The Secret of Knockout Throws!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

One quick note, and then we'll talk training.

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2. The Secret of Knockout Throws

On the training front, let's talk knockouts.

I spotted a great video in my Facebook feed the
other day.

It was from a Greco-Roman wrestling match --
and it was one of the hardest throws I've seen
in a long time. A real power slam.

I almost felt sorry for the guy who got thrown.

That made me think back 40 years to my wrestling
days.  I won a state championship in Greco-Roman
wrestling, and I did it by knocking out two kids in a
row with hard throws. Both of them were older and
better than me -- but the throws stunned them, and
that was that.

The year before I won a state qualifier in Greco-
Roman wrestling, and once again, won it with a
hard throw. I knocked that guy out, as well. He
was a friend and teammate. I threw him harder
than I meant to throw him.

Our coach called our 185 pounder and our Heavy-
weight King Kong and Godzilla. I wrestled 145
in the scholastic season and 154 in the summer
season. He called me "the little monster". Now
you know why.

But back to those hard throws. They don't
happen without a lot of training.

The secret of hard throws is to get your hips into
the throw.  It's a total body movement. Legs,
back and hips provide most of the power.

Of course, upper body strength is very important
in Greco-Roman wrestling -- or in any kind of
wrestling. But it's the legs, back and hips that
bring home the gold.

That taught me an important lesson, and it's one
that I teach in all of my books and courses.

Train the entire body -- and train the legs, back
and hips harder than anything.

My wrestling days also taught me the importance
of stand on your feet training.

Wrestling is a stand on your feet sport. So it
makes sense to do most of your training on your

That's a bit like life in general. The human body is
designed for standing, walking and running. That's
why we need to stand on our feet when we train.

It's also why stand on your feet training is important
as we grow older. One of the goals of an older trainee
is to maintain youthful movement patterns, youthful
strength and youthful balance. Stand on your feet
exercises help do that.

That's the genesis of the advice I give you so often.
Do squats and front squats. Do deadlifts and Trap
Bar deadlifts. Do standing presses and other overhead
exercises. If you can, do Olympic lifting. Do lugging
and loading drills. Lift and carry and drag and pull
and throw heavy stuff. Work your legs, hips and back
to the max.

In other words, train to deliver a knockout throw.

And if you're ever on a wrestling mat, be careful. Don't
hurt the other guy!

As always, thanks for reading and have a great day.
If you train today, make it a good one.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 4. Thought for the day: "If you wrestle,
wrestle tough. If you train, train tough."
-- Brooks Kubik