An Olympic Lifting Question

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

One quick note and then we'll get to
today's training question.

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2. Olympic Lifting Substitutes

One of the Dinos had a question about Olympic
weightlifting. This was in response to yesterday's
email about 10 tips for older Dinos.

I had mentioned that it's very important for
older Dinos to work on maintaining and even
improving their speed, power, balance, timing,
coordination, flexibility and athleticism.

And I had noted that Olympic lifting is a
great way to do it.

So I got an email from a reader who agreed
with that but wondered what he could do if
he didn't do Olympic lifting.

That's actually a fairly common question.

Here's the answer:

1. Do stand on your feet training with barbells
and dumbbells.

a. Standing presses, push presses and squats
are hard to beat.

2. Do one workout a week that includes some
sort of weighted carry or lugging and loading

3. Build explosive power, timing, coordination,
and athleticism with the exercises in Dinosaur
Dumbbell Training.

a. They're fun, and they're easy to learn.

b. They're an excellent alternative to Olympic
lifting workouts.

c. Exercises like the two-dumbbell clean and
press build a terrific mixture of strength, power
and over-all conditioning.

d. John Grimek, Sig Klein, and many other
old-school champions always did plenty of
heavy dumbbell training.

e. When he was older, Grimek did lots of
squats and lots of dumbbell presses - and
they kept him in terrific shape!

So if you're looking for an alternative to
weightlifting workouts, give Dinosaur
Dumbbell Training a try!

Go here to grab the book:

And go here to grab my Dumbbell Training
DVD - it helps to see the exercises on video:

And, of course, let me know how Dinosaur
Dumbbell Training works for you - and keep
me posted on your training and your

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik