Breaking News - Here's A Great Chance to Grab Some Old School Iron!

John Grimek admiring some very old and famous iron in the Weightlifting Museum in York, Pa.The equipment in the photo isn't available - but there are some other terrific pieces of old iron that could be yours - but only if you act fast! Read the post (below) for details.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

One of our longtime Dinos passed away this
year - which hits me hard, because he bought
Dinosaur Training way back in 1996, and has
been one of the Dinosaur Elite ever since.

He had a terrific home gym with tons (literally)
of old iron.

Plenty of old York plates.

Billiard plates.

Weider plates.

Other assorted plates.

Note: I'm talking old iron plates sized to fit a
1 1/16 inch bar - NOT rubber bumper plates.

They range in size from 1 1/4 pounders to
100 pounders.



A pair of York iron boots.


Homemade bars and other homemade training

An old York curling stand.

Ankle weights.

Wrist rollers.

Old pipe, chain, and other items to use to make
your own personalized equipment if you're handy
with tools or have a friendly neighborhood welder
or machinist to help you.

And much more.

In other words, all kinds of great stuff.

Now, here's where it gets interesting - especially
for those of you anywhere close to Prince George's
County, Maryland.

You see, our Dino had a nephew named Greg.

He gave him a copy of Dinosaur Training many
years ago, and Greg's been training Dino-style
for a long time himself.

After his Uncle passed away, Greg grabbed all the
old equipment he could use - but he can't use all
of it - and he wants it to go to people who will use
and appreciate it.

So he asked me if I would spread the word to the
Dino Nation.

He's selling all of it - literally tons of wonderful
old iron - and all of the proceeds will go into the

All reasonable offers from people who will actually
use the equipment will be considered - but, of course,
it's on a first come, first served basis - and all offers
have to be reasonable offers.

Here's a Google Spreadsheet with the inventory:

Here are some pictures:

And here's how to reach Greg by email if you want to
buy some of the equipment:

If you want something, you need to contact Greg
by email asap - and arrange a time to meet him
and pick up the equipment - which is currently in
Prince George's Co., Maryland.

You'll need to be able to carry it out of the
basement, up the stairs, and into your vehicle.

Again, just to be clear:

1. This equipment is for sale - on a first come first
served basis - and Greg will consider all reasonable
offers for any available equipment.

2. Contact Greg to make an offer for anything
you see that interests you.

3. Don't contact me - I'm just putting out the

I want to thank Greg for doing this - and for
giving some of you the opportunity to grab
some great old iron - and I know that Greg's
Uncle is looking down right now from that Big
Gym in the Sky - and that he, Grimek, Stanko,
Bob Hoffman and the rest of the York Gang
are pretty darn happy to see the old iron going
to good homes.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

As always, thanks for reading - and have a great day!