"Am I Too Old to Make Good Gains?" He Asked

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I got a training question the other day that
almost knocked me out of my chair.

It went like this:

I just turned 30. I've been out of regular
training (due to my job) for almost four
years now. Now I am going to get back
into it.

There is one fear I have in the back of my

Will I be able to reach my former level
of strength and continue gaining?

I was gaining all the way up to age 26.
I had stopped and restarted a few times,
and the gains always came back rather
quickly. The few times over the last four
years when I've gone back to training,
I did get the usually quick return, but
never got back to my top weights before

I know 30 seems young compared to
59! I just wonder what the consequences
for taking off so long are actually going to

So here's my response:

Congratulations on getting back into your
training. Now the job is to stay at it. Strength
training is the best thing you can do for your-
self - but it only works if you keep on doing it!

If your job makes it hard to find time to train,
then use abbreviated and ultra-workouts. Many
Dinos get great results training just two or three
times a week for perhaps 45 to 60 minutes per
workout. See Dinosaur Training Secrets,
Vol. 1
, for details on this.

If your problem is that you gain fast and then hit
a sticking point, you're trying to do too much too
fast. Follow one of the progression systems in
Dinosaur Training Secrets, Vol. 3. They will
allow you to make steady gains for a long time.

At age 30, you should be making excellent
progress. Don't worry for a second about being
too old to get good results. I made the best
progress of my life in my late 20's and early
30's - and many others have done the same.

And yes, I KNOW that there's a lot of silliness
out there about how you can't gain after age
18 or 20 or 25 or whatever - but that's just
mass-market, muscle media nonsense - and
most of it is to sell supplements. Pay no
attention to it.

Likewise, don't agonize about the possible
effects of your lay-off. Put any and all negative
thoughts out of your mind. Start training NOW.
Follow a sensible, slow-cooking progression
system. Use abbreviated workouts. Above all
else, stick with it!

In one year, you won't believe your results.

BUT - you need to start now - and you need
to stay with it. No more of the on and off
stuff. Make it a lifelong commitment.

We've had fellow Dinos who have trained
through times of incredible hardship - who
have come back from crippling injuries - or
who have kept on training while fighting
cancer or other deadly diseases. If they
can do it, ALL of us can do it!

In other words, no excuses! Start training
again and keep at it!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 2. Thought for the Day: "Don't ask if it will
work. Try it and see." - Brooks Kubik