The Training Equipment Dinosaurs Would Take to a Desert Island

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

One quick note and then we'll talk iron.

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2. Desert Island Training

Last week I asked you what three pieces
of equipment you would want to use if you
were lost on a desert island.

This was a fun project, because it helped
everyone focus on what their most
important and productive exercises are.

It's also good information for anyone who
wants to set up a home gym -- or wants
to do some training while on vacation or
business travel.

Here are some of the answers from your
fellow Dinos -- with my notes and


1) Pull up bar

2) Dip bars

3) a pair of adjustable dumbbells or kettlebells

Federico F.

Note: I'd skip the pull-up and dip bars
and assume I could find trees to use.
Otherwise, these are good choices.
They would be easy to implement in
a home gym.


If I had to pick three they would be the
Trap Bar, barbell and dumbbell.

Nick T.

Note: This was a very common choice.
You can get a lot done with these three.


The best three training implements in
my book are:

 1. Nature stones in various sizes

2. Trap Bar
3. Pull-up bar, gymnastic rings or manila
rope - your choice!

The stones will give you all the overall tow-truck
strength you need plus lots of functional muscle.

The Trap Bar is in my opinion the absolutely best
piece of manmade equipment ever made, and
letting the lifter do a cross between a squat and
a deadlift makes it an exceptional tool for strength,
muscle and power.

Pull-ups are fantastic for upper body development
whether they are done one a bar, a pair of rings or
a rope!

Peter J.

Note: I'm going to assume the desert island has
plenty of nature stones. So Peter deserves another
choice. I bet he chooses a barbell, a set of plate-
loading dumbbells, or a pair of kettlebells.


Love your work, particularly your bodyweight
book! May seem silly, but right now my favorite
equipment is two towels for pull ups.

Henry B.

Note: That's an interesting choice -- and it's
something that would travel pretty well and
work well with any tree that has a good
branch for doing double towel pull-ups.


At this point in my life, the safety squat bar
and my power rack are my favorite things to
train with.

Jerry F.

Note: That's a good one. You can do pull-ups
and push-ups for the upper body, and work the
heck out of your lower body with the safety
squat bar.


Favorite pieces of training equipment:

1. Powerblock dumbbells.  Easiest and fastest
weight changes for an adjustable dumbbell,
and a cool design that keeps weights secure
with high strength magnets and steel pins.

 2. Olympic bar with iron or bumper plates

 3.  Trap Bar

 4.  Macebell or Gada

 Oops! That was four items.

John K.

Note:  Those are interesting. You probably could
make your own macebell or gada from things you
find on the island, so pack the items in your first
three choices!


If I could take piece of equipment it'd be a Trap
Bar. You can do bench, military press, rows, and
deadlift/squats. My stand would be made outta
trees. I'll be environmentally conscious with this

Two pieces would be a Trap Bar and a rack.

Three would be Trap Bar, (yes, I love mine),
rack, and bench.

Gregory G.

Note: Those are good - and I like the idea of
making your own lifting stand. 

Those are all pretty good choices. I'll share more
feedback from your fellow Dinos later in the week.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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