5 Quick Updates and Some 300 Pound Dumbbells!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Here are five quick updates for Dinos.

1. Follow Me on Instagram!

I post tons of great photos on Instagram.

Follow me here:


And feel free to hit the like button and share
and post comments. Let me know how you
like the photos of the old-school deadlifting
platform and the old-school iron at Jim
Cain's Gym here in Louisville.

2. 7 Keys to Concentration

I found a bag of my 7 Keys to Concentration
CD buried in a corner, and I'm including a
free CD with all orders for a hard-copy book
or course.

This offer is only good as long as supplies
last, and only with orders for hard-copy
books and courses.  (Or a DVD.)

For a complete list of our books, courses
and DVD's, go here:


3. The April issue of The Dinosaur Files

A number of you have been asking about
the April issue - it's finished, and we just
need to get it loaded and set up the link.
As soon as it's ready, I'll send out an email.

4. Follow Me on Facebook!

I'm on Facebook at Brooks Kubik. Send me
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5. Our Most Popular PDF Course

Our most popular PDF course is this mini-
course no. 1 - covering training programs
and special advice for Older Dinos.

It costs just five clams, so it's about the
price of one of those fancy-pants cups of
coffee with the whipped cream and the
choco sprinkles on top.

To grab it, go to the products page and
scroll down to our PDF products - and
look for Mini Course No. 1.

The products page is right here:


6. A Bonus Link

John Wood has set up an Instagram account,
and is posting some great photos. He visited
The Pit Gym in Evansville not long ago, and
took some great photos. Go here to see them:


By the way, The Pit has dumbbells up to 300
pounds apiece - and John posted a photo of
them. That's a lot of iron.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik