A Question from a New Reader

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

A couple of new readers have
asked me about The Dinosaur

As in, "What is it?"

One of them said, "I signed up
for your daily emails. Isn't that
the same as the Dinosaur Files?"

The answer is - "No, the Dinosaur
Files is different."

The Dinosaur Files is a monthly
strength training journal. Each issue
includes original articles and material
of my own, as well as articles, letters
and feedback from your fellow Dinos.

The Dinosaur Files is available in your
choice of Kindle or PDF editions. We
do it both ways because some of you
prefer pone, and some of you prefer
the other.

The most recent issue is the Nov-Dec
issue. We combined two months
because we ran late in getting the
Nov issue out the door.

Here's a look at the table of contents:

November – December 2016
Dinosaur Files

Table of Contents

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Mesozoic Mail

Greetings from Italy – My Favorite
Article  - How a 56-Year Old Dino
Trains – Pushing Toward a 100-Kilo
Military Press - More Dino Files
Feedback – Feedback from
Scotland – Thanks for the
Bench Press Advice - Viking
Feedback – A Training Update

 Jurassic Jottings

From Beef to Burgers – Feeling
a Little Needled – Speaking of the
Gym – Squat and Split Snatches –
Head Over Tea Kettle – An Important
Safety Note – Moving Targets at the
Gym – Lying and Seated Targets at
the Gym – An Old School Gym –
Some Impressive Lifting from
1953 – Meanwhile, Back in
Belgium – This Is Some Serious
Curling Power – Don’t Arm
Wrestle this Guy – Iron
League Update – New from
Bill Hinbern

Answers to Your Training

Combining 20-Rep Squats and
Deadlifts – Adding Weight When
Using the Light, Medium, Heavy
System – A Question About Specialty
Squat Bars for Lifters with Shoulder
Problems – A Tonnage Question

A Different Twist on Rest-Pause

My Singles Experiment

An Update on My Training Program

Try this Two-Week Divided Workout

The 2016 Stonelifting Tour (Part 2)

A Result-Producing and Effective

Build Strength and Muscle Mass
with Reg Park!

An Older Dino’s Training Program

The Wrap-Up 

As you can see, this issue - like all
issues of The Dinosaur Files - is a
goldmine of training advice for

The kind of no-nonsense, real world
Training advice you won't find
anywhere else.

Which is not surprising - because
the Dino Files is a strength training
journal by and for people like you
and me - people who call themselves

Go here to grab the November-
December issue of the Dinosaur

Kindle edition


PDF edition


Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik