Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

The New Year is here, and it's time
to start working on it.

Time to make 2017 the best year
ever for strength and health.

Here's how to do it:

1. Start training. If you're already training,
then keep it up.

a. Use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells,
bodyweight training, sandbags or other
heavy awkward objects, or a combination
of these tools.

2. Make your training progressive.

a. In other words, start light and easy and
gradually increase the difficulty of your

b. Don't try to do it overnight. Rome wasn't
built in a day. Building serious levels of
strength and muscle mass takes time.

3. Make haste slowly.

a. Don't try to make 20 or 30 pound jumps
in your lifts. Aim for small but regular
increases. Do it one rep at a time --
or one pound at a time.

b. Over time, small but steady increases
add up to big gains. Imagine what would
happen if you added one pound per week
to every exercise you do -- and you did that
for an entire year!

c. See Dinosaur Training Secrets, Vol. 3, for
the very best in old-school progression


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4. Set long term goals and work toward them
with unflagging determination.

a. Make them high and challenging -- but

b. Poundage and performance goals are best.
They are easy to measure.

c. For a detailed list of real-world strength
goals for drug-free trainees and how to
adapt them to your age and weight, see
Dinosaur Training Secrets, Vol. 2:


Kindle e-book

PDF with electronic delivery

5. Break your long term goals into short term

a. Give yourself the satisfaction of hitting your
short term goals on a regular basis. It helps
keep you motivated to work toward your long
term goal.

b. See 4b.

6. Make a plan, put it into action, and make
adjustments as you move forward.

a. You won't get it perfect, and you'll need to
make changes and modifications as you move
forward. That's fine. It's part of the Iron Game
and it's something that every champion has had
to do.

7. When in doubt, do less.

a. The vast majority of trainees limit their gains
by over-training.

b. Monitor your progress carefully. Keep a detailed
training journal. If you are making good progress,
then keep on doing what you are doing. If not,
make adjustments -- and that usually means,

So there you have it. Seven keys for success
in 2017. Use them wisely -- and best wishes for
great gains in 2017!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. My other books and courses are right here
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P.S. 2. Thought for the Day: "Day by day,
and step by step, move forward to achieve
your goals and dreams." -- Brooks Kubik