A Training Tip from World Champion Doug Hepburn!

Fred Rollon shows amazing old-school muscular development.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

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4. A Training Tip from Doug Hepburn

Doug Hepburn may have had the strongest
upper arms of all time. They also were pretty
darn big. In his prime, the 1953 World Weight-
lifting champion was one of the most massive
muscular giants in the entire world.

Hepburn built his arms with basic exercises:

1. For the triceps, he did plenty of heavy
military presses, push presses, dumbbell
presses and bench presses.

2. For the biceps, he did plenty of heavy

And here's the interesting thing. Doug Hepburn
is the only man in history who set World records

1. The military press

2. The bench press,


3. The barbell curl

Think about that for a second.

All over the world, trainees are pumping away
with baby weights in their upper body exercises,
desperately trying to build "big guns." You see
it all the time. It's the most common thing in
any gym.

Some guys spend hours doing nothing but
endless sets of concentration curls and triceps

And they get nothing to show for it.

As in, nada. Zippo. Not a thing.

Those big guns aren't even BB guns.

Heck, they're not even BB's.

Meanwhile, there's Doug Hepburn -- quietly
loading the bar with massive weights for his
presses, bench presses and curls.

Did I say he set a World record in the curl?

He did. It was 260 pounds. Using an Olympic
barbell. And doing it perfectly strict. No swing,
no cheat, no leaning backwards. Just a strict
curl performed with superhuman arm power.

That was Doug Hepburn's secret. He trained
his arms the way he trained the rest of his
body: hard and heavy.

I cover the same kind of old-school arm
training in Dinosaur Arm Training. It gives
you a complete set of progressive workouts
that focus on building strength, power and
muscle throughout the entire body -- with
extra emphasis on the arms.

If you grab the course and follow the
programs, you may not end up as big and
strong as Doug Hepburn -- but you'll end
up plenty big and plenty strong.

The course is available in your choice
of hard copy or PDF with immediate
electronic delivery:

Hard copy


PDF version


Anyhow, that's the tip of the day -- and it
comes to you from one of the strongest men
who ever lived.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 2. Thought for the Day: "Hard and heavy
applies to curls just as much as squats and
deadlifts." -- Brooks Kubik