Find What Works - and Follow Through!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Here's a great email in response to my
message from yesterday. This shows the
value of two very important things that
I talk about a lot:

1. Finding what works for you.


2. Following through on it.

In other words, learn what works for you,
and stick to it!

Here's what happened when one of your
fellow Dinos did exactly that:

Great email, as always. I am 29 and was in
 similar boat to this reader. For the past 5
years I have been on again and off again
with my training.

Basically, I would train real hard in the
winter months, but as soon as spring
summer rolled around, and my work
picked up I put training on the back

I would also suffer from minor injuries,
because I was always training too heavy
too soon, and doing singles and heavy
partials before I was strong enough and
conditioned enough to do them.

Back in November, I decided I wasn't going
to skip workouts any more, and I ordered
your book, Chalk and Sweat.

I started with program 11 and then did
program 12, each one for a full course.
After those, I decided I wanted to focus
on the Secret of Herculean Strength, as
you call it, and so I started on one of the
programs in that section of the book.

My numbers are shooting up, I am losing
fat, and I feel and look stronger than ever.
I plan on following the Secret for the next
two years.

At age 29, I am making better progress
than ever. There are several reasons for
this. One is that I realize I am not as young
as I once was, and cannot recover as well
from stupid injuries and mistakes. Thus, I
listen to my body more.

Also, following Chalk and Sweat really helped.
In the past, I would follow a program that was
too advanced for me, or I would follow a good
program but get bored and switch it up too
often. Chalk and Sweat is helping me reach
my goals, without burning out or getting
bored. Great book, and I would recommend
it to anyone.

William K.

Thanks for your detailed feedback, William. It
sounds like you've discovered the true secret
of lifelong training success. Keep on going, and
keep me posted on your progress!

To everyone else - take this message to heart.
YOU CAN DO IT - you just need to fins what
works and then stick to it like T in T-Rex!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Two words - relentless
effort." - Brooks Kubik