Update On The Dinosaur Training Audio Seminar!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I'm sending two email messages today. This
one will update you on something BIG that
we'll be launching tomorrow or Thursday,
depending on how fast the tek guys can

I want you to be on the lookout because
there's an Early Dino Special that's going
to save you some major clams.

Here's what's happening:

I've been asked to teach a four-week class
on Dinosaur Training. It's an audio seminar.
Each of the four sessions will be scheduled
for one hour -- but if I get on a roll, I
may keep going for longer than that.

I'm using Dinosaur Training: Lost Secrets of
Strength and Development as the "study guide"
for the course, and I'm going to teach from
it just the same as if we were doing a live,
in-person class or seminar.

The tekkies will set things up so that you can
ask questions during the class -- so we'll be
doing a combination of lecture and live Q and
A, which is going to be pretty darn cool.

The tekkies also tell me that they're going
to set up some kind of Skype account so that
listeners outside of the USA can use Skype to
participate in the seminar, which also is
pretty cool.

The class will be held on April 14, April 21,
May 28, and May 5 at 2:00 EST or 11:00 PST.
I chose Saturday so we can have as many Dinos
on line as possible.

If you miss a class, you can download and listen
to it at your convenience.

If you know you'll be missing a class but you
have a question, you can send it to me by email
and I'll answer it for you during the class (or
during a different class if it relates to material
we cover on another day).

The tuition for the class is one hundred clams,
which is pretty darn reasonable for four or more
hours of Dino Training with me.

But for those who take immediate action, it's
even better than that:

1. We're launching tomorrow of Thursday.

2. We're doing an Early Dino Special.

3. If you sign up during the first 48 hours of
the early Dino Special, the tuition drops to a
mere fifty clams.

That's twelve and a half clams per class, and
that's pretty hard to beat.

We're keeping the tuition as low as possible
because we want to make this a huge, world-wide
Dino Event -- meaning that we want as many Dinos
as possible (hopefully, ALL Dinos) to join us.
The more Dinos we have on the line, the more
questions we'll have, the more energy we'll
have and the more fun we'll have.

And yes, I'm REALLY looking forward to this,
and I'm very pleased to have the opportunity
to bring this to you.

So -- sometime in the 24 to 48 hours I'm going
to send an email headed EARLY DINO SPECIAL.

It will have the links to follow to reserve your
place in the Dinosaur Training class.

When you get the email, act FAST -- because the
Early Dino Special will only last for 48 hours.
After that, tuition goes up to the regular one
hundred wampum bits.

Any questions, shoot me an email!

(Another email to follow -- to cover some
training instruction. Look for it in an hour
or two.)

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. If you don't already have a copy of the Dinosaur
Training book, you need to grab one now. Go here:


P.S. 2. My other books and courses are right here --
including the new John Grimek course which we're
offering through a pre-publication special, and which
will ship at the end of the month: