Old- School Beats Everyone!

How'd you like to be able to do that?

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

John Wood released a great old-
school training course on Kindle
the other day.

It's called (and this is a GREAT

Power and Health Through

It covers:

The natural laws of training

Strength training for boxers

How to build punching power

Feats of strength

Single and double-arm lifts

Medicine ball training
Plus a whole lot more!

And get this - the author was one
of those guys who walks the walk.

Meaning that he really knew what
he was talking about.

No question about it.

Because way back in 1905, he was
able to lift a 100 pound dumbbell
overhead with either hand - which
was pretty darn good - and is pretty
darn good even today.

Anyhow, the little monster has already
raced up to no. 1 in its category in the
Kindle bookstore - in less than 24 hours -
and that means that old-school training
has beaten everyone else in the past

So let's keep it going - and keep Power
and Health Through Progressive
Exercise at the top of the charts.

Go here to check it out - and if you grab
a copy, as I hope you do, be sure to
leave a review:

Power and Health Through

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik