A Question About Heavy Partials - and My Answer!

I've been getting tons of questions about my new training course on heavy partials - so here's the latest one - and my answer to it!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I hope this email finds you strong,
healthy and powering forward into
the New Year!

And speaking of powering forward -
one of our longtime Dinos - age 72 -
asked if he should try my new course
on heavy partials.

I should note, by the way, that he's
an experienced trainee. He started
training at age 12, and he's been
hitting the iron pretty much ever

So, back to his question . . . should
he give heavy partials a try?

The short answer is YES - but as with
anything else, you need to use some
good old-fashioned common sense.

When you begin doing heavy partials:

1. Start light.

2. Learn the movements and the best
rack positions before you begin to pile
on the weight.

3. Train progressively - with small but
steady increases in weight on the bar.

4. Always warm-up thoroughly before
doing heavy partials.

5. If a particular movement hurts when
you do it - find a different exercise for
the same body part. You can always
find an alternative exercise that works
just as well or even better.

If you do heavy partials the right way,
as outlined above, they should work
fine for you at any age. In fact, many
older Dinos find that they work better
than anything else - and that it's much
easier to recover from your workouts.

And, of course, heavy partials do a
heck of a lot for bone strength and
bone mass - which is very important
for our age 50-plus Dinos.

Anyhow, I think our age-72 Dino
should try my heavy partials program -
but as noted above, I want him to be
smart about it - and use his brain, not
his ego, to dictate his poundages and
his workouts.

You can grab the program right here:

PDF edition


Kindle edition


Happy reading , and happy training -
and as always, keep me posted on
your results!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik