Something New and Exciting for Dinos -- Watch for It!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

When I was in college, I majored in Literature
and in Philosophy. (I also majored in Spanish,
but that was only because it was fun, easy and
I liked the prof and the kids in the class.)

I wanted to get a PhD in literature or in
philosophy and then work as a college professor.

Teaching was my passion -- and I always thought
it would be a great thing to do. I actually taught
class when the philosophy professor was sick, and
it was lots of fun.

But then I learned that decent jobs as a college
professor were as rare as hens teeth -- and so
I ended up dropping the idea and going to law

Thirty-five years later, I've stopped doing the
law thing and I'm working 100 percent of the time
on the Dino business -- which is a form of teaching,
I suppose, so I'm right back where I wanted to be.

And now -- it's going to get even better.

Get this -- I've been asked to teach a course in
Dinosaur Training.

It's a four-week course. One hour per week. It
will run on Saturdays so as many of you as possible
will be able to participate.

By the way, that one hour time is flexible. If I'm
on a roll and we're getting lots of questions, we'll
go longer. The game plan is to cover the material
the right way -- thoroughly, completely and in

It's an audio course. Similar to a teleseminar.
You can sign up and listen live -- and even ask
questions as I go through the material. So it's
as close as can be to sitting in a classroom
with your fellow Dinosaurs as I take you on a
step by step journey through Dinosaur Training.

Now, I'm not a tekkie, and don't hold me to this,
but I think you can listen on your computer OR
on your phone.

And here's something big -- Dinos who live outside
the USA will be able to listen via a special Skype
service -- so you won't spend an arm and a leg on
overseas phone charges.

And, of course, if you have to miss a live class,
you'll be able to download it and catch it later

And yes, if you know you're going to miss a live
class but you have a question about the material
we'll be covering, you can send me an email with
your question and I'll answer it sometime during
the class -- and then you can listen to it later.

All in all, it's a very exciting program -- and a
great opportunity for the Dino Nation to come
together and have a truly international fun-filled
and super-instructional Dino Event via the magic
of the internet.

We're working on a special information and sign-up
page -- and it's looking pretty good and moving along
pretty fast -- and it should be ready to go live
sometime next week. So be looking for a special
email alert that tells you the link is up.

Now, here's something very important that will save
you some serious clams.

We're going to launch the course with an Early
Bird Special. (We may have to call it an Early
Dino Special.)

Yeah, that's definitely what we should do. Make it
an early Dino Special.

The Early Dino Special will run for the first 24
hours after the link goes up for the four-week
Dinosaur Training class.

Everyone who signs up during the Early Dino Special
gets a 50 percent discount.

Yes, that's 50. Five zero. Fifty. As in, you save
one half the wampum.

I want ALL DINOS to participate in this class and
share this exciting opportunity -- so we're keeping
the tuition fee VERY LOW -- and we're doing the Early
Dino Special -- and quite frankly, it's going to be
the deal of the year. Especially if you take advantage
of the Early Dino Special.

And who knows. If you're lucky, I may throw in a little
bit of philosophy as a special bonus topic. That would
definitely bring things full circle!

In any case, be looking for the announcement about the
link to the Dinosaur Training Class -- and when you see
it, take immediate action to reserve your seat at
something that promises to be very, very special.

As always, thanks for reading and have a great day. If
you train today, make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. I almost forgot to mention. The textbook for the
course is none other than Dinosaur Training -- and you
can grab a copy right here and read it before you
attend your first day of Dino Class:

P.S. 2. If you already have Dinosaur Training, go
back and re-read it -- and supplement your knowledge
of no-nonsense strength training and muscle building
with any of my other books and courses (or my DVD's).
You can find them right here:

P.S. 3. "A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell
where his influence stops." -- Henry Adams