The Steak Tree

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

So some food scientists have developed
an test-tube hamburgers -- hamburger
meat grown from stem cells.

Everyone's talking about it.

Some people think it's the greatest
thing since sliced bread. Others think
it's ridiculous. And some think it will
be how we feed the world in the not too
distant future -- assuming the soylent
green thing doesn't work.

Personally, I don't know and I don't

I grow my own steaks in the back yard

Not test-tube hamburgers. Real steaks.
Grass fed beef. The best in town.

Now, before you think I've flipped my
lid --- or that I've started cattle
ranching (or rustling), let me explain.

A couple of years ago, Trudi planted a
fig tree by the side of the house.

The darn thing grew, and now it's a
real fig tree, and it grows figs.

Fresh figs are delicious and wonderful
and awesome and an incredible treat.

They're also 100% carbs (i.e, sugar)
and we don't eat them.

And yet -- we have a fig tree with a
bunch of fresh figs.

What to do?

Last weekend, I went to the Farmer's
market and bought some grass fed beef
and pastured pork from one of the
farmers. By "some" I mean LOTS. It
takes plenty of high quality protein
to feed a Dinosaur.

The guy I buy the meat from is named
Stan. His wife, Leila, is a gourmet
chef and caterer. She sells spectacular
homemade soups, stews, quiches and other
goodies at the Market. We always buy
somethign from her, just because it
looks so darn good.

So there I was, buying a couple hundred
pounds of beef and pork from Stan
Well, not that much, but it was more
than the non-lifters -- a/k/a the
skinny people) were buying.

Leila's booth is right next to Stan's
booth. Stan was rummaging in his ice
boxes for a pork roast for me, and
Leila was enjoying a free moment
with no customers srtanding in line.

So I popped the question.

"Leila -- do you like figs?"

That brought an unexpected response.

"Like them? I LOVE them! I grew up
eating fresh figs from my grandmother's
fig tree."

"Well, we have a fig tree where
they'r ejust about ripe -- and we
don't eat them -- and we we're
wondering if -- "

"I'll take them!" she said.

So she gave me her number and told me
to call her when the figs were ripe.

So last night, I finished a killer
workout out in the Dino Dungeon (a/k/a
the garage), and when I walked back 
to the house I swung over and checked
out the fig tree.

Ripe -- ripe and ready to pick.

So I grabbed a basket and picked a
big mess of them.

This afternoon, Trudi called Leila and
told her to come over and pick up her

When Leila came over, she brought three
thick, beautiful, steaks -- all of them
from Stan's wonderful grass-fed beef.

So Leila got the figs -- and Trudi got
the steaks -- and they're cooking right
now (or rather, one of them is) -- and
when I sign off I'm going to go devour
the thing. Every last bit of it.

And that's why I can say, "To heck with
the test-tube hamburgers -- I'm growing
steaks in the backyard!"

As always, thanks for reading and have a
great day. if you train today, make it
a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 4. Thought for the Day: "Steak always tastes
better if you earn it --- and that means heavy
training." -- Brooks Kubik