A Great New Training Program for 2019!

We've got something fun, new and different for Dinos. Read today's Blog post for the details!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

If you're looking for a great new
training program for 2019, I've
got just what you need.

It's a brand new Bodyweight Training
course - and you can find it right here -
along with links to some of my other
new courses from earlier in the year:


The new course has a ton of info.


Sets and reps.

Special tips on how to modify your
exercises to get maximum benefit
from them.

Fun photos showing some of my
favorite exercises.

Questions and answers.

A special new workout.

A complete 12-week training program
that includes week to week progression.

You start out slow and easy, gradually
ramp things up, and by the end of
the program, you're knocking it out
of the ball park in every workout.

It's a great program - fast, fun
and effective - and I know you're
going to like it.

I also know this.

If you go through the complete 12-
week program, you're going to look
and feel GREAT at the end of the
12 weeks.

Here's the link again - so sprint on
over and grab Dinosaur Strength
and Power Course No. 3:


Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik