It's an important message -- and so
many guys and gals need to hear it!

As always, thanks for reading and have
a great day. If you train today (as I will),
make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day:

"If you don't like the old-fashioned
stuff, try building a house without a
hammer and nails."

-- Brooks Kubik

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