Yes, I'm a Garage Gorilla!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Here's one I wrote two years ago.
I'm sharing it again to celebrate a
big event.

I'm back in business with my home

You see, we sold the house and
moved to a two-bedroom apartment
last year - and I tried training at an
old, hole in the wall gym not far
away. Tried for nine long months.

Tried really hard.

But I'm a garage gorilla.

I do better when I train alone.

I can concentrate better. Focus better.
And I enjoy it much more.

So yesterday, I set up shop in the

Squat stands, barbell and plates.

The basics.

You can see what it looks like on
my Facebook and Instagram

In the meantime, here's more
detail about why home gym
training is the best.

Yes, I'm A Garage Gorilla!

Yes, I admit it. I'm a garage gorilla.
I often write about cellar dwellers and
garage gorillas -- meaning Dinos who
train in their home gyms. That includes
quite a few of you. And it includes me,
as well.

There are many reasons to train at

Here are some of mine:

1. No distractions.

1A. Meaning no talk radio, no television,
no talking, no bros doing bro stuff, no
pumpers doing curls in the power rack,
no one chattering on their cell phone,
and no talking about bodybuilding, the
latest and greatest super supplement
or  the new super roidskie that can put
(they claim) 27 inches on your upper
arms in just two hours.

1B. "Distraction is a physical culturist's
worst enemy." Bradley J. Steiner

2. Better concentration.

2A. Intense, focused concentration is one
of the keys to strength training success.

3. Better bars.

3A. Most gyms have second or third rate
bars. Some are so bad that you really
don't want to use them -- and you
definitely don't want to load them

4. Better equipment. Meaning better quality
equipment. Too many gyms spend big bucks
on the silly stuff that gets people in the door
(e.g., cardio theater), and then they don't
have money for the kind of heavy duty bars
and power racks a  Dino needs.

5. The EXACT equipment you need -- most
of which is not going to be found at a gym:

high quality Olympic bar

lifting platform

bumper plates

super-strong power rack


thick bars

farmers' walk implements



grip tools

6. No drugs, no super supplements and
no bad advice.

7. No one will kick you out of the gym for
using chalk, grunting or doing heavy

8. Music. I get to pick it. Or no music if
I prefer no music that day.

9. Better posters on the wall: John Grimek,
Steve Stanko, John Davis, Doug Hepburn,
Reg Park, etc.

9A. The posters we include with hard copy
orders for books and courses are pretty
good for your home gym.

10. I can do exactly what I want, how I
want, when I want. And at age 58, having
trained for almost 50 years, I'm entitled.

10a. Update: I'm 60 now, and that part
about doing what I want, when I want,
goes double now.

Of course, if you train at a gym you can
always make it work -- you just need to
work really hard to stay focused, and you
need to rev up your powers of concentration.

You also need to avoid the negative people,
the doubters, the naysayers, the talkers,
the whiners, the complainers, and the folks
who want to argue with you about everything
you do.

Anyhow, that's why I train at home.

Oh -- there's one more reason.

It's exactly 27 steps from the garage to the
back door -- and Trudi has dinner ready for
me after I train!

Update: The number of steps from the
basement to the upstairs apartment -
and the dining room table - is just about
the same as before. I guess some things
never change.

As always, thanks for reading and have a
great day. If you train today, WHEREVER
you train, make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

1. Dinosaur Dumbbell Training and Dinosaur
Bodyweight training are great additions to
your training program - and they work great
in home gyms:

2. My other books and courses are right
here at Dino Headquarters -- along with
links to all of my Kindle and PDF books
and courses:

3. Thought for the Day: "I train alone,
but I always train with the Dinos."
-- Brooks Kubik