Where's the Best Place You Ever Trained?

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3. Where's the Best Place You Ever

I've trained lots of different places, and
most of them had their good and not so
good aspects.

But overall, most of them were pretty
good. And some of them were great.

That makes it hard to pick the best one.

Like many of you, I started training in my
bedroom at my parents' house. Flat bench,
110 pound barbell set, etc. You may have
done the same.

It was a good place to train -- and a very
good place to get started.

I trained in different junior high, high school,
college and YMCA weight rooms. Those were
good, too.

I've trained in fancy, well-equipped gyms, and
basic, black iron gyms. The basic, black iron
gyms were much better.

You can tell a good gym by looking at things
like squat racks, power racks, lifting platforms,
barbells and dumbbells. If everything is heavy,
strong, sturdy and functional, that's a good

It's also a good sign if there's plenty of old
iron in the gym. If you're serious about this
stuff, you know that a barbell plate or a
set of dumbbells weighs the same whether
it's brand new or 50 years old.

My favorite places to train have always been
home gyms.

Some of them include:

1. A simple gym I set up in my parents' garage.
It featured homemade squat stands and some
gigantic 75 pound plates I made from concrete.

The first time I ever benched 300 pounds was
with those plates.

2. The basement gym in my old house. Power
rack and all. You can see it in my old Dinosaur
Training DVD's. I hit my first 300 pound push
press in that gym.

3. The garage gym in the house where Trudi
and I lived for 15 years - which we just sold
last year.

That one was the best ever, I think. Lifting
platform, barbell, squat stands -- everything
I needed for some great workouts.

It felt like a little piece of Heaven.

If you train at home, you probably feel the
same way about your gym.

4. The Island Gym I set up in a corner of a
sandy parking lot on Ocracoke Island in North
Carolina. It featured old York squat stands, a
300 pound barbell set, and nothing else. It
was great!

I feature this one in the chapter titled "An
Island Gym" in my book, Strength, Muscle
and Power:


5. Mike Thompson's gym in his fifth floor
flat in a London apartment building. Power
rack, barbells, and lots of iron. Mike had
hauled everything up the steps by himself,
which must have been a heck of a workout.

It was one of the best home gyms ever --
and I really enjoyed training there on a
vacation 25 years ago.

So those five are probably my favorite places
to train over the years.

What about you?

Where's the best place you ever trained?

Let me know, and I'll share the answers
with the Dinos!

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As always, thanks for reading and have a
great day. If you train today, make it a
good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Some old iron
and a place to lift it can make a pretty good
gym." -- Brooks Kubik