Can It Really Work that Fast?

Here's a video from back in the late 1990's - where I'm hitting a new PR in the push press with 302  pounds - a gain of 27 pounds in just two weeks after using a special program of heavy partials in the power rack.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Well, it never fails.

Whenever I write about something that
works - as in, it worked for me or it
worked for a great lifter from the past,
or it worked for one of our fellow Dino-
saurs - I get a dozen or so emails from
people who say:

"No, it doesn't."

"That's impossible."

"No one could gain strength that fast."

"No one could gain that much muscle
so fast."

And my personal favorite:

"Do you have any research studies to
prove that it works?"

As if doing it somehow doesn't count as
proof that it works.

During World War Two, General Patton
drove up to the front in his jeep and found
a group of GI's standing at the edge of the
Rhine River, looking for a place to cross.

"We can't cross here, General," they said.
"The nearest ford is 20 miles downstream."

"Then how did I just cross the river 200
yards back that way?" asked the General.

Anyhow, it happened again.

I wrote about one of our Dinos from
Texas - his name is Patrick, by the way -
who tried my new Heavy Partials course
and set a new PR in the bench press
two weeks later.

I also noted that I did pretty much the
same thing back when I was competing
in bench press and powerlifting comps.

Two weeks on a special bench press
program - using heavy partials - and I
set a new PR - that also happened to
be a World record in my age group and
weight class in one of the two drug-free
powerlifting federations I lifted in.

And, of course, the doubters are having
a hey-day - and sending me emails telling
me that it's "impossible" to make gains
like that.

So here's something else to set their
hair on fire.

Heavy partial push presses in the power rack - with 440 pounds. These helped me push my full-range push press from 275 pounds to 302 pounds in just two weeks - and to 320 pounds after a few more weeks of heavy partials.

Back in 1997 or 1998, I did a special
program of heavy partials in the power
rack, with the specific goal of increasing
my push press from 275 pounds to 300
pounds as fast as possible.

I made it in just two weeks.

In fact, I did better than 300 pounds.

I made 302 pounds.

That's a gain of 27 pounds in just two

And after a few more weeks, I made
320 pounds - a gain of 45 pounds.

So when I get an email from a reader
who says he set a new PR after just a
couple of weeks of heavy partials, I
don't doubt him for a minute.

I KNOW it's possible - because I've

And I invite you to do the very same thing.
Grab my course on Heavy Partials - and
give it an honest try.

See what happens - and how fast you gain.

Of course, you don't have to rush things -
you can start light and easy, break in
slowly and gradually - and then start
adding weight.

That's safer, and just as effective in the
long run.

And if it takes 6 weeks - or 8 weeks - or
even a whopping 12 weeks to hit a new
PR - that's pretty good, too.

So be sure to write in and let me know
about it.

You can grab the new course right here:

Dinosaur Strength and Power -
Course No. 2 - Heavy Partials

As always, thanks for reading and
have a great day. If you train today,
make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik