The Most Important Word

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

The most important word in yesterday's
email was the one that many of you


I wrote:

"Rational experimentation is the only way
to find what works best for you."

In response, many readers thought I was
saying that ANY program works if you just
work hard at it -- or that you should try
the latest and greatest from this month's
issue of Muscles for Morons and see how
it works.

Wrong, wrong, and double wrong.

Rational experimentation means you change
ONE thing that you are doing and you make
the change in the context of Dino-style,
abbreviated workouts.

It doesn't mean you go from 3 x 6 or 5 x 5
57 sets of 20,0000 reps just because some
idiot writing articles for the muscle comics
said that was how to build 37 inch upper

Here are some examples of RATIONAL

1. Instead of 5 x 5 with three work sets,
try 5 x 5 with two workout sets.

2. Instead of 5 x 5 with two work sets, try
5 x 5 with one work set.

3. Try a cycle of front squats instead of
back squats.

4. Try Trap Bar deadlifts instead of
regular deadlifts.

5. Dumbbell presses instead of military

6. A program of heavy rack work.

7. Cardio on day one, rest one day two,
weights on day three, and so one.

8. Two workouts per week instead of three.

9. Pull-ups instead of rowing -- or

10. Rest-pause training.

11. Heavy singles.

12. Combining Dino-style barbell and
dumbbell workouts with Dino-style
bodyweight training.

I am NOT suggesting that you drop your
hard, heavy, serious, real world, no
nonsense training and jump into some
idiot program of bombing, blasting,
blitzing, pumping, shaping, toning,
repping, schlepping, volume, neuro-bio
pseudo-budo monkey-minkey let it hang
and hope for high water maximum paximum
super triple 90 80 60 40 say it in
triplicate make up a new name and make
it sound like the latest and greatest
and bestest and baddest workout ever

I'm saying to keep it real -- and
to keep your mind open to different
variations of RATIONAL strength

End of sermon. Train hard and keep it

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Work hard, work
smart, get strong." -- Brooks Kubik