Bundle Up and Do Squats!

Cold weather training calls for lots of layers. Stay warm out there!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

It's been cold as heck here in Louisville -
and the same is true across much of the
world right now.

And that means it's time to bundle up and
do squats.

Or deadlifts.

Or presses.

Or push-ups and pull-ups.

Or the farmer's walk.

Or go for a nice long walk.

Or whatever.

The important thing is to do something
physical - stay active - keep moving -
and get your blood flowing.

Trudi and I went for a nice walk yesterday.

We wore triple layers on top - and double
socks - and scarves, hats and warm gloves.

It was cold, but the sun was out and it
felt great.

So I decided to set up shop outside and
do some old-fashioned split style snatches
to earn my dinner.

That's the only way I can do overhead
lifting because the basement ceiling is
too low for presses, snatches and clean
and jerks. Not sure who designed the
place, but he obviously wan't a lifter.

Trudi understands. She didn't even try to
talk me out of it.

"Sounds like fun!" she said.

So I re-bundled in double layers of sweats,
and went out and set things up for a nice
little workout.

I miscalculated a bit because the clouds
came out and covered the sun almost
the minute I got started - and then the
wind kicked up - and pretty soon it was
downright chilly.

I would do a lift, and then retreat back
into the garage, blow on my hands, and
then go out and do the next lift.

And as you might imagine, I sure as heck
didn't rest very long between lifts.

I didn't go heavy - that would not have
been wise in cold weather - but I trained -
and I had fun - and that's the important

Anyhow, wherever you are, bundle up
and get in a good workout. It doesn't
matter what you do - just do it.

It will make all the difference in the world.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 2. Thought for the Day:

"First, last and foremost - train!"

- Brooks Kubik

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