What Does 400 Pounds Feel Like?

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Let me begin with a great big THANK YOU
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The response has been huge. In fact, we
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And that's the way it should be -- because
this is about John Grimek -- and John Grimek
was really special.

Let me share something that tells you a
little bit about the kind of man Grimek

There's a section in one of Arthur Saxon's
books about what it feels like to lift 400

Saxon, of course, was a tremendous bent presser,
and he was referring to what it felt like to
bent press 400 pounds.

Grimek was a good bent presser, too -- and a
man who never backed away from a challenge.

So get this -- he read that passage in Saxon's
book, and thought it would be interesting to
see what 400 pounds felt like.

So he went to the York Gym and started bent
pressing, and worked up pretty heavy -- and
then loaded the bar to 400 pounds -- wrestled
it up to his shoulder -- and carefully lowered
himself into the bottom position of the bent

He tried to stand up with the weight, but he
lost his balance and had to drop it. So it
didn't count as a complete lift.

But still, Grimek had done what he set out to

He wanted to know what 400 pounds felt like.

Now he knew.

Do NOT run out and try this -- you'll probably
break your back. Grimek was insanely strong and
insanely flexible (he could do a full splits
and almost tough his elbows to his ankles with
his knees locked), so he got away with the stunt.
For a lesser mortal, it would NOT be a good idea.
So seriously -- don't try it!

But my point is this: Grimek studied the old-timers
(just as we do) -- and he was very interested in
old-school lifts and old-school lifting records
(just as we are) -- and he actually practiced
many of the old-school lifts (just as we do) --
and when he read about something that sounded
interesting (or challenging0 he gave it a try
(just as we do).

I think that goes to prove that John Grimek was
a Dinosaur.

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Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 2. Thought for the day: "Old-school lifting
for modern-day warriors." -- Brooks Kubik