How Strong Are You?

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

How strong are you?

How do you rank compared to the great
champions of the Golden Age of Muscle
and Might?

If you stepped into a Time Machine that
carried you back to Sig Klein's New York
City gym in the 1930s -- or to the world
famous York Barbell Club in the 1940s --
how would your best lifts compare to
everyone else in the gym?

What are realistic goals for a drug-free

What should you be squatting -- pressing --
or deadlifting?

What should you be handling in other
important exercises?

How can you compare your best lifts to
trainees of other bodyweights?

How does your age affect your poundage

What lifts are good at age 40 -- or 50 --
or 60 -- or beyond?

Are you getting older -- or getting better?

I have a terrific training course that
answers all of these questions -- and

You can find it right here:

You'll never have a chance to train with John
Grimek, Steve Stanko, John Davis or Doug
Hepburn. But this course is the next best
thing. It lets you compare your lifting to the
legendary Ironmen of the past -- exactly the
same as if these mighty men were your
actual training partners.

So step up, take action, and grab the course
right now -- and answer the question:

How strong are you?

As always, thanks for reading  and have a
great day. If you train today, make it a good

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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You?" course in hard-copy format:

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Set realistic but
challenging goals and work to achieve them."
-- Brooks Kubik