25 Good Ones for Kindle Fans!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I know that many of you are
big Kindle fans - and I also
know that a cold weekend is
the perfect time to grab a
book or two and do some
reading - hopefully in front
of the fireplace!

So here's a reminder.

Dino Training has moved from
the Jurassic era to the 21st

We're offering our books and
courses on Kindle, as well as in
hard-copy and PDF format.

Not all of our books are available
in Kindle editions yet, but many
are - and that includes some
good ones.

More than 25 of them.

There are so many that we
put together a special page
for them.

It has all of our latest e-books -
with links to all of them.

They include many back issues of
The Dinosaur Files.

100 Strength Training Secrets for
Combat Athletes

Dinosaur Strength and Power Course
No. 2 - Heavy Partials

The Dinosaur Training Military
Press and Shoulder Power

The Training Secrets of John

The Doug Hepburn Strengh
and Muscle Building System
Dinosaur Training Secrets, Vols.
1, 2 and 3

All four issues of The Dinosaur
Files Quarterly

The Dinosaur Strength Training

Legacy of Iron

Legacy of Iron 2 - Clouds of

Dinosaur Arm Training

Brooks Kubik's Strength Training
Q and A

And much more.

Go here to check out the
complete list:


These are a great way to
set up a portable strength
training library, so that you
can read about the Iron
pretty much anywhere
and everywhere.

Note: You do NOT need a
Kindle reader to enjoy these
great books and courses.

Amazon offers a free app that
let's you read Kindle books on
any device.

You can find the app on every
sales page for every book in
the Kindle bookstore.

So stay warm - and happy reading!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

Here's the link again . . .
Brooks Kubik's Kindle Books


We have over 25 books and courses in the Kindle store - including these little monsters:

For even more Kindle books by Brooks Kubik, visit: