John Wood Is Moving at Warp Speed!

If your favorite shirt looks like this, it's time to do some shopping at the Retro Strength Shop.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I sent an email earlier today and
mentioned that there's a bunch of
new Dinosaur Training tee shirts,
hoodies, mugs, posters and other
great stuff at John Wood's Retro
Strength Shop.

I also mentioned that John had a
ton of other great stuff at the
Retro Strength Shop.

Before starting the email, I checked
the Retro Strength Shop to see if
there was anything new.

Nope, nothing new.

So I started typing the email.

I got to the part where I needed to
add a link to the Retro Strength
Shop - so I went back to the site
to copy the link - and took a quick
peek - and BOOM - there it was.

A terrific looking new strongman
coffee mug - featuring one of the
greatest of the old-time strongmen -
a man who may have had the very
strongest grip of ALL of the old-
timers - and that's saying a lot.

Anyhow, that was pretty fast.

Which is why I say that John Wood
is moving at warp speed.

Anyhow, the new mug is here:

Dinosaur tee shirts here here:

Our black hoodies are here (we also
have gray ones):

And a great looking Dinosaur coffee
mug is right here:

There's plenty of other fun stuff, but
I'll let you look around and find it on
your own - makes it more fun for you
that way:

You might want to bookmark the Retro
Strength Shop web page - because at
the speed John is moving, there's going
to be plenty of new stuff coming.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik