The "What Are You Up To?" Question

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I've been getting as ton of emails asking
what I'm up to and when my next book is
coming out.

So here's the update.

A little history. I'm 56, and I work as
a lawyer. From 1982 through 2010 I worked
at a very large law firm here in
Louisville (250 lawyers, with offices
throughout the southeast). Very busy,
long hours, worked most weekends, and
how I found time to train and to write
my first book, Dinosaur Training, is a
complete mystery.

While working at that firm I wrote
Dinosaur Training, Legacy of Iron
and Gray Hair and Black Iron.

In 2010, I retired from legal practice
and made the writing a full-time job.

Over the next few years I wrote a
dozen books and courses, published The
monthly Dino Files newsletter, and
even wrote -- get this -- a screenplay.
I also did a seminar and a DVD, an
audio CD, the daily emails, and a
ton of interviews on SuperHuman Radio.
To put it mildly, I was PDB (pretty
darn busy).

Last October, I got a phone call from a
friend at a small law firm, asking if I'd
be able to help them out by doing some
part time work on a big case they had. I
said "Sure."

The next day, I wrote in the morning and
did law work in the afternoon. The next
day I did an hour of writing and a full
day of law work. The following day (which
was a Saturday) I worked all day on the
law job.

And before you knew it, I was a FTL (full
time lawyer) once again.

That's slowed down the writing, of course.
But it hasn't stopped it -- and it's not
going to stop it.

Anyhow, I've been working on several new
projects. One is a training book. Another
is a book on diet and nutrition. That one
is giving me a huge headache. I've started
and stopped it half a dozen times. I think
the enormous amount of diet and nutrition
BS (bottomless silliness) out there has
caused WB (writer's block) to set in. But
I'm still working on it. I know you really
want to see it.

I've also started Legacy of Iron 6 -- so
that's in the hopper, as well.

And -- get this -- I'm going to test the
ebook water a little later in the year.

I'm also training -- hard and heavy and
serious. The workouts in the garage are
getting more and more focused, I'm working
like heck on Olympic lifting -- which at
age 56 is sort of like climbing a tall
mountain with a freight train strapped
o your back. Meaning that it's an MC
(Major Challenge). But MC's are good.
They keep us young.

Anyhow, I'm still splitting time between
legal work, Dino writing, and hard training.
Stay tuned for updates on the writing. In
the not too distant future, you'll have
some fun and informative new reading
material from DC (Dino Central) -- and
in the meantime, there's plenty of great
books and courses in stock.

As always, thanks for reading, and have a
great day. We'll talk sets and reps and
other training stuff tomorrow -- but in
the meantime, if you train today, make
it a good one.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. Here's something special:

P.S. 2. My other books and courses are right

P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Today's reps
are tomorrow's gains." -- Brooks Kubik